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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lot's of pictures....The

The front of our hotel..we are on the first floor on the right.
Room 1

Our view from the hotel...

The victorian at the front of the property...I looked in the windows
and it's pretty much to the stem walls...could be a restaurant/bar
in the future...

Our room...
Another view out front...

A view of the Cadet Chapel...apparently there would be some weddings
held there over the weekend..as you can't get married while
attending West Point..

This is called Chelsea Point

One of the jumpers coming onto the Parade field.

The beautiful Hudson River

From the left...Phat, Don, Dana, Uncle Jimmy and Dana's mom

The Lt General's house...
Phat, Chelsea, Grandma, Uncle Jimmy and Dana's mom...

Friends we had lunch with in the mess hall

Chelsea, Uncle Jimmy and Phat..before we sat down to lunch.

The area of the dorms...

Stairway to heaven this is called in the gym..

In front of the gym...notice the line on the left..we got into that line
to go to the afternoon reception at the Lt General's house

Under the tent they had drinks and cookies...very nice
More of the line...

On the shuttle looking at the buildings..

Friday morning, the Parade field...

8 jumpers from the helicopters...awesome
The graduates coming onto the Parade field...

Chelsea is right there on the right...

Chelsea and Grandma

Chelsea and her friend Phat wearing her hat...

The proud mom and dad!

The Hudson again..

Some more of the awesome buildings

Our Chelsea is famous!  That's her on the left on the honor guard..

She's on the Food truck!

Some of the crests of former classes

And this year!

Chelsea and Phat

Chelsea's friends Tina and Kevin...

My plate at the banquet..so fancy!

Don looking sharp at the banquet!

Friday went so quickly even though we started early!  We wanted to get to the Parade Field so we would get some good seats.  We did!  It didn't start til 1000 but it was awesome!  The precision these young people have is just incredible!  Lot's of practice I am sure!   Afterwards we met up with Chelsea and spent the day walking around West Point seeing some of her favorite places. 

After doing a little shopping we decided we better head back to the motel and get ready for the evening...we were about a 40 minute drive from West Point.  Got ready and then Don and Dana picked us up and we headed back.  There was a reception beforehand which was packed with people.  Then on to dinner and our assigned table.  I have to tell you the food was awesome!  We had a great time and by the time we got out of there and caught the shuttle and got back to the motel it was close to midnight.  Knew we had a early morning as parking again, was going to be tough.  So about 0600 or a little later, Don was there and we followed him to West Point.  

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