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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ken's appointment..Happy Hour next door..Brocolli pizza crust..

Friday morning we left here around 0900 to head for Ken's appointment in Carson City at 11:45.  We always like to leave enough time for a flat tire or traffic incident.  We got there just about 1100 and went inside. They apparently were running ahead of schedule instead of behind and Ken got right in.  After taking the many (at least 25 to 30) staples out of him they sent him for an X-ray of his shoulder.  A few minutes later  Stephanie, the physicians assistant came in.  She assisted in the surgery so she was able to tell us all about the surgery and then she put the X-ray up of his new shoulder.  Pretty amazing to see his new parts!  

He's in a holding pattern for the next month.  He still has to wear the sling and can take it off when he's sitting down. No movement other than to let it hang, and a few exercises while it's hanging.  We go back May 7th, when they will add physical therapy.  

After the appointment we headed to Walmart for some shopping and then to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  About 1430 we headed for home.  His first long outing since surgery and by the end of the day, sitting in the car for over 3+ hours took a toll.  Ken's side was really hurting where the big cushion on the sling sits.  It was a pretty laid back evening. 
Saturday morning's sunrise...

It was so pretty!

Saturday morning I was awake at around 0300..never could go back to sleep so about 0500 I got up.  At 0600 I as ready to wake Ken up but he got up on his own. We did our usual morning thing and go the day going.  I told Ken I was craving pizza for dinner so I ran to Raley's for just a couple of things.  Was looking to make spaghetti squash crust, but the squash at Walmart were so huge it would have cost a fortune at $1.39 a pound.  Raley's was out of the squash so settled on broccoli instead.  

While in town I stopped at Tru Value to pick up some fire starters, but they were out. I had to go look in the garden shop area.  I picked up a six pack of marigolds as those were always planted at our house growing up.  I was able to get an ivy geranium to plant in a hanging planter Russell gave me last year for Mother's Day.  Their plants were so beautiful it was hard not to get carried away!  

Made the pizza yesterday afternoon. About 1630 we headed next door for Happy Hour.  There was a fire going in the backyard and all the visitors were outside.  Well, Happy Hour turned into to too many hours! haha..so we'll be having pizza tonight!   We'll invite Karen over for dinner as her family is leaving for Southern CA this morning. 
Broccoli crust pizza..Upper part is Ken's...lower part mine..
His is chicken, artichoke..mushroom..Mine is veggies w
chicken breast..

Saturday night's sun setting..

Jack loves his mom Karen..He thinks he's a lap dog

Carlos and Lyndsey..

It's a beautiful day here in Yerington so I know there will be some outside time! So let's get going!  Have a beautiful day everyone! 

Good Morning from Yerington! 


  1. Glad that Ken's follow up went well, sounds like he will soon be good as new again, maybe even better! Broccoli crust pizza is pretty yummy as well.

    1. I'm looking forward to it tonight! Last night let's just say I probably wouldn't have remembered it much :0..too much fun at Karen's...

  2. Nice that the Doctors are giving positive reviews on Ken's shoulder.
    That Pizza definitely looks yummy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick! Yes it's just going to take time. We're going to enjoy it tonight for sure!

  3. I'm so happy that things are looking as they should with Ken's new parts. :) I'm sure the day would be tiring for him.
    Your pizza always sounds so good. when I'm home and into regular shopping again, I'd like to try both the cauliflower and broccoli crust. I'll google you then for the recipes again. :D

    1. We are happy that he's pain free! The sling across his neck is what gets to him most..he'll lay down a bit and it feels better. I've never tried cauliflower because i'm not a cauliflower person, but love the broccoli and spaghetti squash, but after this one we both agree we like the broccoli one best :)

    2. Woops! sorry, yours is the spaghetti squash crust not the cauliflower. :)

  4. Glad to hear Ken's shoulder is doing well. Now he just needs to behave until they tell him differently.
    The pizza looks amazing, I haven't made home made pizza in years but looking at your makes the idea tempting.

    1. We are happy he's pain free! The pizza was delicious I have to say and our neighbor Karen said she loved it too! Very easy also!