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Friday, November 16, 2018

Baking day, Helping Karen burn, good friends..

Thursday morning we awoke to cold 17 degree temperatures.  It was nice and toasty as Ken had kept the fire going during the night. I had been awake since 0230 so was ready to get up about 0500.  We got the day going as usual with checking in with our blogging friends and coffee.  I was out of banana bread and applesauce oatmeal muffins so I  knew what I was doing once i got going. 

During our stay at Washoe Lake State Park when we used the generator the last day, Ken pulled on the rope and it broke.  Oh no!  We've had this Honda generator for 13 years now and it has served us well. We're partial to Honda because of the quietness and reliability.  It will be quite a challenge to install a new rope, so not sure what we're going to do other than look for a Honda dealer. They're pricey but worth it in our opinion.  

I made the banana bread and applesauce oatmeal muffins for Ken.  Kept the kitchen nice and toasty! 

I made the veggie bake for my dinner too. 

In the afternoon, our neighbor Karen called and she was going to "burn" the fireplace mantel she got from her mom.  It holds an electrical insert. So we headed over to see what she was doing.  The mantel was not pretty for what she wanted it for.  She and Ken got the propane torch (a big one) going and she proceeded to burn the finish off, really looks cool.  It'll go in the corner of their new bedroom until they figure what they really want. 
Ken taking a turn burning the fireplace

Partially done

Doesn't do it justice, but it looks really good!

After that was done, it was time for Happy Hour so because we were outside, Karen started a nice fire in the fire pit.  John got home from work a little later and joined us.  Finally, after awhile it was either put another log on the fire, or call it quits.  We were ready to let them get on with their evening. We headed home about 1840.  

Watched some tv and had dinner. It was an early night. 

This morning I was awake about 0400 got Ken up about 0500 for coffee and his muffins. :)  They turned out pretty tasty. We got the day going and other than running to Raley's to pick up some beer for Ken that was it. Home:) 

He wanted some stuffed bell peppers for dinner so I worked on that.  Found a recipe on Pinterest for slow cooker peppers and decided to give it a try. At this point they look delicious!  I've got a turkey burger I made from the meat from the peppers.  
Yummy bell peppers

Just general stuff around the house, nothing too exciting but that's ok.  

When Seth and Mason left last weekend we talked about them coming back this weekend.  Seth is having his birthday party along with our other grandson Jacob tomorrow night in Ca.  Mason still wants to come so after talking with him tonight I'll head over in the am and pick him up.  I figure as long as they want to come, I'll travel!  As I was finishing this, Eric called and offered to meet me halfway! We'll meet at 1000 or so and then I'll bring Mason home with me. :) 

Because of the weather next week Ken may be taking a day to drop the Jayco off at Eric's house so we don't hit SNOW! I'll be cooking, so he'll have to go by himself. We've got reservations in Citrus Heights at a Imperial Manor MHP where they've got RV sites now. It's also a Passport America Park, so for 2 nights $17.50 a night.  That works for us. 

Our neighbor Joe and his wife Stacey are heading for Paradise, Ca tomorrow to drop off these goodies donated by Peri Farms, Yerington Elementary School and the dentist in town, Dr. Draper.  The death toll climbs along with whole towns being homeless now from the devastating fire. It's so sad. :(
Joe's truck ready to head out..:) 

Happy Hour here at home.  Y'all have a great night!


  1. What a nice productive day, the mantel looks really good and the peppers very yummy looking as well.

  2. The peppers looked excellent, so did the banana bread.


  3. Your baking always looks so yummy. I'm sure the mantel looks great, you're right that pics don't do some things justice. At least she can still keep something from her Mom. :)

  4. Thank you Patsy. Her mantel looks very unique and fits their personality for sure. She and her mom always seem to switch things back and forth. Mom sold a big house in So CAL and brought it ALL with her to her much smaller home :)