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Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy 46th Birthday Bryan! Congrats Adam! Nice days in Yerington!

First things first...Happy 46th Birthday to our first born son Bryan!! Hard to believe our kids are in their 40's now. haha.  I know he had to work today but hopefully he had a good one! Love ya Bryan!! 
That's the Birthday boy  next to me! 
Grandson Adam started his new job as a
California State Parks Aid..great foot  the door
job.  Someone told him in order to be a Park
Ranger you start as an aid.  He's going to college
to be a Park Ranger as he loves the outdoors and
travel!  30 hours a week to start and 40 during the
summer! Congrats Adam!

Wednesday was a stay at home day and get some things done! Not sure what but it was a good day! 
Ken's mom gave me this beautiful apple paperweight to put in
my new kitchen :) I put it in the window over the kitchen sink
that way I look at it and smile several times a day! :) 

Thanks Grandma! Love you! 

The beautiful LOVE picture came from Grandma too..
Fits perfectly on my shelf :) 

Thursday was time to some blood tests done so we headed out of here about 0700. For years I've gone out to Winnemucca and then back to the doctor the next week.  Well, when I called to schedule the lab appointment Susan said "you can get them done in Yerington I believe"..I called and I can so I did.  Got right in and got it done.  Kristy the check in girl checked what they would cost to process at their lab and it was over $700.00!  If I paid in full yesterday it would ONLY be $500.00. Uh no...I had it sent to Lab Corp and it's still expensive but not that expensive. 
Daughter in law, Cheryl got me this heart shaped tool holder for the
kitchen...Perfect! Thank you Cheryl :) 

After that we headed to Dini's to have breakfast and coffee!  As it was a fasting test, the coffee sure was good!  haha.  We headed to Gardnerville and paid a little visit to Walmart.  Then to Raley's to pick up my medication that apparently was there the last time. uhh..so 10 days or so with no cholesterol meds, so we'll see how that shows on the blood tests. 

We were home in time for lunch and the weather was  beautiful.  In the afternoon we sat outside for a bit and then Happy Hour.  Ken bar b qued a cheeseburger for him and i had a turkey burger.  So yummy! Some broccoli tots to go with!  
Sunset last night :) 

Friday morning we got up at 0530.  Our plan was to have breakfast and get outside to do some more spraying.  By the time we finished breakfast the wind was blowing..so we'll try again tomorrow. Ken was out in the garage for awhile and I puttered in the kitchen.  It was time to make him some banana bread which I've been meaning to do.  Made a waldorf chicken salad for lunch for me, as i was in the mood for something different.  
Ken's cheeseburger and broccoli tots! 

My bundles turkey burger with broccoli tots! YUM!

I got out to the fifth wheel finally to make up and change the beds from when the boys were here last week. Vacuumed and cleaned it up and now it's ready for visitors once again. Later I went out to the bunkhouse, time to change from the winter quilt to the summer one.  It's ready to go too for visitors if we ever get any. :(  :)  
This morning I wanted to splurge! One real egg, fried radishes
and  almond flour english muffin...OH YUM! Here you go Elva, 
your friend would like the almond flour muffin too for less carbs! 

Karen called and she had no water so Ken walked over to check it out.  In the end she has to have the well guy out to see what he finds. Hope it's quick, easy and cheap for her. Darn wells.  Luckily we're on city water now and don't have those problems. 

While he was gone I decided to clean out my drawers and my section of the closet. Now I'm done! Going to have an easy dinner tonight.  Happy Hour time! Have a great evening!  


  1. Wow expensive to get blood work done, we` take it for granted as is covered here in Ontario thorough our government health care. Sounds pretty yummy today, I was dreaming about broccoli toots last night now I really I gotta make some.

  2. When I turn 65 it will be cheaper with medicare, but until then my health care is expensive and hardly any coverage. Just glad Ken waited until 65 to fall apart..LOL! His hernia surgeries and shoulder replacement would have killed us! That's funny about the tots..they were good!

  3. Good luck with the blood work today, sorry about the price you have to pay. Some things get better after 65, apparently! Your blood and cholesterol should be great the way you've been eating even w/o the meds.

    1. Woops! Meant to wish Adam a very Happy Birthday. Our babies are growing up. :(
      Congratulations Adam, nice foot in the door there! :)

    2. I'm hoping the blood work is really good this time, but we shall see on Thursday. Thank you for the comments on Adam! Gotta say the kid is a hard worker along with taking college classes. They do get better at 65, but I'm ok with not hurrying it! haha.

  4. Congratulations to your grandson for landing a wonderful job.
    I have to take the time to make those broccoli tots they were so good.
    I now realize just how lucky we were that Tom's insurance from work continued through for both of us until he turned 65 and covered all of that kind of stuff until medicare and our supplement took over. Of course after that my coverage was expensive until I turned 65 but it was nice while it lasted...lol

    1. Thank you Deb! We do love the tots, a little effort but if you have a food processor (we have a small one $20.00 at Walmart) it goes so quickly! Yes you were lucky there with the insurance, we could have paid at county retirement rate, but would've taken our whole checks almost haha.