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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Good news all the way around!

Good morning from beautiful, cold (27 degrees, feels like 23) Yerington, Nevada! 

We had a great day yesterday.  Had the alarm set for 0330 as we wanted to leave the house by 0500 for our drive to Reno.  We did pretty good and were out of here by 0505.  

It was a nice morning drive, dark for quite a bit of it. WE made really good time and pulled into the parking lot of Reno Diagnostic at about 0630 or so.  Well, my mammogram wasn't until 0810 so what to do?  We saw the place start to get busy with employees pulling up (opens at 0700) so at about 0705 we went inside.  Figured what the heck check in and see what happens. Filled out paperwork, the same every year.  Gave them my $100.00, they get a grant every year and can offer them for this price in October to people whose insurance doesn't cover and mine doesn't. :(  The radiologist checked it and all good to go! Yay one more time! 
This afternoon got my winter/Christmas quilt on the bed
in the fifth wheel..with flannel sheets too! 

We were out of there with a couple of hours to spare so we headed for Boomtown and their Mel's Diner.  Both our tummies were hungry! Not our favorite place but it worked.  I had my 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and Ken had a ham and egg breakfast complete with toast but no potatoes.  It filled the void but neither was too filling. 

WE took a little drive to find the new connecter they have put in, so you can basically by pass Sparks and Reno if you are headed toward Carson City. Nice! Not a lot of traffic and it's not advertised so you have to know where to find it. 

Then to Ken's ophthalmologist. They took some pictures and the pressure test. 18 for both eyes!! Yes that's what they wanted, perfect!!  That means an eye drop a day probably forever but it's working!  WE were both Happy Campers!! 
This doctor wants to see him in 4 months and after that twice a year.  

Not sure how this is going to impact our winter travel as the appointment is for March 6th. We'll have to sit down and figure this out. We headed to Total Wine for some more organic wine.  My fave was back in stock! After dropping a sizable donation we headed to a couple of more stops and then to Chinese at about 1315.  By then my 2 eggs were gone. We both had the same meal, the spicy twice cooked pork. I had the veggies and some of the meat, the rice and meat came home with us for Ken's lunch today or tomorrow.  
Veggie bake for dinner tonight..yum 

We got home about 1630. All the company was gone, linens piled on the beds and 5th wheel and bunk house all clean. They offered to do the laundry before they left but because of migraines I use the scent free laundry soap so I prefer to do my own. (Update to that: Karen called and left a message, saying she had bought some scent free soap and was coming today to get the linens and wash them ..bless her heart! 

No dinner was needed so we watched tv, enjoyed the fire and our own Happy Hour.  About 2100 headed for bed and tv. 
Had bananas that needed to go..Ken's banana bread
I woke up about 0400 or so this morning, just tossed and turned and looked at my phone.  Finally, close to 0600 it was time to get coffee and wake the hubby! 
Thought this was adorable..Owen loves his
sister, Cassidy!

I got a text from Christina yesterday asking if they could come over on the Veterans Day weekend which happens to be grandson Seth's 17th Birthday too. Of course we're excited for them to come! 

I started this blog this am..now I am finishing it! Have a wonderful evening! 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Izzie's 75th Birthday Party

Friday morning found me in the kitchen for a few hours.  I made up some breakfast casseroles to take over to John and Karen's for Saturday morning.  She was expecting there to be about 14 for breakfast.  She had talked about giving them $$ and sending them to McDonalds but I don't think she knew how expensive that would be! haha.  
Potato Salad

Breakfast casserole

7 layer dip

Got them done and then moved on to the 7 layer dip I was making for the party. 2 trays and done.  During the day we had her family come in and get themselves settled in the bunkhouse and 5th wheel out in our backyard.  The Jayco was already at J and K's ready for Isabel and family to arrive.  

I made some potato salad and we headed over to John and Karen's for dinner with their family that had come in to their house.  Some hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad made for a nice, easy delicious dinner.  Fire, conversations and some adult beverages a very nice night. 

Saturday morning...Party Day.  The party actually started at 1300. Ken went over a couple of times to see if he could help with anything.  A beautiful day, we lucked out.  Temps about 80 degrees.  Lots of kids, family, friends it was an amazing time.  
Izzie the birthday girl! 75 years young

People visiting 

Kids and young adults playing badminton 

Lots of Red Solo Cups around :)

Party's started

Karen's mom Isabel (Izzie) arrived just before 1500 to the cheers of everyone :)
The Taco Truck showed up just before 1500 and the band arrived just before 1600.  

Dancing and tequila drinking!

The hosts Karen and John...dancing a slow one..

Ken and the birthday girl dancing

Looks like fun!

A neighbor Big Mike


Bev, Carmen and Bobby..

The music was a local band called "The Band Next Door" apparently because they all lived next door to one another at some time :) John and Karen sure went all out for this 75th party for her mom.   Izzie was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, so know they all feel very blessed to still have with them. 
The Taco Truck..excellent food!

A beautiful sunset!

Roaring fire

We partied and danced to the music, everyone had a great time.  About 2330 we headed home. 

This morning we slept in until 0730!!  Got ourselves ready and about 1000 we headed back over as we were invited for breakfast/brunch.  The house was full of people, mimosas flowing freely :0  Some people were out back, maybe not feeling as good as they should ;(  Oh well, maybe a little hair of the dog?! 

We'll head back over later just for a bit. We'll be heading to Reno in the morning. Time for Ken's eye appointment to see if the eye drops are working to help his glaucoma.  

Decided to splurge and go to lunch in town today.  Have a wonderful evening everyone! 

Had to stick in a couple of FB pics of two of our grandsons!  Can't believe they're seniors in high school already! 

Seth and his sweetie Jordyn

Jacob and Alyssa

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We Voted! Getting things done, baking day and Ken's in the Halloween mood!

Tuesday morning we got ourselves up and going.  It was another of those nights of not sleeping well.  Have no idea why that is!  Ken decided he wanted his almond waffle and two fried eggs for breakfast and I had already decided to have the greek yogurt waffles (Thanks for that idea Patsy!).  Oh my they were good!! 
This was actually from today..but looked the same yesterday.

After the dishes I got ready and we decided that we were going to town to vote! Gotta love small towns we walked right in and no line at all.  We were out of there in under 10 minutes. We've been seeing the news and cities like Carson City and Reno have lines as long as an hour or more! No way! 

A couple of pics from Monday evening..
The sun was going down out back..

The moon was coming up out front at the same time..

Ken started a fire yesterday morning..it was so nice I had to come
out to the living room to enjoy it! 

Got ourselves home after stopping t the bank and we were home the rest of the day.  Ken did his thing with getting the RVs ready for company and I put the new sheets and some blankets on some of the beds out there.  Looks nice and we can put up several people if need be for Karen and John's party Saturday. 

Veggie tacos for dinner for the both of us. We headed for bed and the tv back there.  As soon as I'm in bed I'm asleep, too bad I don't stay that way! UGH!

I awoke around 0300 again this am.  Turns out Ken had a restless night himself. About 0445 Ken said he'd like to sleep until 0530, I said so would I and I did fall back to sleep. Up at 0540. Coffee, muffins and seeing what our friends were up to, then it was time to get ourselves up and going.  

Another day at home without leaving, we like it when that happens! Ken got the cabover moved and the Jayco will move tomorrow. I spent a lot of the day in the kitchen making our little treats we like in the mornings.  Took out a leftover chicken dish I had made a few weeks ago for Ken for dinner so that's easy for tonight.  
I had bananas to get rid of, so flourless chocolate chip cookies
a new recipe top right..probably not again though haha..and Ken's
apple oatmeal muffins

It was a nice day, good temps (low 70's) and some overcast skies.  Quiet day. 
Ken worked a bit on a Halloween surprise (scary) for our little neighbor Rylee..
I was in the kitchen and thought i heard knocking on the door hmmm..no one there.  Heard it again and it was on the back door, I didn't think it was locked but maybe..opened the door and this was what greeted me!! 

Now he's out in the tree waiting for Rylee to walk the path
from our house to hers!

Well, guess we're going to head out back for a fire in about half hour or so.  Everyone have a great evening! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Deck work done, RV's getting ready for company and a quick trip to Reno

Saturday morning we got up early as we had an 0815 appointment at Dini's with  Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom, Susan.  As always the food is good and conversation better! We came home and I ran to Raleys for just a few things.  

About 1130 I headed next door to finish up the deck.  There wasn't a lot of work to finish but it was all on my knees and getting up and down. Turned out really nice.  
Ken found himself a new bar b q at Lowe's so he got it
all together and the grills seasoned

Then home for awhile. We actually enjoyed the Spaghetti Squash pizza Friday night we decided to do it again.  This time Ken changed his up a bit with oysters, olives and mushroom. Once again such a tasty dinner! This will be on the menu quite often and no guilt about eating pizza! We cooked it up in the afternoon as we were going next door for Happy Hour. 

After the 2nd pizza was cooked..Ken's with the olives
and mine with the veggies..YUM. Trust me, the
spaghetti squash crust is delicious 

 All I had to do was throw  mine in the microwave and Ken likes his room temperature. 
Part of the deck finished

Lit up it looks really nice

We were home at 2000 as everyone was tired. Had a nice fire over there. 

Sunday morning started out like every morning with our computer and coffee. Cool mornings and warm afternoons.  After lunch I headed out to the different trailers out back to get them ready for company this weekend. We're not sure how many people will be staying over here so we wanted to make sure their all ready for company.  Ken did his part too in making sure batteries are charged etc.  

We actually got finished and started our Happy Hour on the front porch.  Little later we headed out back and Ken started our fire in our fire pit.  Eventually we came in to have some dinner.  I made a turkey dinner a few weeks ago.  So Ken wasn't eating it for a week after a few days I made individual dinners for him. Took one out and made some veggie casserole to go with his dinner and for me.  Easy and delicious dinner!  
Our sunset

Set the alarm for 0430 this morning (Monday).  We decided to head to Reno to get some things at Winco and visit Total Wine. Stopped by Ross to buy a couple of twin sheet sets for the Jayco and the Komfort fifth wheel.  Both dinettes fold down but I didn't have any sheets. Love Ross for their prices! Ken ran to Sam's Club so I could look around Ross for a bit. 
Only had my phone with me today..sure doesn't do
justice to the colors

Stopped at our favorite Chinese place for lunch.  Didn't touch the rice but the veggies and meat were delicious. Ken enjoyed his whole lunch! haha.  Brought the rice home so Ken can have it with his dinner. 

Nice drive home.  Groceries put away and now it's time to relax..that means Happy Hour!  Have a good night everyone!!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Cortisone shot for Ken, some work for friends..Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust..

Wednesday morning we were up nice and early reading our blogging friends and having our coffees.  Showers and then we had our breakfast of the veggie casseroles.  Yummy they were!  We were running a little late but figured we had plenty of time and then we got behind a school bus that seemed to stop every 100 feet or so to pick up kiddies..oh oh.. 
Veggie Casserole..YUM! 

Ken ordered some new boots..

American Made!

Came with a "Free T Shirt"

Got to Carson City and then turned on the wrong road to the doctor's office.  Well, someone was not a happy camper (and it wasn't me).  We arrived a little late but they didn't seem too concerned. A few minutes later Ken got in and a few minutes later he was out with another cortisone shot.  It had been almost 4 months since the last one, but his shoulder has been hurting again for the last month or so. We'll see how long this one lasts. 

We made a stop at Lowe's to pick up some 2 x 4's for our neighbor Karen.  Ken will cut 54 pieces of them for a large Jenga game she wants to make. Got a few other things along with Ken got a new bar b q!  Once it's together i'll post a picture. 

Then on to Walmart in Gardnerville for groceries and other stuff.  1300 so you know we had to visit Carmen at Carson Valley Inn (Katie's Restaurant).  YUM! 

We got home, unloaded and then just enjoyed the evening. 

Thursday morning we awoke to more chilly temperatures. It was about 27 degrees!  Our usual routine and some more of the veggie casserole for breakfast. 

 I haven't had bread since after my doctor's appointment in August. I've seen a recipe all over the internet for 90 second Keto bread. I have to admit I was skeptical but yesterday thought why not?  Threw the ingredients (1 tablespoon butter, (i didn't do that much) 3 tablespoons almond flour, 1/2tsp baking powder and  1 egg (egg beaters for me)..after 90 seconds something that resembles an english muffin!!  Tasted delicious toasted! Even Ken thought it was good! I ate half and left half for Friday morning.  Not something for everyday but I will do it again! 
90 second "bread"..yummy!

At 0930 I went next door to help Karen with the staining of her large deck.  Other than a quick stop for lunch around 1400 that her mom brought over it was work work work.  At the end of the day we had a couple of front boards that need to be stained.  A good day of work and friendship.  Looks awesome I'll have to get pictures. 
A small part of their decking done...

They have a huge beautiful deck!

I came home around 1630 to jump in the shower.  When I got out I noticed that Joe and Stacey were over along with Karen.  Wait, a party going on without me?!  haha.. After about 1/2 hour Joe and Stacey left to go to dinner so Ken, Karen and I went in front of the bunkhouse for a Happy Hour and a nice fire.  John got home a little later so he came over for a beer and fire too.  It was an early night as he still works for a living.

Ken and I sat outside and enjoyed the fire and the stars. Instead of dinner we had some snacks and called it a night. 

Friday morning we were up around 0500 and started the coffee.  I've discovered some muscles I didn't realize I had from all the bending and getting up from the deck yesterday!  32 degrees so it's warming up haha. Finished off the veggie casserole for breakfast and got the day going.  I had told Karen I'd be over at 0930 to finish up the deck but she called and said it was still really tacky so we'd try again in the afternoon. Still tacky this afternoon so probably tomorrow.  
Ken's been working on a "temporary" fence between our house
and Karen and John's.  Next weekend we will have guests in the
bunkhouse and 5th wheel, so this will make it easier for them

Looks good!

Last weekend on Food Network we saw a recipe for Spaghetti Squash Pizza Crust.  Looked really good so I bought one at Walmart.  Today is the day!  Followed directions and it looks good! We'll see tonight what it tastes like. 
Spaghetti Squash pizza crust before oven

After oven

Ready for the oven this evening..Ken's on the left with bacon, olives
and mushrooms.  Mine with mushrooms, bell peppers, red onion.
Hoping it tastes as good as it looks.
A dose of cuteness before I sign off here..My Great Niece and Nephew!

Owen and Cassidy!

No plans for the weekend, but you know how that goes! Have a wonderful evening everyone!!