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Saturday, March 30, 2019

The 61 Chevy goes for a drive! Ken's doing better, a fire outside, Karen's bday today...

Just caught this on Facebook so I had to share.  The 61 Impala we gave Eric went for it's first "real" drive since being registered and insured again. Took a few years, $$$$ and lot's of hard work on Eric's part but it's on the road! A paint job is in order and some interior work, but the important parts are done! Great job Eric!! (One proud momma and dad guess you can tell!) 

The 61 Chevy Impala in front of the Bayley Barn..
Eric said they went on an 18 mile round trip.  

Grandson, Mason on the hood of the 61! Not the
prettiest car right now...hah..

Thursday was an at home day.  Ken was up all day without taking a nap.  As expected a little stir crazy I'm thinking.  He went out to the garage and walked carefully on the treadmill.  Did some outside walking too.  He's feeling better, not as many pain pills (not that he really ever took to many).  Because I haven't blogged for a few days, I don't remember much about the rest of the day :(

Friday morning I was up early and Ken followed not too far behind.  I needed to run to Gardnerville so I wanted to go as early as I could.  We had some breakfast and then I left and Ken was going to lay down as he felt nauseous again. He didn't stay down too long this time. He found things to do one handed while I was away :) 

A trip to Walmart for some groceries and some other things.  That always takes longer than I think it should.  A sizable purchase was made and then gas and Raley's for my prescription.  On the way back home and pulled into the driveway at 1340.  I was hungry and so was the hubby.  Ken had the last of the soup/stew I made and I had a quick salad.  

After lunch I put away the groceries and then made a turkey meatloaf for dinner along with some asparagus, mushroom and onion stir fry.  Just sounded good! Ken had some left over mashed potatoes to go with his meal.  

Karen came over later in the afternoon to bring back Ken's jacket he had left there the last time we visited.  So it was Happy Hour time. It was a nice if not a bit cool afternoon so we ended up going to the back.  Karen and I grabbed some wood and we gathered around the fire pit for a while enjoying the evening.  Karen had driven around the block, to the highway in order for her dog, Jack not to figure out where she had come to visit.  Sure enough while we're out there, here comes Jack.  Guess he wanted to join in Happy Hour too!  He's a sweetie.  After some more visiting Karen went home to fill the hole that Jack had dug.  I made sure to send a plate of dinner home for her.  Ken and I stayed outside and enjoyed the fire for awhile longer.  
Ken by the fire pit..

The sun's getting ready to say goodnight..

The fire is going nicely!

Good night from Yerington!

Eventually, inside for our dinner and not too long later we called it a night.  

Saturday morning I slept in until 0600.  Been having some really crazy dreams at night! Don't know if it's the food or the organic wine making my brain crazy! Ken got up when I did and we enjoyed following up with our blogging friends together.  We used to stay in bed and have our coffee and blogs but now we go to the couch, move the coffee table and  use 3 folding trays to get er done! It works for now! 

Today is Karen's birthday so we're supposed to go over later for Posale, that her mom is making.  I made cupcakes and some deviled eggs to take with us too.  We're waiting for a wine delivery from Fed EX so we're hoping it doesn't get here too late, as someone over 21 has to sign for it.  

Ken did quite a bit of walking today over the property getting his exercise in!  Now he's gone to take a break as the sling/brace is hurting his neck and other shoulder area.  It's a pretty heavy duty thing! All in all he's doing very well!  

We've got some wind and cooler temps today. If all goes as planned i'm going to do some touch up painting  on the front porch tomorrow.  We'll see :) Have a good afternoon everyone!


  1. Love that 61 Chevy they were amazing, Does it have a 409, 4 speed? The fastest production vehicle back then, No matter a great car.
    So nice to have some fun times and gas Ken is getting out and about doing stuff.

    1. George the 61 had a 283 automatic originally and now has a 350 automatic in it. Yes he's happy to be feeling better for sure!

  2. Congratulations to your son for getting the 61 Chevy back on the road.
    You have been busy and it sounds like Ken is doing better every day. Campfires are always a nice way to end a day. Take care.

    1. Yes it it exciting to have it on the road! Ken is doing better everyday and he still needs to take it easy and sometimes doesn't realize it! Guess that's better than a lazy man! haha. We love our campfires!

  3. That old chev will look great in time!!!
    Congrats Ken on doing so well. Keep it up and before you know it you'll be good as new.
    Happy Birthday Karen.
    Enjoy your day!!!

  4. We definitely have faith that car will be gorgeous once again! Ken is doing better every day. thank you! Enjoy your day too :)

  5. Just catching up after not having internet for a few days. Great that Ken is coming along. Your curtains look great, now just the floor to go. Take care.

    1. Thanks Bill..I know we miss when you two don't have internet! Glad you like the kitchen! Yes I'm looking online for the floor, found one I like but it's a chia floor so still looking!