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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Washoe Lake State Park, Reno, New brakes on Tundra..home again!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we got ourselves up pretty early and visited with our friends to see what they're all up to.  Most are traveling so it's always interesting to see where everyone is!  

Cold, 17 degrees to wake up to, glad we had our furnace running and good blankets on the bed.  We were ready to go around 0930 and Ken decided to take the Tundra and get some gas while I was going to meet him at Lowe's once he was done. 

Got our bucket he was after and a case of water then off to Carson City Toyota for the 5,000 mile service.  We took the Patriot and headed off to Reno and Winco.  We hate waiting for the truck to be serviced so we always bring two vehicles.  We were inside Winco, when we got a call from Marty the service guy. The rear brakes needed to be replaced. We knew it was getting close, so we weren't surprised.  
Our view from our site

Spent quite a bit at Winco, getting ready to cook for Thanksgiving. Then it was off to Total Wine (shocking I know)..haha.  Wanted to get a little whiskey for Thanksgiving as the boys seem to like it.  Bought Veteran owned Leadslingers and then a good whiskey from Tennessee called Lonehand.The bragging rights at Total Wine is that it was Lincoln County processed.   The associate there said he drinks it quite a bit. Yep good stuff! Had a coupon for 15% off 6 bottles of wine, so bought that too. 

We were getting close to 1330 so decided to head for Carson and have Chinese at our favorite restaurant.  The hot and sour soup was so good on a cold day.  Then to pick up the truck and leave a nice deposit with them (at least we didn't have to do all at one time). 

Back to camp!  About 1600 Ken started a nice fire because we knew it was going to get colder!  We enjoyed just sitting by the fire for an hour or more and then back inside.  Had some dinner and some tv and then off to bed. 

A nice comfy night under flannel sheets and the furnace running when needed. Again a low temp night! Started the coffee about 0600 and read our friends blogs and a few other things.  I left first as I wanted to visit Kohl's and Walmart in Carson City before heading home. Before i knew it 1200 so I called Ken to let him know I'd be later than I thought. He said he'd wait for me to get home and we'd have a late lunch.  Close to 1430 by the time we were done. Oh well..salad so it wasn't difficult.  
There's our 2 day home :)

He did his part in unloading the truck and trailer, and I did mine. Now it's Happy Hour time. We'll see what tomorrow holds.  

I'm sure everyone has heard about the devastating fire in Paradise, CA. So much sadness but saw this today and thought I would share...Paradise fit it's name and now....

Amazing the flag is still there..

Our little neighbor Rylee brought these over..She made and
decorated for us :)

She made this sweet card too :)
Grandson Adam was at the river a couple of days ago and
girl he was with caught this picture..His dog Raider is there
with him too! 

Have a great evening!!


  1. Rylee is such a sweet girl. Fun to see your grandsons grow up. Elva

    1. Yes she is. Glad you enjoy the grandsons, as do we..they're just growing up way too quickly!

  2. nice to get things taken care of and new brakes on the Tundra a good idea as well, getting ready to head south again.

  3. That's the plan after Christmas! Looking forward to seeing all our friends in Q!

  4. You guys had a nice camping spot. We sure miss the open spaces of the desert.
    Good to hear the Tundra is ship-shape now. Brakes are kinda important!
    We like shopping at Kohl's. None of those in Canada. :-(

    1. I don't get to Kohl's much but love when they have their Kohll's cash for something I would have bought anyway..especially near Christmas. Glad we got the brakes done and not front and rear at the same time.

  5. Great picture of your grandson and his dog.
    A stop at Kohls and Walmart always takes longer than I think. Add TJ Max with a Homegoods to that list and the day is shot...:)
    What a sweetie cookies and a wonderful note.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you Deb! Oh I know that about shopping especially TJMAx, Ross and homegoods. Quicker when Ken's with me hahah..of course I don't come home with much..Yeah Rylee is a sweetie..

  6. Definitely a nice spot you have there. Love the last picture. Glad you have things taken care of now.


  7. Thank you Deb! Yeah we're glad too..hate spending the $$ but it's gotta be done right?!