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Monday, March 31, 2014

Youngbloods Stockyard Cafe in Amarillo, TX...

Well, we decided to stay another night here at the rv park in Amarillo.  Had a nice night's sleep cool, but not cold.  No heater needed.  Sunshiny am.  Took our time and headed out to Cavendars Boot City...turned out to be just a window shopping trip.  Then across the street to the Westgate Mall and more window shopping...oh wait..I found three pairs of earrings at Penneys for 97 cents (for all 3)..bargain of the day!  

Then we headed over to the Youngbloods Stockyard Cafe...we saw this on man vs food and the food looked sooo yummy...so on the bucket list it went.  It was good but not excellent.  Now Excellent Chicken Fried Steak we know that exists in Red Oak, TX! But we had too go!  It's still the same restaurant but it has moved to a more downtown location.It used to be located next to the stockyards in Amarillo.

Came back and did some laundry and I made some reservations for the trip in June.  Ken dumped the camper..So we're all ready to go in the am. We'll see how far we get.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Santa Rosa NM to Conchas Lake State Park NM and today we are in Amarillo, TX!

The Blue Hole was an amazing stop!  To think this hole sits in the middle of town and people from all over come to practice dive. If you have your equipment you can dive for $8.00.  There was rescue training going on when we arrived.  Ken didn't see the sign so he was watching it and thought it was real..They were something else to watch!  Believe me I wouldn't have known it was a training exercise if I hadn't seen the sign..This group was from Colorado.  
There were probably 50 people there between training and tourists.  

After visiting there we headed for Conchas Lake State Park.  Turns out it was another grueling day of driving..we made 60 miles.  The park is really nice, again $14.00 a night for electricity, water and showers!  We got there and had a late lunch and then took a walk around the campgrounds.  There were only us, 1 other trailer and a couple of game wardens and a camp host there this time of year.  It's a beautiful lake, hard to get down to but with a boat it would b a great way to spend a day or two.  Spent the afternoon in our chairs outside as it was so nice. Shorts and all!  

Got up early this morning, we had no phone or internet service so I only had the time on my kindle so we really didn't know what time it was but we were on the road a 0910...heading for Amarillo, TX...

We're here now at an rv park we've stayed before.  $30.00 for the night, but at the koa down the road it was $40.00 so we're so happy to have saved $10.00 we're gonna stay another night.  We went to the Texan Steak house for lunch today and tomorrow we're going to visit another one that was on one of the food shows.  A couple of other things we might visit a cowboy boot store that seems to b really popular around here...It is sooooo windy, Ken's glad not to be driving in this wind.  Temps are warm! Love it...

Since we drove 160 miles today..we need a break..so that's another reason we're staying another night...we are getting there Don! So many people love your car..it's funny going down the road and watching people look at the barracuda! 

Ken at the top of the Blue Hole

Divers in the hole


Those are bubbles of divers in the water...

So clear

another view

Looking into the water...I read there used to b cave openings
down there but because of the death of two divers they sealed
them off..

Divers and equipment

Another little lake not too far from the Blue Hole
in the distance it appears that they have lifeguards
in the summer and a water slide!

Just liked this saying next to the lake

On the way to Conchas Lake State Park

A view of the campground with its shelters..

A view from below

Firepit and a view

My hubby!

Our site

Our beautiful sunset last night!

An abandoned farmhouse  :(

The brewery menu at the Big Texan...this is new since we last
visited..Russell and Eric we kind of plan on coming
this way on the way home..and will pick up a few bottles for u!

Our site at the rv park in Amarillo

Look at the trees and see the wind...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Red Rock to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Woke up yesterday in Red Rock Park and slowly got ourselves ready...Nice shower facilities there, all the hot water you could want!  Had our breakfast and about 1030 headed on to I40.  
Windy, but not any where near what is was the other day! 

Got ourselves through Albuquerque before stopping for diesel and had our lunch in the back of the camper at the truckstop...then an easy drive to Santa Rosa, NM.  

We are camped at Santa Rosa Lake State Park.  A beautiful lake about 15 miles from town. Can see this place would really be hopping in the summer!  Probably about 10 rigs here overnight.  Ken bar b qued himself a couple of burgers and i had my veggie burger.  Probably, (no probably about it) I had a little too much fun last night...but easy to get carried away, when you're sitting outside enjoying the scenery and people watching.  oh well, todays another day.

We had thought we'd stay 2 nights here but decided just one as we want to go into town and a couple of round trips just doesn't seem worth it.  We thought the park was closer but decided we will do our thing and then head out about 80 miles or so (another long day)..

Santa Rosa is famous for the "Big Blue Hole"...actually I had never heard of it till yesterday, but we're gonna check it out today..apparently this is where scuba divers come for training.  Who would have thought in the middle of the desert?!!
A nice playground for the kids at
Santa Rosa Lake State Park

Santa Rosa Lake ....It really looked like a red violet color in the evening

Our camping spot...$14.00 a night..with electricity and showers..
and an incredible view

Crossing the lake

Another pic of the lake

Ken bar b q ing...

Morning view..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

From Williams, AZ to just outside Gallup, New Mexico...

Tee Pee on side of the mountain...

Holbrook, AZ Dairy Queen....

Holbrook, AZ

Dinosaur on side of mountain...AZ

Going into New Mexico...

Our campsite tonight!

View of Church Rock from our campsite!

Left this morning from Williams, AZ about 1030...we got into Gallup NM this afternoon and were looking for a state park...We love NM state parks.!  Got to Gallup and were looking for Red Rock State Park...turns out it was a state park about 10 years ago but now belongs to the city...that's ok..electricity and water hookups...bathrooms w showers..$20.00 which is more than the parks (14.00)..but still worth it with the views...set up and it's cold and windy so we decided to watch a $5.00 movie we just picked up at Wal mart...The Bucket List..I'd always wanted to see it...oh my goodness..what a movie I was boohooing...and I saw Ken wiping tears..even though he won't admit it!...Great movie!!

Really sad to see the places that as kids I'm sure we were begging daddy to stop are long gone now...twin arrows..stuckeys...whiting bros..tourists traps along Route 66...so sad..

Had some tacos for dinner and now headed for bed...Love this life!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Buckskin MT to Williams, AZ about 200 miles and incredible weather!

Topock AZ

Between Topock and Kingman

Love AZ!

Before Seligman, AZ..love how they made the highway!

For Russell!! Love the Devil Dog exit!

When we pulled into the campground, wind and hail!

When I say "incredible weather"  I really mean it!  We awoke to semi cloudy skies but warm weather...by the time we left it had mostly cleared...so on with our shorts and t shirts!... Got diesel in Topock, exit 9 and headed on.  Somewhere along the line, we had cloudy skies...ok...then it got colder...no big deal as we are in the truck and warm..just enjoying the changing scenery! Which is awesome!  We pulled over at a truck stop and had lunch, enjoying the swaying of the camper.. from the winds on the interstate...pulled into Williams, AZ about 1545..got out and it starts hailing, looks like snow balls like we get in Yerington!  Cold and windy...we registered at the rv park here and looked like idiots in our shorts and t shirts...turned out we weren't alone as our neighbor says.."obviously you came from someplace warm today"...and Ken said "Yep felt like an idiot checking in"  the guy next door said "well u weren't the only one" as he was in shorts and t shirt too!! Just the way it goes with the weather. 

Did a couple of loads of laundry...Ken was going to bar b q...but weather was too bad...so we'll head out tomorrow and see what happens...

Cheryl called and said there were tornado warnings in Georgetown!!  Apparently there were warnings all about and the people in Rocklin were outside taking pictures...ok..."talk about idiots"...anyway hope all is good there!!

Today was a 200 mile day..so we'll see where tomorrow leads us!