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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A great visit with 2 sons...Happy 20th Adam!!

Saturday morning we called Ken's mom and found she'd be home around 1100.  Got ourselves ready and headed that way.  We stopped at Total Wine in Roseville and picked up acase of my organic wine.  I love that it can be ordered online and then you just go to customer service and out the door!  Roseville is a zoo with traffic, so the less time spent there the better. 

Ken's mom had just gotten home a little bit before we got there, so we had a nice visit with her! We are so blessed to have her and for her to be in such good health.  Her sense of humor is something else too! After awhile we headed back to Eric's house. 

I had offered to make enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner so we stopped at Holiday Market to pick up the little things that were needed. Then a quick snack lunch and into the kitchen I went. :)   Christina and the boys had tickets for the River Cats (baseball) game in Sacramento so they left around 1700.  We visited with Eric and enjoyed the evening.  He made a fire outside so we sat outside and enjoyed (probably way too much). hahah.  Eventually dinner and bedtime. 

Sunday morning dawned clear and beautiful.  I made some egg sandwiches for those that wanted them and we got ourselves ready to head up the hill to Georgetown.  Today our oldest grandson, Adam turned 20 so we were going out to lunch with them.  Of course with it being Easter, we decided to try to find someplace early.  Adam wanted to try Awful Annie's but it was closed so we ended up at Black Bear Diner. Yum..I think everyone was happy with their choice.  
3 Generations of Kay men! Handsome aren't they?!
Ken, Bryan and Adam
Happy 20th Adam!
Adam and his mom, Cheryl

Poor Raider has a tough life! 

We headed back to Bryan and Cheryl's where there was a lot of conversation going on.  It was a beautiful afternoon, i was even able to put on shorts for a bit!  Cheryl made chili and cornbread for dinner which was delicious! 

Daisy Duke..she is the cutest thing. Cheryl got her from the El Dorado
County Pound.  Daisy spent over a month in the snow in Pollock
Pines before they were able to pick her up.  She has found an
awesome home with Bryan and Cheryl..has adjusted well to
being spoiled. 

Adam putting up his birthday present..his new backpacking tent

The yard is in full bloom!

Miss Lucy..spoiled rotten too! She's the queen!

Monday morning found us up and slowing getting going.  We said our good byes and headed up the mountain and a beautiful drive along Highway 50.  I had pills to pick up in Gardnerville and a stop at Walmart for some groceries.  Afterwards Linner at CVI and then we headed home.  Not much got done except unloading the groceries and a few things from the cabover.  
Everything is so green..but in a few weeks it'll all be brown. 

Lake Tahoe was a beautiful blue today

Lake Tahoe off in the distance..

Tuesday morning I made some morning glory muffins for Ken and some flourless peanut butter muffins for me.  We had been out of "treats" for a couple of days so it was time!  Ken requested some potato salad to go with a little left over ham so that was done too.  
Morning Glory muffins

The requested potato salad...

Peanut Butter flourless muffins..yum. 

After lunch I headed out to the cabover to get it clean for whenever it's used next. Looks so cute, I told Ken I think it wants to go out again haha.  He parked it at its home against the fence so that's done. He folded up the ping pong table and I moved the quad out so we could put the other stuff back where it belongs. The day just flew!  About 1700 we were enjoying Happy Hour when we got a text from Karen inviting us over.  We went for a "short" time. haha. Not so! Oh well we had to catch up!  

Good Wednesday morning!   Figured I'd better get caught up before I forget everything! 


  1. Love the area where Bryan lives. I think I have only been to Georgetown once....many many years ago. Elva Shannon

    1. We like it too..but they just listed their house for sale..they want to move back down the hill after 15 years up there.

  2. Glad you had an Enjoyable visit while celebrating Adam's Birthday.
    Also nice that you had a Safe Trip.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick..it was really nice. Have one more son and family to hook up with sometime. Power steering sure makes the difference so Ken was able to drive LOL..

  3. What's up with all the vehicles at the gas station? Normal?

    1. Yeah forgot to caption that..Roseville all those people waiting in line to get gas at Costco..nothing but traffic!

  4. A nice catch up. You are always busy. I know there is no blood connection but it almost looks like you on the bench with Adam instead of Cheryl. :) Three handsome dudes, yes indeed. :) and yes, Ken, I can tell you are smiling!
    Your muffins always look so good. :)
    Happy Birthday Adam!

  5. Thank you for the comment about Cheryl..haha. It was a great weekend. They always go too fast, but then we're glad to be home too. The morning glory didn't turn out as moist as I thought they would..next time i'll have to add pineapple and maybe that will make the difference. Oh well, he's still eating them ..

  6. Happy Birthday Adam. Lots of birthdays in your group!! Handsome group of fellas you have in your family Shirley!
    Loved all those backyard photos, so cute. The Lake Tahoe photos were amazing. I miss those views already!! Keep on having fun!

    1. April is a busy and ($$) month for sure. Last one today, our oldest turns 46! Thanks, I'm a little predjudiced I know..haha. Lake Tahoe is beautiful..way too many people most times but worth the drive!

  7. First....I am not telling my Cheryl about Total Wine!! You are a bad influence Shirley! :-)
    Nice to see the RV'ing spirit continuing with Adam. Everybody starts in a tent, right?
    Wow, Lake Tahoe is stunning. We just HAVE to get over there.

    1. You are too funny Dave! Adam has been camping with us since he was 4 months old, love the fact he loves to head out and camp..of course he's scary sometimes as he loves backpacking, hiking and climbing! Yep his goal is to be a Park Ranger one day..so he'll see even more of this beautiful country. Yes you do have to get out this way..and we've always got a spot for you here!!

  8. Those are three handsome dudes...
    Busy time with family but it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Flourless peanut butter muffins sound good.
    Wonderful pictures of your kid's backyard and the drive over the mountains always beautiful.

  9. Aww thank you Deb! We did have a good time, even though we enjoy being home too! The muffins are good and not sweet. Yes we love going over the mountain, highway 50 is our favorite way! The kids yard is in full bloom, good time of year to sell a house they're hoping!