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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A busy week! The bunkhouse is ready for Christmas!

Sunday morning got ready and got the boys up.  We were meeting Eric and Russell at Black Bear Diner in Roseville. We got there and boy were they busy, but only a few minute wait and we were seated.  Got to spend a little time with two of my 3 sons and family.  Grandson, Jacob was fishing so didn't see him and Daughter in law was on her way to a conference in Washington DC for the week.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the chit chat a lot of it focusing on the Marine Corp. It's looking like grandson Seth may be going that way after high school graduation.  Uncle Russell had lots to say :) 

Mason, doing what kids do..
Christina, Eric, Russell, Mason, Seth in the middle but he missed
the pic, Aaron ....what a nice visit! 

We finished and I gave Mason and Aaron back to their parents.  Christina took off to head to the movies in Auburn with a friend..unfortunately she never made it, her car broke down not too far from the restaurant :(  Fuel pump. They all waited a long time for the tow truck. Kinda put a hitch in everyone's plans. Eric stayed home on Monday and got it done. Wasn't fun though! 

I headed to Total Wine and bought some of the wines i can't get in Nevada and then turned the car up the hill heading home.  Made several stops as I was drinking alot of water and my right leg was giving me problems. After awhile it was like a nerve started hurting so I'd get out and after a few minutes it was better.  

Got home around 1630 and just enjoyed the evening with Ken.  

Monday morning Karen brought over the linens she washed.  I was able to get started doing the trailers and bunkhouse.  I got the Komfort done, the bed in the bunkhouse and some other things done.  Ken got the Ford ready for an oil change by pulling in the garage and draining the oil.  We were home for the day and that was nice. 
The guest room in our house..changed the whole look for under

Tuesday morning it was time to head for Carson City so Ken could get a new tire for the Jayco so that was a visit to Discount Tire.  I needed to do some shopping at Walmart (Winco next week).  Ken bought a new battery for the 73 Dodge and oil and filter for the Ford. The battery was much cheaper at Walmart than at O'Rielys auto parts. We ended up visiting our favorite waitress, Carmen at Carson Valley Inn closer to 1430.  That definitely took care of having dinner at home. It was about 1630 when we got ourselves home. 

An early evening for sure! 

This morning (Wednesday) I started the coffee just a little after 0500.  Visited with our traveling friends to see where everybody is!  Got the day going after exercises, treadmill etc.  

Went out to the bunkhouse and decorated for Christmas.  I love Christmas and enjoying the season, so that's one place I  know I can get away with it a little early. Hahaha.  Finished making the other beds that needed to be done, so we're ready for company this weekend! 
The bunkhouse ready for Christmas!

The loft area ready! 

You can't tell, but i made Christmas curtains..full of candy canes 

Ken found the tire he had done yesterday was done to 8 pounds of air!  Jayco had a problem with their rims the year we bought the trailer, this is #3 out of 5 that's had this problem! So we're off to Discount Tire to get the tire mounted on a different wheel.  I was going to Smith's grocery tomorrow anyway as they've got Thanksgiving specials going on.  Hoping to get an early night and an early start in the morning.  One thing about living here, everything is 50 to 70 miles one way! Discount Tire and Smith's over 70! Good thing we like driving huh!

Stole some pictures from Facebook this morning.  Our niece and family went to TN to visit Don and Dana. Thought these were too cute, so I had to share. ;) 

Cody, Samantha, Little Slater on Cody's shoulders and Little Zoey

Don on the left rock climbing and Cody on the right

Grandpa Don, Slater, Samantha and Zoey ;)

A visit to Huntsville, AL and the Space Center..Cody, Slater and Don

Dana and that precious baby girl..

Grandpa Don and Slater getting a driving lesson! 

He's a quick learner...no teacher needed!!


  1. Very festive pictures. Love the curtains. We too have to drive long distances during the summer months to do any shopping. Not always a bad thing!

    Enjoy the weekend.


    1. We do enjoy the drive to shopping..just not enough time in the day. Next week we're taking the Jayco for a few days and that'll make Thanksgiving shopping a lot more enjoyable :) Glad you love the curtains..Thankyou

  2. Looks like you are getting things taken care of and ready for the weekend.

    1. Always love it when people come to visit! Doesn't happen often, but Eric and Family have been here the most (except grandsons of course). You'd think we moved across the country rather than just 3 1/2 hours away..haha. Of course after yesterdays elections if we could we'd move to a different state as Nevada seems to be moving closer to CA ways of thinking! Enough ranting..hhaha.

  3. Oh no!!!! In reference to your NV and CA comment. My sister lives in LV and complains all the time about Californian's moving to NV and trying to turn it in another CA. Elva

  4. Looks like your very busy, but having fun at the same time. Hope we are going to see you this winter.

  5. You have a lot going on but I love that you have a place to begin decorating for Christmas early. Bill would shoot me if I did that at home. Now it is Dec. 20th when we get to the park we stay in for two weeks. :) It was always Dec. 1st and no sooner. haha Love love love the bunkhouse.