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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

We Voted! Getting things done, baking day and Ken's in the Halloween mood!

Tuesday morning we got ourselves up and going.  It was another of those nights of not sleeping well.  Have no idea why that is!  Ken decided he wanted his almond waffle and two fried eggs for breakfast and I had already decided to have the greek yogurt waffles (Thanks for that idea Patsy!).  Oh my they were good!! 
This was actually from today..but looked the same yesterday.

After the dishes I got ready and we decided that we were going to town to vote! Gotta love small towns we walked right in and no line at all.  We were out of there in under 10 minutes. We've been seeing the news and cities like Carson City and Reno have lines as long as an hour or more! No way! 

A couple of pics from Monday evening..
The sun was going down out back..

The moon was coming up out front at the same time..

Ken started a fire yesterday morning..it was so nice I had to come
out to the living room to enjoy it! 

Got ourselves home after stopping t the bank and we were home the rest of the day.  Ken did his thing with getting the RVs ready for company and I put the new sheets and some blankets on some of the beds out there.  Looks nice and we can put up several people if need be for Karen and John's party Saturday. 

Veggie tacos for dinner for the both of us. We headed for bed and the tv back there.  As soon as I'm in bed I'm asleep, too bad I don't stay that way! UGH!

I awoke around 0300 again this am.  Turns out Ken had a restless night himself. About 0445 Ken said he'd like to sleep until 0530, I said so would I and I did fall back to sleep. Up at 0540. Coffee, muffins and seeing what our friends were up to, then it was time to get ourselves up and going.  

Another day at home without leaving, we like it when that happens! Ken got the cabover moved and the Jayco will move tomorrow. I spent a lot of the day in the kitchen making our little treats we like in the mornings.  Took out a leftover chicken dish I had made a few weeks ago for Ken for dinner so that's easy for tonight.  
I had bananas to get rid of, so flourless chocolate chip cookies
a new recipe top right..probably not again though haha..and Ken's
apple oatmeal muffins

It was a nice day, good temps (low 70's) and some overcast skies.  Quiet day. 
Ken worked a bit on a Halloween surprise (scary) for our little neighbor Rylee..
I was in the kitchen and thought i heard knocking on the door hmmm..no one there.  Heard it again and it was on the back door, I didn't think it was locked but maybe..opened the door and this was what greeted me!! 

Now he's out in the tree waiting for Rylee to walk the path
from our house to hers!

Well, guess we're going to head out back for a fire in about half hour or so.  Everyone have a great evening! 


  1. Another great day , love the weather and like Ken's costume.

    1. Yeah the costume is pretty funny (and scary) we'll see what a 9 year old thinks of it pretty soon!

  2. Sounds like you two had a wonderful couple of days.
    The guy in the tree should do the job of scaring anyone who walks by...lol

    Celebrating the Dance

  3. Yeah Ken's pretty clever when it comes to those things..I better find him more things to keep him occupied ::)

  4. You two are keeping yourselves busy.
    Maybe the costume might be too much for a 9 yr old.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Halloween is a fun time for sure.
    There is certainly no excuse for folks not making it out to vote. Good for you guys for getting that done early.