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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo and getting stuff off the property...

Cowboys getting ready for the saddle broncing..

Person on the left of the trailer, our neighbor Matt and trailer loading

The mountain on highway 95 on the way to our property
It is beautiful....just too far away from the gkids!

Our neighbor Matt...

Thought these boys were just too cute with their ropes!
Growing up right and getting started early!

Friday the 28th we left home and headed for Winnemucca.  We got here just in time to have lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant in town and then headed on out.  It was cold but a nice day.  Ken did some work out back of the property and our neighbor, Steve came over and visited with him for a bit.  

Yesterday morning we got up and headed out to town for the 25th annual Ranch Hand Rodeo.  We went last year and loved it so figured we best do it again!  It was over about 1500 hours so we came home, loaded it some more stuff in the pickup and headed for the dump..Had a nice quiet evening.

This morning we set the clock for 0500 so we could get to the fairgrounds at 0800 for their Cowboy Church.  We went last year and the same people were doing it this year, so glad we went.  The pastor Bo Lowe and his wife are great speakers.  She has an awesome singing voice and sings with such passion we love hearing her.  He is just so "down home" explains the scriptures so simply you can't help but feel it!  

The rodeo started at 1000 and we left about 1500 after our neighbors did their last event.  We were feeling pretty stiff and sore after two days in the hard seats.  Next year we need a cushion.  We love this event!  U see how the "real" cowboys work with the animals.. 

Tomorrow we've got some business in town and a lunch date with our neighbor Deanna at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in town.  We'll head home on Tuesday but we'll be back next week so we can paint the well house and then get it ON the market!  

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