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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Good news all the way around!

Good morning from beautiful, cold (27 degrees, feels like 23) Yerington, Nevada! 

We had a great day yesterday.  Had the alarm set for 0330 as we wanted to leave the house by 0500 for our drive to Reno.  We did pretty good and were out of here by 0505.  

It was a nice morning drive, dark for quite a bit of it. WE made really good time and pulled into the parking lot of Reno Diagnostic at about 0630 or so.  Well, my mammogram wasn't until 0810 so what to do?  We saw the place start to get busy with employees pulling up (opens at 0700) so at about 0705 we went inside.  Figured what the heck check in and see what happens. Filled out paperwork, the same every year.  Gave them my $100.00, they get a grant every year and can offer them for this price in October to people whose insurance doesn't cover and mine doesn't. :(  The radiologist checked it and all good to go! Yay one more time! 
This afternoon got my winter/Christmas quilt on the bed
in the fifth wheel..with flannel sheets too! 

We were out of there with a couple of hours to spare so we headed for Boomtown and their Mel's Diner.  Both our tummies were hungry! Not our favorite place but it worked.  I had my 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and Ken had a ham and egg breakfast complete with toast but no potatoes.  It filled the void but neither was too filling. 

WE took a little drive to find the new connecter they have put in, so you can basically by pass Sparks and Reno if you are headed toward Carson City. Nice! Not a lot of traffic and it's not advertised so you have to know where to find it. 

Then to Ken's ophthalmologist. They took some pictures and the pressure test. 18 for both eyes!! Yes that's what they wanted, perfect!!  That means an eye drop a day probably forever but it's working!  WE were both Happy Campers!! 
This doctor wants to see him in 4 months and after that twice a year.  

Not sure how this is going to impact our winter travel as the appointment is for March 6th. We'll have to sit down and figure this out. We headed to Total Wine for some more organic wine.  My fave was back in stock! After dropping a sizable donation we headed to a couple of more stops and then to Chinese at about 1315.  By then my 2 eggs were gone. We both had the same meal, the spicy twice cooked pork. I had the veggies and some of the meat, the rice and meat came home with us for Ken's lunch today or tomorrow.  
Veggie bake for dinner tonight..yum 

We got home about 1630. All the company was gone, linens piled on the beds and 5th wheel and bunk house all clean. They offered to do the laundry before they left but because of migraines I use the scent free laundry soap so I prefer to do my own. (Update to that: Karen called and left a message, saying she had bought some scent free soap and was coming today to get the linens and wash them ..bless her heart! 

No dinner was needed so we watched tv, enjoyed the fire and our own Happy Hour.  About 2100 headed for bed and tv. 
Had bananas that needed to go..Ken's banana bread
I woke up about 0400 or so this morning, just tossed and turned and looked at my phone.  Finally, close to 0600 it was time to get coffee and wake the hubby! 
Thought this was adorable..Owen loves his
sister, Cassidy!

I got a text from Christina yesterday asking if they could come over on the Veterans Day weekend which happens to be grandson Seth's 17th Birthday too. Of course we're excited for them to come! 

I started this blog this am..now I am finishing it! Have a wonderful evening! 


  1. Looks like a successful day. Good mammo and good eye results means you're 'good' to go!
    Nice that Karen did that to launder the bedding herself. She's a good friend and neighbour.
    Your food pics look good, I'd want meat in my 'veggie' casserole though. :)
    The last picture is so sweet!

  2. Yes John and Karen are wonderful people! I'm looking forward to seeing Owen and Cassidy this weekend along with some of my grandkids!

  3. Glad to read the good news about Ken!

    A friend who will not only do laundry but go out and buy special soap...she is a keeper.