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Saturday, November 3, 2018

A little cooking and a quick overnight trip to California. Grandsons :)

Friday morning up early and ready to get the day started.  Treadmill, exercises and breakfast..were ready. 

Ken did some work on the Comfort 5th wheel.  He wants to get the septic area hard wired, rather than using a sewer hose to fit it into  the system. I had an 1100 hair appointment so to town I went.  Once that was done made a quick stop by Raleys again.  

I had decided to take a homemade pizza made with the spaghetti squash crust to my sisters on Saturday.  Russell (our youngest) had said they weren't  going to the bay area as planned so they would be at Owen's party.  I thought Lori would like the spaghetti squash and decided to give it a go. I was going to make all veggie but Ken thought i should make some with meat...ok.. 
Before cooking...veggie and then salami, sausage, pepperoni 

After it was cooked..yum

Turned out looking pretty awesome, so put it in the frighted to chill.  We had plenty of leftovers for dinner so that made it easy.  Spent the rest of the day just getting things ready to leave in the morning. 

I had the alarm set for 0445, thinking when it went off the coffee would be ready by 0500.  I was wide awake when it sounded and the coffee was ready by 0500.  I wanted to leave by 0800 but was closer to 0830.  Oh well, party doesn't start until 1500, but I did want to get there early to visit and maybe steal a little holding of little Cassidy. :) 

The drive was nice, other than I probably drank too much water and a few stops were necessary.  I was going to check out the fairgrounds but it was nearing noon when I'd be going through there, and that's no time to be in Roseville, CA.  I pulled over in Newcastle to stretch my legs and saw a text from our daughter in law.  I ended up backtracking a few miles to pick up grandson, Mason.  Eric and Seth were working on the Jeep and so they wouldn't be going to the party.  Got him and we headed back down the hill.  

Got to Linda's house and was shocked to see my other sister, Wendy there! Seems there was a misunderstanding and her hubby left her there a few hours too early.  She was busy feeding baby Cassidy. 
Owen and his 2nd cousin Tyson..sweet  kid..

Auntie Vickie (bro in law Bobby's aunt) Wendy and Cassidy..
I swear Auntie Vickie has not changed in over 35 years I've
known her! 

Tasha, Angelina and my sis, Linda

Chelsea, the birthday boy's mom!

A nacho table with everything!
Chelsea's new to her old car

Dusty's truck "Alice"..

Mason, checking out the pizza

Linda left the house decorated for Halloween because Owen wanted
a Halloween party :)

Owen, the skeleton swinging and Tyson

Our son, Russell...

It was so nice seeing family and friends we don't see very often.  Owen had a great time for his 4th party!  My pizza was a success for the people that were interested.  Mountain Mikes Pizza was even more of a success!  Good looking pizza and I sustained. Instead of cake Chelsea got more bday themed donuts.  I just think that's a great idea! 
Bobby and our nephew, Jesse

Aaron and Mason

Owen opening presents...

Baby Cassidy just hanging out...

I left there with Mason and Aaron about 1900 to head towards the motel in Rocklin.  Got checked in and asked what they wanted for dinner. Pizza!  Found  a Little Caesars, got their fill and back to the motel. Called Ken to check in and poured a glass of wine.  Now it's time for bed...I'm done! 
Meeting up with some of our boys and their families for breakfast at 0900.  Love my family and look forward to the morning! 


  1. More fun times wth family and lotsa tasty pizza too. Love Chelsea's Car , My Dad had a Comet just like that back in the 60's when they first came out. Her's looks to be in amazing shape.

  2. It looks like a great party and I think Chelsea's car is a lot like the car we saw at Elvis' collection. :) Your pizza looks amazing! I'm thinking for sure I'll have to try it.

    1. Her car is so her! Can't wait to see what they do with it. I was surprised how many people liked the pizza. My nephew Jesse came in and started eating it. I told him what it was and he was shocked. Said he thought it was a Papa Murphy's or something! haha.

  3. Looks like a good time for everyone. Y'all will be back together for Thanksgiving very soon, and then Christmas. How many shopping days are left?

    I put a link to the Predators Pediatric Cancer Fund with my name here on this comment.

    It's a really good charity, they do good for the kids and their families. You should check it out.

    1. Definitely not enough shopping days left! I am so behind. I am checking out the link, always looking for a good charity that overhead doesn't take much of your donation! Thank you :)

  4. Looks like a fun party.
    We will have to do some recipe sharing when we cross paths. A spaghetti squash crust sounds pretty good.
    Baby Cassidy is a cutie for sure.