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Friday, March 21, 2014

Well, we're not out of NV yet!!??? Day 2 of our trip to TN...

Across from the campground at Amargosa Valley

Between Pahrump NV and Vegas

Just loved the scenery!

The view near where we had lunch!

The road between Pahrump NV and Vegas

Joshua trees...
Where we had lunch!

Yukkk...these homes right outside Vegas before we got to the freeway...

The Joshua Tree highway between Nipton, CA and Searchlight, NV

Lots of Joshua Trees

High and proud in Searchlight, NV

Camping in Cal-Nev-Ari...

Ken and the sagaro....huge cactus!

Our sunset tonight!!

Got another late start today..but that's ok!  We went to Pahrump, NV and stopped at Wal Mart...OMG the elderly people in that town..felt like I was in the Florida of Nevada!!  So many people!  That town was a little hole in the wall many years ago..now it looks like they were hoping for growth and planned for it but the recession happened.  Now there may b more growth but it's all based on the elderly...trust me...saw it at Walmart!! 

Got out of there and had a beautiful drive!  Really, people don't see what Nevada has to offer but we sure have seen it the last few days (2 days on the road and NO Kindle....that will tell people that no me that there was too much to look at)...

Had lunch (late) at a gorgeous rest stop and then we headed for Searchlight NV which was along the Joshua Tree Highway...Incredible!!  Love the Joshua Trees!  

At Searchlight we hit highway 95 and were headed towards Needles, CA and the KOA we've stayed at many times..but I was about 1630 so found a nice little rv park at CAL-ARI_NV (yes that is the name of this town)...$18.00 for the night, full hookups and showers...so here we are..we plan on making Parker AZ tomorrow..but again who knows...Lake Havasu??  so we'll see....like Ken just said...Not gonna sweat it ...as I'm loving my vacation!!  

292 miles yesterday and just about 200 miles today...my kind of ride!

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