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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Buckskin MT to Williams, AZ about 200 miles and incredible weather!

Topock AZ

Between Topock and Kingman

Love AZ!

Before Seligman, AZ..love how they made the highway!

For Russell!! Love the Devil Dog exit!

When we pulled into the campground, wind and hail!

When I say "incredible weather"  I really mean it!  We awoke to semi cloudy skies but warm weather...by the time we left it had mostly cleared...so on with our shorts and t shirts!... Got diesel in Topock, exit 9 and headed on.  Somewhere along the line, we had cloudy skies...ok...then it got colder...no big deal as we are in the truck and warm..just enjoying the changing scenery! Which is awesome!  We pulled over at a truck stop and had lunch, enjoying the swaying of the camper.. from the winds on the interstate...pulled into Williams, AZ about 1545..got out and it starts hailing, looks like snow balls like we get in Yerington!  Cold and windy...we registered at the rv park here and looked like idiots in our shorts and t shirts...turned out we weren't alone as our neighbor says.."obviously you came from someplace warm today"...and Ken said "Yep felt like an idiot checking in"  the guy next door said "well u weren't the only one" as he was in shorts and t shirt too!! Just the way it goes with the weather. 

Did a couple of loads of laundry...Ken was going to bar b q...but weather was too bad...so we'll head out tomorrow and see what happens...

Cheryl called and said there were tornado warnings in Georgetown!!  Apparently there were warnings all about and the people in Rocklin were outside taking pictures...ok..."talk about idiots"...anyway hope all is good there!!

Today was a 200 mile day..so we'll see where tomorrow leads us!

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