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Monday, April 29, 2019

A few good days of cleaning..spraying for weeds...memories..:)

Good morning from beautiful, cold Yerington, Nevada!  It's 31 degrees this am going for 72 so not bad! It's been all over the place this week from one day a high of 88 and yesterday was cooler and windy.  It's that time of year I guess. 
Just before sunrise this am...

Saturday morning we got ourselves out of bed early, visited with our blogging friends had coffee and a muffin, Ken had a shower and out the door we went. I prefer my shower after the spraying is done. We worked as a team and in the end got 36 gallons of weed killer sprayed on our property. Where we sprayed a couple of weeks ago has really died off so it's looking much better!  Love the green of our desert right now, but other than the natural sagebrush everything else is weeds!  It's crazy how they take over.  
This is our path going to our neighbor Joe's..We sprayed 2 weeks ago and it looks
much better..

This is the other end of the path..without spray..

After a couple of hours we were done! I got my shower and then we decided to have "Brunch".  Ken wanted a grilled ham and cheese panini and so did I.  I'm not eating traditional bread, so I made an almond flour 90 second bread, added a little cheese and turkey, threw it in the panini maker and oh my was it good! Not huge but very filling. I would definitely do this again!  I actually had a few pieces of regular bread in the house for Ken as we don't buy bread very often, but since the boys were here I had some in the frig.   He enjoyed his too! 
My grilled cheese, waldorf salad and berries..

Ken's grilled ham and cheese and some Fritos..

Since my drawers and closet were neat and clean, why not go all the way.  I have a wardrobe that we bought way back when.  A good place to open the door and throw things in (haha) so I dumped everything on the bed and there  you go! Things for good will and surprising some new clothes I've never worn (because I bought them with the intention to lose some weight) now they fit! YAY!

Ok, by the time I finished..Happy Hour and the day was done! Here at home our Happy Hour is 1700 rather than 1500 when we're in Arizona. Not that I wouldn't love to be visiting with our friends at 1500!! 
Sunset from the back porch..:) 

Sunday morning Adam called to tell us about the new job and of course he loves it!  He's working the Confluence which is very busy this time of year throughout the summer with people from all over coming to play in the American River.  He said he enjoyed talking with people, giving recommendations on trails etc.  They've already told him he will be the first of the new aids to be on his own starting May 12th. Way to go Adam! 

After breakfast and a few other things I decided to continue on with the cleaning of closets! So into our blue guest room. Sorting, throwing away and getting more stuff for goodwill out it went.  Everything looks nice and neat, we'll see for how long haha. 

This is what happens when you clean things out! All kinds of pics to slow me down..I'll be showcasing a few the next few days.  Bryan and Russell, found envelopes with your "tails" ..haha. 

23 years ago Russell got notice he was leaving for Marine Corps
boot camp the next day! We threw together a quick good bye
party at Woody's and they gave him this hat and pin..Should this
have gone in the dump pile..uh no Mom couldn't do it! hah.
Russell's grad pic 23 years ago..
Like Ken said "He had more hair
in the Marines than when he graduated!"

The whole family went to Pismo Beach  after
graduation.  Russell and Lori :)
Now their oldest son graduates high school
at the end of May..

Got ourselves up about 0600 this beautiful Monday morning. Ken wants to do brunch again so I decided it was time to catch up. I think i'll finish my cleaning and purging with the little green room this am. After that, not sure what's on the agenda! 

We've decided to head for Reno tomorrow to do some stocking up at Winco. As long as we're there might as well stop by Total Wine (not that I need it yet) but since Reno is 90 miles away figure Total Wine is a definite stop.  (Sorry Dave but Cheryl would love it..I'm sure it would save you money haha)! We'll stop by Safari RV and check on a thermostat for the Jayco so we can get it installed. Time is coming for air conditioning. We figure at the end of May we'll be in California living in it for a week or more because of high school graduations and parties so we need it fixed before that! 
This one popped up on FB..Bryan about 4 months old :) 
Is that not the cutest little face! 

Daisy Duke is so happy to be going for a ride!

Have a great day everyone!  


  1. Nice to get some purging done and really love the old pictures. thanks for sharing. Hmm we had 30 F at 5 am and all the way up to 40F at 2 pm. we sure would like you 70 degrees !

    1. Thank you, love old pics too! Yesterday was cold, today now a warming trend thank goodness. Our old home in Winnemucca got snow yesterday! Hope it's gone today as that's where we're headed!

  2. We have bought some week killer too and need to spray the hill so we don't have anything growing there. Too difficult to cut it.
    The paninis look great. Mind sharing the 90 second almond flour bread recipe please? It looks good!
    Love the old pictures and new ones too. No! You can't get rid of the hat!

    1. Watch, I'll keep the hat for a hundred years, when we die and the kids go through the stuff they'll be "Gee why did mom keep this old thing?"..into the garbage it'll go haha. Shared the recipe on your blog. I know what you mean about the weeds!

  3. Memories are always nice to see.
    We use Vinegar and Dish Soap for a Bio-Degradable Weed Killer.
    Glad you've got the moderate temperatures we are wishing for.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes I enjoy going through the old pictures! Surprising how time flies. I've seen the recipe for the Bio Weed Killer even tried some close to the house, but our tough weeds it doesn't effect. With 4.65 acres we've got to go for the strong stuff..

  4. Love the old pictures, one of things on this years summer agenda is going through some of the pictures I just boxed up last summer. The one of the two of you with Bryan is priceless. When I see our kids with their kids now it seems impossible the time went by so fast and it is picking up speed. I have said it before but it is worth repeating you live in a wonderful place. Great picture of just before the sunrise. Take care.

  5. Thank you Deb..we do love where we live! Yeah it's hard to believe that little one is now 46! Just doesn't seem possible. I love the old pics..I've given a lot to our kids already but still have lots to go through. Now in this digital age, seems we never get pics printed anymore..but at least with the blog hopefully they're always there!