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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lowe's, flowers and trailer covers...

Saturday, May 2nd...Got up Saturday am and decided to go to Fernley and pick up a few things from Lowe's.  We wanted a ceiling fan for our bedroom and I wanted to get a few flowers to plant.  Found what we were looking for and tried the Silverado Casino for lunch.  We hadn't ever been there before so figured this was as good a time as any.  It was really good so sure we'll be back.  By the time we got home...not much got done.  

Love this picture!

Wicked looking skies..didn't amount to anything though!
Love the NV weather..if u don't like it, wait 5 min and
it'll change..

Sunday, May 3rd....Got up and helped Ken pull some weeds outside before it go too hot.  Of course that's just enough to get me started so I planted all the flowers we had bought the day before..looks nice just hope I can keep them that way.  Summer is coming so that'll mean grandkids and vacations.  
It's what's for dinner..Ken's red sauce, oysters, mushrooms and olives...
Mine...white sauce, onion, bellpepper and mushrooms..

Our back porch with newly planted flowers in the containers daddy
made many years ago for our backyard growing up...

This little stool sat in our Colfax house for many years
so now it's repurposed...flower holder...

Our little snowball bush..

Ken worked on the ceiling fan, but after taking apart the light in the bedroom, the stuff they put in when they built the addition, won't support the fan. oh well...We decided to keep the fan, as we plan on building an outbuilding to house our "exercise equipment"...treadmill.  We'll put the fan in there when we do it.  He also worked on some covers for the sides of the Jayco that cover the water heater and refrigerator, which both run on gas.  We get alot of wind here, and the sand carries so hopefully these will do the job!  Trying to keep as much sand out as we can!  
Foam to go up against the trailer..

The other side..

Two cactus...

Our skies this afternoon...nothing came of it either :(

Ken also trimmed out the back security door so now no critters could get in..looks really good and tight.  

Monday, May 4th..We were home all day.  I painted the trimmed area of the back door...and the day just went!  Ken finished the second cover for the trailer and he replanted a couple of cactus we bought at Lowe's.  Russell gave me some beautiful cactus for Mother's Day last day, and over the winter they kind of shriveled up..hoped they would come back, but it doesn't appear they will.  Ken replanted those in the garden area, just in case they do come back.  

Our niece Chelsea called today...she graduates from West Point on the 23rd of this month..a long 4 years and a lot of hard work!  We are so proud of her!! 

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