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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween pumpkin carving..cooking some new foods..

I think it was about 0600 yesterday (Wednesday) when we got up and got going.  It was a really cold morning once again in the 20's.  The one thing nice is this time of year the afternoons are very comfortable.  Visited with friends and had our coffees. Treadmill time and our exercises we were ready to get on with the day!  

I had seen a couple of recipes on Pinterest that I was interested in making so decided to work on that for a bit.  Had to run to Raleys to get some ground turkey breast and of course a few other things. Home and some lunch and I got started on the dishes.  

For Ken, it was an andouille and broccoli with cheese dish.  For me I made some shredded zucchini and the ground turkey breast making burgers out of them. Both of the dishes were really easy, but i sure can make a mess in the kitchen! Just not a neat cook haha. 
Turkey breast and zucchini burgers cooking..they were

Ken's dish, he said was really yummy! 

At 1400 Ken went next door to help Karen carve some pumpkins. Never was my thing so I was happy to stay home and do this and a few other things. Even when the kids were young that was Ken's thing with them.  
Ken's scary man in the daytime
moved over near the tractors..

One of Karen's masterpieces

Karen's cyclops

He got home at 1600 and said she said to come get me, her mom Izzie was over and Karen was making clam chowder (not my thing either hahah).  We had already decided the day before that we were going over for Happy Hour since it was Halloween.  I took some salami, cheese and crackers.  We had a nice visit and eventually John got home. We left just a little after 1830 to come home. 


We watched some television and enjoyed our dinner.  Started a fire in the fireplace as it was getting cooler. 
The pumpkins are lit up..

This morning (Thursday) I was awake about 0400 but didn't start the coffee until 0500.  Enjoyed our leisurely morning reading about where our friends are who have started their southernly trek!  Always fun to see where everyone ends up. 

Ken's scary man's face..

Scary man and his fluorescent fingers
His hand was holding  a big ax..
Like Ken said "I think I have
too much time on my hands"..LOL

Last night's sunset...

I ran to town to get some water as we were out and get my hair cut. Got the water but Shari was in Reno working today so made an appointment for tomorrow. 

WE haven't had a baked whole chicken in forever so picked one up for just a little over $4.00 today and stuck it in the oven when I got home.  Smelled so good cooking!  I also added some onions and sliced turnips to the pan. Since I'm not eating potatoes thought i'd try the turnips this way.  Surprisingly they looked like my mom's roasted potatoes and they tasted pretty darn good! 
Roasted turnips on the left..can't wait to have them!

Ken went and got the Jayco from next door and brought it home. He took the scary man down until next year and just got some things done. 

We talked this afternoon and it looks like in order to fit everything in and be back home for his appointment on March 6th we'll probably be leaving right after Christmas.  Hoping to meet up with our friends in Quartzite in January before we head for TN.  

Since my grandkids are too old to Trick or Treat I had to steal my sister Linda's grandkids..
Owen was a dragon! 

Little Cassidy in her hair curler knitted hat! 
Before I sign off and get ready for Happy Hour here at home..We found out yesterday that Ken's eye drops are not covered by Medicare therefore not covered by his supplemental either.  The drops would cost over $200.00 for a couple of month prescription. Doctor is supposed to fill out some form and send somewhere to see if they'll approve.  Of course, there is no generic for this specific eye drops. There are others the doctor said. So we'll see...

Have a wonderful evening! 


  1. Great news about Ken's eyes! Hope the drops continue to work and that you can figure out a way to recover the costs.
    Love the creative pumpkins. Isn't it too bad we can't keep them for longer.
    That Cassidy is sooooo cute (Cheryl says!).

    1. I love to look at pumpkins and as long as you don't cut them they last forever. Once they're cut down they go. Thank you Cheryl..headed to CA today and get to see that cutie in person!

  2. Love the pumpkins and curler hat on Cassidy . Good luck with the drops.

    1. That little hat is pretty cute! Thank George, we'll see what happens!

  3. Your sister's grandkids are adorable. The curler hat is such a cute idea.

    Fingers crossed Medicare comes through.

    When I tried ground turkey breast Tom and I found it to dry for our taste but I am gueasing the zucchini would help with the moisture...another thing to try. Ken's dish sounds delicious.

    1. Thanks Deb! He loved his dish, but last night said maybe not so much cheese and I did less than what the recipe called for but I think between the cheese and sausage made it rich. I like turkey breast anyway, but the zucchini just gave it an added zing and moisture.

  4. Love the pumpkins and her knitted curler hat. So cute!
    Hoping for the coverage on the drops for Ken. That would be a relief for you.
    The burgers and Ken's dish look yummy to me.......Bill, not so much. haha

    1. Yeah that little hat was a hit. We'll see, but at least there are other drops that can be prescribed if this doesn't work. I'm not surprised about Bill, haha..at least Ken is willing to try new things and most he likes. The ones he doesn't he lets me know...yes he does!

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