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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Painting the porches and rockers, Campfire, Baby Jason went home yesterday!

First off let me say Ken is doing well.  He's doing the physical therapy that they gave him to do several times a day (told you he's a good patient).  He is resting and taking it easy too.  I think from over compensating from not using the right side he's had some aches and pains other than just his arm. His right side felt like a pulled muscle yesterday it feels better today.  Today his neck has been bothering him, but again the sling is pulling to the one side and he wears it 24/7 other than taking a shower.  Feels better when he lays down so he's done that a bit today.  He has an appointment on Friday so we'll see how that goes :) 

Yesterday morning some overcast and fog

Saturday afternoon we headed to Karen's and had a wonderful time with her family. Good food too. Her mom Izzie made a green pozole. It was delicious. After a late dinner we headed home stuffed. haha. 
Izzie's pozole..here you go Elva..
Love this pic of Karen and her
daughter, Amber...

Isabel and Jack..Isabel is visiting from
Southern CA. 

Randy standing (Amber's BF). Ken, Karen and Amber

Diana standing left..Izzie, (Karen's mom) Ken and Amber
Diana is one of our neighbors

Ken and Mugsy ;) 

Well Sunday I decided I was going to paint the front porch. I was just going to do touch up, but in the end painted the whole thing. Looks so good and fresh now.  The couple of hours it took was well worth it.  
After the paint job..

The back porch painted..

I made some enchiladas, coleslaw and spanish rice for dinner.  We invited Karen to come over for a fire out back and she brought some bar b q chicken legs for Ken.  I sent her  home a plate of dinner too.  After she went home Ken and I sat  outside for a while before going in for dinner! A beautiful night.  I also had a nice conversation with Bryan too!  

Tuesday morning we got up and going by reading our friends blogs and seeing where everyone is in America.  Soon, most of them be crossing the border at different parts of Canada. We had our breakfast and then I ran to Raley's for a few things. 

After lunch I cleared things off the back porch since I was in a painting mood! It's a small porch so it didn't take long at all.  After that I took one of the rocking chairs to the garage to paint it.  2 summers ago I painted them shabby chic.  At this point they were looking more shabby than chic so they needed a new paint job!  I was able to get one of them done yesterday.  Since I had paint left over from the kitchen I went with Marine Corp / Arkansas Razorback red!  By the time I finished and cleaned up it was time to go inside.  
This is the smaller chair..more shabby than chic

The large chair I painted yesterday..

Looking more orange, but it's the same paint as my kitchen..

Same here..hopefully on the porch will look more red..

Christina called on her way home from work and we had a nice conversation about Seth's graduation party in June. It'll be here before you know it! 

Dinner was easy as it was leftovers! 

This morning (Tuesday) the alarm went off at 0500, guess it was set from last week but I was awake anyway.  Turned the coffee on and got things set up. I got Ken up at 0530.  He ate leftover Pozole for breakfast, actually yesterday too. I can hardly stand looking at it that time of day haha.  I made an omelet of egg beaters, fried radishes, bell pepper and onion..mine was much better than his!!

Did some cleaning and then headed out to the garage to paint the next rocking chair.  This chair really needed sanding, it's the one that catches the most sun. These chairs are 23 years old and because of sentimental value, I have a hard time getting rid of them. They were the first things I ordered when we moved to Weimar, CA in 1996.  I ordered them from North Carolina and just love the simplicity.  So hopefully they've got a few good years left :) 

Before I quit I grabbed a flower box from the porch and gave it a freshening paint job too.  Daddy built these when he built a deck at our house in Carmichael. They are over 50 years old and I've got a couple. See what I mean about sentimental!?  

I bought a few bulbs to plant in it and hoping to get that done tomorrow and a few other things.  I hope the weather cooperates. We've had a mixture of cold, sun, overcast and windy! It just can't make up its mind. Yesterday I had shorts on to paint the back porch!  

Got some great news yesterday via FB.  Baby Jason who was born 2 weeks ago got to go home with Mom and Dad! A great day! 

Baby Jason obviously happy to be home!

Baby Jason with brothers Devin and Tyson :) 

Relaxing now and it'll be Happy Hour soon, so I wanted to get this posted. Have a great evening! 


  1. You guys have been busy glad ken is doing what he is supposed to do , You porch looks wonderful .

  2. Thank you George! I'm glad Ken is behaving himself for sure!

  3. All that painting...I just read it and I am tired...lol It all does look nice. I always like how things look so fresh when they are newly painted.
    Besides all that painting it sounds like you did have a nice time at your neighbors. Glad to read Ken is doing well and Baby Jason went home. Take care

  4. Awww. thanks it wasn't hard though and not a lot of detail which I like. We always have too nice of a time at the neighbors haha. Ken is doing really well and we are so glad baby Jason got to go home so soon! Travel safely you two!! :)

  5. You have been painting up a storm! What a beautiful job! I love the chairs and no matter what colour they would be gorgeous! The red is perfect. I'm also tired seeing how hard you work while we just laze around.
    Baby Jason's little grin is adorable!! He is happy to be home!