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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Finishing the week with Jackson and Mason! Happy 44th Birthday Eric!!

Thursday morning after breakfast was another run to Raley's (I swear every day was something I needed) uhh..the boys went with me and I dropped them at the skate park so they could run their RC cars around.  Headed to Raley's and Family Dollar for a "few" things then back to pick up the boys.  

Once we got home i put a ham in the oven to take to Eric's for his bday dinner.  Got started on making potato salad and frosting the cake I baked the day before. Found a delicious recipe for carrot cake that starts with a yellow box mix and you add the goodies. 

About 1630 we headed over to Karen's for a bit to say Happy Easter and catch up on her week and she on ours.  We headed back home and then Ken came up with the idea to have a fire out back.  We texted Karen and she walked over and the boys joined us for awhile.  They enjoyed s'more pop tarts as I didn't have all the makings for smorf's  (our name for smores) ..

The boys and their Supervisor looking for the ends of the
solar lights...Damage done by racing RC Cars..haha. 

A nice warm day in Yerington. 

An hour or so of the fire and I asked the boys what they wanted for a late dinner.  Ham and potato salad for Mason and  cheeseburgers for Jackson. Then off to bed for everyone. 

Jackson and Mason hiding from a pic! 

Friday morning was get ready to go home time.  I made sandwiches for lunch knowing we'd be stopping somewhere at about 1300 to eat.  Luckily that ended up being at Hope Valley one of the prettiest spots on the drive. 

Boys heading for the water! 

Hope Valley, CA

Of course, boys being boys! 

We pulled into Eric's house about 1600.  A little later than we planned but oh well.  Eric had been fishing and pulled in just after we parked. Seth and a few of his friends a little later too.  We just enjoyed sitting outside for quite awhile chatting and catching up.  Mason and Jackson left to go stay the night at Jackson's house and Saturday they'll be out on a boat for the day..tough life..haha.  
The Birthday Boy and his dad..

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting..

Eventually it was time for dinner and then cake.  According to everyone it was delicious.   Finally we called it a night, by this time Ken needed to lay down and take some pressure off his neck.  This was the longest day so far without lying down for a bit and he was feeling it.  
Candles being lit..Christina, Eric and Ken

Blowing out the candles...Seth in the background..

Saturday morning found us both awake at 0515 so we started the coffee and then spent some time reading what our friends are up to!  we've talked about what to do today which included seeing Ken's mom down the hill but then I remembered she usually gets her hair done on Saturday so we'll call and see what's she's up to.  On a Saturday we don't want to be down the hill for too long as the traffic is crazy.  We'll see. Tomorrow we'll move up the hill about 9 miles and spend Adam's Birthday with him and his mom and dad! 

Have a great day everyone..I know we will! 


  1. Sounds like a nice birthday cake and beer, visiting with family as well. Then time for Adam's birthday as well.

  2. Happy Birthday Eric! How did our kids get to be 44?? My daughter will turn 44 in just a few weeks too. LOL
    I'll bet the cake was good. You had a good time with your grandsons too, what a great visit.

  3. Happy Birthday Eric and Adam. The cake looked wonderful and I'm betting it tasted amazing. I think you've had a wonderful last week, time with family is always nice.

  4. Happy Birthday Eric and Adam. The cake sounds delicious.
    Reads like you and Ken had a fun time with the guys.
    Love the pictures of your lunch stop. Even with the snow...lol
    Take care.