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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mac is back home! A new Marine recruit in the family! Rain!

We headed over the hill yesterday to go get my computer! I'm so happy to have it back.  

WE stopped in to visit our oldest son, Bryan and family for a bit. It's been a long while since we've seen them so it was a nice, but short visit.  Bryan and Cheryl gave us our birthday presents so that was a nice surprise.  I'll have to post mine, so cute!  Ken got BEER! So he's a happy camper! 

Next we headed to Eric's house to get the computer from the Jayco.  Nice surprise there to see Eric and our grandson, Seth at home.  Eric was home sick and Seth was done with school for the day.  A quick visit and then we headed home. 

Highway 50 was still beautiful and 4wd was needed in a few spots. Luckily the newer Patriot has it!  We ended up stopping at CVI in Minden to see our favorite waitress and get some dinner.  Early for us at 1700 but we had a small breakfast early in the am and nothing since, so we were starving! YUMMY..

The BIG news of the week!? Our grandson, Seth signed papers for the delayed entry program into the Marine Corps!! As it stands now, he graduates high school and will leave for boot camp sometime in the summer. So very proud of him following in his Uncle Russell's footsteps. Monday he will be at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for a physical and many other things.  He should have a better idea of what job he wants and leave date.  He just turned 17 in November. 

Seth signing for the delayed entry program

Eric signing papers allowing him to join

Seth and his recruiter :)
Because I've missed so many days blogging (and i don't take notes) I'll just condense.  

We got the Christmas tree up and enjoyed our usual brandy and egg nog while we did it.  Ken put a tree on the porch of the bunk house which looks nice when lighted at night.  Hope to get him to put lights on the bunkhouse and outhouse like last year.  

We decided to do something different for New Years this year.  We were talking with our neighbors Karen and John and decided we're heading for Pirates Den RV Park in Parker, AZ.  We're leaving on the 27th of December and will be there from the 28th until the 2nd.  Ken made the reservations so we're glad they had a couple of sites left. Then who knows?  They'll head home as he still works for a living.  

Now for a few catch up pictures from Thanksgiving and beyond. 
Sunrise at home

Russell and Michael

Michael and our son Russell with the red solo cup and the smile!

Lori and Seth

Christina and Lori

Brother in Law Bobby

Grandma Linda holding Cassidy and Owen taking a minute for
a bite!

That's Jacob smiling!
Our spot at Imperial Manor MHP

Highway 50 going home :) 
Christmas tree on the front porch of the bunkhouse!

Got our quirky tree up! 

Woke up this morning (Thursday) to pouring rain! It's still going good..we need it badly..I know my Canadian friends won't want to hear this..but sure am hoping it would turn to snow!! Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. Nice catch up, Shirley. Congratulations to Seth! That is an awesome thing for him to decide to do with his life. You all must be very proud of that young man.
    The bunkhouse tree, I'm sure looks better than the picture, me thinks you were a little tipsy on the egg nog? haha
    Your quirky tree is cute. and us Canadians don't mind you wishing for snow as long as you keep it up in Nevada. :D

    1. Yes we are very proud of Seth for sure! I'll have to try again with a pic of the tree..the lights just seem to go all squirrely in pics..but it could have been the egg nog..that's why we only have it once or twice during the holidays..a sneaker drink for sure!!

  2. Great Catch-Up. Looks like Seth is looking to the future.
    Like the Decorations. You can enjoy the White Stuff as long as it stays north of us.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes Seth is planning his future. We are very proud of him. We didn't get any snow...yet. haha

  3. Great news for Seth wishing him luck, So great to have Mac Back and looks like it is working just fin.

  4. Yes George the Mac is back once again! Thanks for the luck for Seth..:)

  5. Great catch up post Shirley. Congrats and good luck to Seth!