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Saturday, March 30, 2019

The 61 Chevy goes for a drive! Ken's doing better, a fire outside, Karen's bday today...

Just caught this on Facebook so I had to share.  The 61 Impala we gave Eric went for it's first "real" drive since being registered and insured again. Took a few years, $$$$ and lot's of hard work on Eric's part but it's on the road! A paint job is in order and some interior work, but the important parts are done! Great job Eric!! (One proud momma and dad guess you can tell!) 

The 61 Chevy Impala in front of the Bayley Barn..
Eric said they went on an 18 mile round trip.  

Grandson, Mason on the hood of the 61! Not the
prettiest car right now...hah..

Thursday was an at home day.  Ken was up all day without taking a nap.  As expected a little stir crazy I'm thinking.  He went out to the garage and walked carefully on the treadmill.  Did some outside walking too.  He's feeling better, not as many pain pills (not that he really ever took to many).  Because I haven't blogged for a few days, I don't remember much about the rest of the day :(

Friday morning I was up early and Ken followed not too far behind.  I needed to run to Gardnerville so I wanted to go as early as I could.  We had some breakfast and then I left and Ken was going to lay down as he felt nauseous again. He didn't stay down too long this time. He found things to do one handed while I was away :) 

A trip to Walmart for some groceries and some other things.  That always takes longer than I think it should.  A sizable purchase was made and then gas and Raley's for my prescription.  On the way back home and pulled into the driveway at 1340.  I was hungry and so was the hubby.  Ken had the last of the soup/stew I made and I had a quick salad.  

After lunch I put away the groceries and then made a turkey meatloaf for dinner along with some asparagus, mushroom and onion stir fry.  Just sounded good! Ken had some left over mashed potatoes to go with his meal.  

Karen came over later in the afternoon to bring back Ken's jacket he had left there the last time we visited.  So it was Happy Hour time. It was a nice if not a bit cool afternoon so we ended up going to the back.  Karen and I grabbed some wood and we gathered around the fire pit for a while enjoying the evening.  Karen had driven around the block, to the highway in order for her dog, Jack not to figure out where she had come to visit.  Sure enough while we're out there, here comes Jack.  Guess he wanted to join in Happy Hour too!  He's a sweetie.  After some more visiting Karen went home to fill the hole that Jack had dug.  I made sure to send a plate of dinner home for her.  Ken and I stayed outside and enjoyed the fire for awhile longer.  
Ken by the fire pit..

The sun's getting ready to say goodnight..

The fire is going nicely!

Good night from Yerington!

Eventually, inside for our dinner and not too long later we called it a night.  

Saturday morning I slept in until 0600.  Been having some really crazy dreams at night! Don't know if it's the food or the organic wine making my brain crazy! Ken got up when I did and we enjoyed following up with our blogging friends together.  We used to stay in bed and have our coffee and blogs but now we go to the couch, move the coffee table and  use 3 folding trays to get er done! It works for now! 

Today is Karen's birthday so we're supposed to go over later for Posale, that her mom is making.  I made cupcakes and some deviled eggs to take with us too.  We're waiting for a wine delivery from Fed EX so we're hoping it doesn't get here too late, as someone over 21 has to sign for it.  

Ken did quite a bit of walking today over the property getting his exercise in!  Now he's gone to take a break as the sling/brace is hurting his neck and other shoulder area.  It's a pretty heavy duty thing! All in all he's doing very well!  

We've got some wind and cooler temps today. If all goes as planned i'm going to do some touch up painting  on the front porch tomorrow.  We'll see :) Have a good afternoon everyone!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

We're home! Cooking day while Ken recoups.

Yesterday morning I heard from Ken about 0800 as I was coming back from breakfast in the lobby.  The motel had a nice "continental" breakfast that included hard boiled eggs, all kinds of toast, oatmeal, pastries and fruits. Plenty to choose from for sure.  Normally I would take it back to my room, but I sat in the lobby people watching out in the street :) 

Ken said the physical therapist was coming so I figured I'd give him time and then loaded the car and headed out. Just as I was starting the car he called and said to come on over, they were getting closer to check out time. 

We waited quite awhile and at 1220 we were on our way.  I stopped in Yerington and dropped his prescription off at Raley's (we normally do Gardnerville, but that was just too far out of the way).  We came home and I made a couple of salads for lunch and then he went to lay down, and I got the meds.  

The evening was spent in our room as he was in no shape to be sitting in the living room. He did get up to have dinner and then back to bed.  
The apricot tree we planted last year..breaking out in bloom!
Still a little twig but it is growing 

Our neighbor's flag doesn't know which way to blow!

I stayed up awhile and then spent the night with tossing and turning and weird dreams. Hate it when that happens.  

I got up a little before 0600 this am and Ken came out about an hour later.  His stomach was nauseous so after coffee he went back to bed.  He had some meds about 1100 and some lunch at 1300.  I made him a chicken veggie soup that he liked.  He took a little walk out to one of our outbuildings, did his exercises the physical therapist gave him and then he was nauseous again, so back to bed.  He's doing ok, for 48 hours after surgery.  
Caught this pic of him walking out to the outbuilding with
his sling for the next 6 weeks

I spent the time today making lunch, banana bread and some new low carb muffins I haven't tried before. Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and some mashed potatoes for him. The weather is not cooperating with being outside, cold and the winds are howling. 
Almond flour muffins along with banana bread
Looking forward to my coffee tomorrow!

Chicken veggie soup/stew 

Well, he just got up in time for Happy Hour (more mine than his I'm thinking)! Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers they are much appreciated! :) Enjoy your evening! 

Monday, March 25, 2019

Surgery day for Ken!

Had ourselves a great time at Karen's last night. We sat by the bonfire for awhile until we went inside to greet Karen's mom Izzie and her sister Isabel.  Both sisters were named Isabel..as Karen's grandfather thought Isabel was the most beautiful name in the world.  That was also his wife's name, so what could be better than to name his two daughters after their mother?!  That's why there is  Izzie and Isabel.  Ok.   
Karen had some really old patio furniture
so decided to burn it before her mom got
there. In the fire and mom drives up..LOL..She wasn't
able to identify it by the time she got
out back...haha. Made for a nice fire!

We all sat by the fire for a bit until dinner was cooked.  Karen's daughter Amber also came over which was nice!  Karen made some of the best bar b q chicken breast for me.  Leg and thigh for Ken, lamb steaks for mom and Isabel, Steak for Amber..she is quite the cook!!  After visiting a bit we headed home with full tummies! 

Monday morning I was awake at 0500 after a fitful night of dreams.  Finally pulled my self out of the warm and toasty covers at 0545 and started the coffee for me.  Closed the bedroom door to let Ken sleep as long as possible as he couldn't have anything to eat or drink and we weren't leaving until 1100.  He got up at 0800 just as I was eating breakfast, that he couldn't have...

We left at 1100 and pulled into the parking lot with an hour to kill..only the hospital called at 1245 to see where we were. They had 1230 as the time we were supposed to be there.  So it worked out well.  We went inside and they took him to surgery at 1350.  About 1600 Dr. Cummings came out and said all was good!  About an hour later they called me back and were taking Ken to his room.  I followed and they got him set up. 

We visited and they brought him grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. I could tell he enjoyed that! About 1815 I left to go get my room before dark.  The winds had picked up and boy did the temperature drop! 

Drove on down and got to my motel at a little after 1830.  Easy check in and great desk service. Apparently they have wine everyday from 1600 to 1800 but it was still out, she said I could get some and take it to the room. I had my own so I passed, but very nice! Homemade cookies too. I like the motel room, roomy and nice. Yes it's been here awhile, but no complaints from me. Glad I decided to stay here, as it would have been sleeping in a chair at the hospital.  
Nice room..

Huge bathroom and refrigerator and microwave..I'd stay

Ken called a bit ago while I was talking with oldest son, Bryan.  He's doing ok, sounded sleepy and his arm is tingling.  According to the nurse, it's waking up. I'm thinking that means eventually pain.  They've told him when he needs pain meds just to ask.  We'll see, he's not much of a pain med taker. 

I should be picking him up sometime tomorrow morning. 

It's been a day that's been a long time coming!  Glad it's over and now let the healing begin.  Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good wishes...really means a lot! 

Have a good night!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Curtains finished! Dinner at Karen's and Thanks for the good wishes!

Yesterday morning we left the motel around 1000.  Ken wanted to find the surgery center while we were in the area and we needed to kill some time too. We put the address into the phone and GIP (girl in the phone) got us there no problem.  We also made a quick drive by of the motel i'll be staying at in Carson City. I was going to stay with him, but he wants me to get a good night's sleep and knows I won't being at the hospital. The Hardman Inn is nice and not too expensive. Our neighbor Joe has stayed there several times.  Stopped at the bank for a little $$. Ken mentioned he'd like to get a pair of shoes that would be easy to pull on with just one arm so we made a quick stop at Target.  Adam called so I  called  him back from outside and by the time I was off the phone, Ken was on his way out.  haha..no shoes there. 

We drove to Minden and I suggested Big 5.  Seems they always have something on sale. Sure enough he found a pair of slip ons. Not really his style, but they'll work. A quick stop for fuel, and Raley's for prescriptions and we were looking at 12 something.  Ok, CVI for Ken's last time there for a bit.  Great food as always! 

Then it was time to head home. An easy afternoon, no dinner needed. 

We made a nice big circle, this was on the way home..

 Sunday morning I was awake about 0500 and got Ken up at 0600. Visited with our friends online and responded to comments on the blog.  It was a cold morning when I looked out the window, frost everywhere. We got up and got going eventually.  Ken ran next door to let Mugsy out as Karen was in Reno helping a friend move.  Checked on Jack and the chickens too.  He had a nice conversation with his brother, Don while doing those chores.  After he got back I fixed our breakfasts and then cleaned up.  My goal was to get as much of the kitchen curtains done as I could today.  Ken was outside most of the day as it was lovely! Warmed up nicely and some great sunshine. 

I think if you asked my sisters or a couple of my daughter in laws what I would have chosen for curtains they would have got it right.  I love red and white checks!  Every house we've owned since the first we bought when I was 17 has had red and white checked curtains in the kitchen.  

My mom told me the story of when she came over from Austria in 1949 (almost a year after they married) Daddy bought her a sewing machine and the first thing she did was make red and white checked curtains for the little 19 foot trailer they were living in at Mather Air Force Base. She said that one of her most happiest times :) I think it was ingrained me and I know they just make me smile.  I change them out sometimes, but always come back to red and white checks. So there you have it! 

My curtains over the sink..

Over the air conditioner..

These are double sided. During the summer the sun is so strong in the monrings
that it's blinding when we're trying to get coffee..so this helps..

I went with a little bigger check and love it!

I was so happy to get them finished today!  Now the floor, even though I will wait a bit until we can get workers in without disturbing Ken too much.  I will have to get frig, table and the other table out so it'll be a bit.  

Karen invited us over for dinner so we're heading over there in a few minutes. Thought I'd see if I could get this posted.  

Have a great evening and thank you for all the wishes for Ken's successful surgery! I'll keep you posted! :) 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Some special time with Ken's mom..waking up in Gardnerville, NV

Wednesday was spent working on my kitchen curtains.  I swear the measuring and the ironing to get them set up to sew takes forever!  That's all done, so hoping Sunday, our next full day home I can get them done!  Then all that will be left is a new floor, not sure when that'll happen but hopefully soon! 

Wednesday was also our youngest grandson, Aaron's 14th birthday! Can't believe all those baby boys are 14 and older!! 
Aaron :)

Baby Aaron with his big brother Jacob :) 

Thursday, I met our neighbor Karen at an antique store in Mason, a little hole in the wall about 10 miles out.  We spent a good hour or so looking through all the stuff.  Nothing jumped out at me, so I watched her spend a lot of $$$.  WOW! 

After that I headed to town and decided to see if my hair salon was busy. I got my hair cut then, that way I didn't have to go back to town at 1400 for the appointment. Stopped by Raley's and headed home to see what the hubby was up to.  

A day or two ago, we were talking about going over to visit Ken's mom in Carmichael, CA.  We hadn't seen her since Christmas and with surgery Monday I was thinking it would be quite a while before we'd be seeing her again.  Ken gave her a call and said we'd be there about 1100 on Friday.

Friday morning we had the alarm set for 0430 but i was up at 0400, plugged in the coffee and then a little before 0430 woke Ken up.  We did a shortened visiting with our blogging friends, and got ourselves ready.  I made him a egg, bacon and cheese english muffin for the road and I had my low carb half sandwich with egg beaters and half a slice of cheese.  A few strawberries too! YUM..we left just a little before 0700.  A beautiful drive down I 80 which wasn't too bad considering the traffic wasn't bad at all until you neared Roseville, CA. 
A beautiful morning leaving Yerington, NV

The moon was still high

I 80 lots of snow!

The rest area, never seen so much snow!

We got to Grandma's about 1045 and visited with her and Ken's sister, Diane for a few hours.  We decided to go to lunch at 1300 or so.  Our favorite server, Chris saw us as soon as we came in, and we were served our beer and wine almost as soon as we were seated. It's amazing, he only sees us a couple of times a year but always remembers what we drink along with my ice! 
Grandma's beautiful home

Ken's mom, Alice and Ken! :) 

We had a great meal and conversation!  A little after 1400 we were back on the road again, and Diane took Grandma home. So glad we took the time to head over the hill.  Love you Grandma! 
Grandma, Diane and Ken :) 
Highway 50 for the drive to Gardnerville, NV

My favorite area in the spring..Hope Valley!

We made reservations at Carson Valley Motor Lodge instead of going directly home.  Ken's got pills to pick up  and we want to make sure we can find the surgery center on Monday.  We got to our room around 1730 and settled in.  

Saturday morning we're waking up to a little rain, so we're taking our time getting ready. We'll be home sometime this afternoon.  :) 

Have a great day everyone! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Getting things put back together, Reno trip

Monday morning we got our day going at about 0630.  We knew we were staying home so no hurry to get going.  We visited with our online friends to see where everybody was as most of our Canadian friends are on their way home. After breakfast we got our day going! 

I forgot to mention when Eric was here I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time ever!  The closest I ever got was opening a can of corned beef hash in our over 46 years together.  I threw one in the slow cooker with potatoes, onions and cabbage for Eric to take home on Sunday.  They had it for dinner yesterday and Eric texted that it was good! Even Mason (the picky eater) liked it! Good to know as I threw a 2nd one in on Sunday for Ken.  He hasn't had it yet, but we'll see.  

Yesterday was spent getting the kitchen back together and getting things hung back on the walls.  Done!  I painted a little shelf/table to match the red/white scheme.  I'm liking the way it looks.  
Got my collectible collection back up! 

Love that I can put stuff on top of the cabinets..

Glass collectibles in the window..

My shelf/ table with my Pioneer Woman bowls (thanks Eric and Christina)
Other bowls and things.  
Daughter in law, Cheryl gave me the top pic and Ken's mom
gave me the chicken pic several years ago :) 

Ken spent time outside (it was a lovely day).  He worked on unloading the last load of wood we got in the trailer so we could go get another.  Slower doing it one handed, I offered to help but he did it himself.  We had a salad lunch and then I went back to my thing and he did his..before we knew it 1600!  WOW how that day flew.  

We enjoyed Happy Hour next door with Jack (the Great Pyrnees) as Karen had decided to stay in Dixon, CA after their early start.   After that we came home and soon after Jack followed. haha.  He enjoyed Happy Hour he decided to find a way out and join us. (Bad Boy)...Ken bar b qued a couple of turkey burgers and a few hot links.  Delicious dinner. 
A beautiful sunset

I know Bill (on our way) won't be crazy about this, but good!
Hot link with a cabbage bun..sauerkraut, onions..yum 

And to accompany radish steak fries..

Tuesday March 19th....We decided last night that we were heading to Reno this morning. I had a coupon at Total Wine for 20 percent off, so i did my ordering from home and it was ready to pick up when we got there.  Then to Gardnerville and Walmart for some grocery shopping.  Across the street to the nursery for the wood.  Nearing 1300 so a visit to Carson Valley Inn (CVI) for linner.  
Good morning from Yerington, NV

Karen was home, so we stopped to drop off the fries and bread for Jack as a treat she gives him.  We had a nice short visit catching up and now we're home.  Weather is changing, darn!  It's been so nice the last few days but it's looking like some rain tomorrow.  Hoping to get started on my kitchen curtains tomorrow.  
Our Happy Hour friend, Jack! 

We did hear from Dr. Cummings office today. Ken has to be at the surgery center at 1330 with surgery scheduled for 1415 on Monday.  Poor guy, no food or drink after midnight!  We were hoping for an early schedule. :(  

Ken's brother Don and his wife Dana became grandparents one more time today! Our niece, Tara gave birth to a healthy little boy named Jason this morning.  He was early, but weighed a nice 5.1 lbs.  Both mom and baby are doing well we heard this afternoon.  Congratulations to all!

Grandson, Adam sent a few pictures on Sunday.  He was climbing at the quarry near Auburn, CA.  I think he sends these just to make my heart stop haha.  At least he had ropes and harness  this time! 

Have a great evening everyone!