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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Santa Rosa NM to Conchas Lake State Park NM and today we are in Amarillo, TX!

The Blue Hole was an amazing stop!  To think this hole sits in the middle of town and people from all over come to practice dive. If you have your equipment you can dive for $8.00.  There was rescue training going on when we arrived.  Ken didn't see the sign so he was watching it and thought it was real..They were something else to watch!  Believe me I wouldn't have known it was a training exercise if I hadn't seen the sign..This group was from Colorado.  
There were probably 50 people there between training and tourists.  

After visiting there we headed for Conchas Lake State Park.  Turns out it was another grueling day of driving..we made 60 miles.  The park is really nice, again $14.00 a night for electricity, water and showers!  We got there and had a late lunch and then took a walk around the campgrounds.  There were only us, 1 other trailer and a couple of game wardens and a camp host there this time of year.  It's a beautiful lake, hard to get down to but with a boat it would b a great way to spend a day or two.  Spent the afternoon in our chairs outside as it was so nice. Shorts and all!  

Got up early this morning, we had no phone or internet service so I only had the time on my kindle so we really didn't know what time it was but we were on the road a 0910...heading for Amarillo, TX...

We're here now at an rv park we've stayed before.  $30.00 for the night, but at the koa down the road it was $40.00 so we're so happy to have saved $10.00 we're gonna stay another night.  We went to the Texan Steak house for lunch today and tomorrow we're going to visit another one that was on one of the food shows.  A couple of other things we might visit a cowboy boot store that seems to b really popular around here...It is sooooo windy, Ken's glad not to be driving in this wind.  Temps are warm! Love it...

Since we drove 160 miles today..we need a break..so that's another reason we're staying another night...we are getting there Don! So many people love your car..it's funny going down the road and watching people look at the barracuda! 

Ken at the top of the Blue Hole

Divers in the hole


Those are bubbles of divers in the water...

So clear

another view

Looking into the water...I read there used to b cave openings
down there but because of the death of two divers they sealed
them off..

Divers and equipment

Another little lake not too far from the Blue Hole
in the distance it appears that they have lifeguards
in the summer and a water slide!

Just liked this saying next to the lake

On the way to Conchas Lake State Park

A view of the campground with its shelters..

A view from below

Firepit and a view

My hubby!

Our site

Our beautiful sunset last night!

An abandoned farmhouse  :(

The brewery menu at the Big Texan...this is new since we last
visited..Russell and Eric we kind of plan on coming
this way on the way home..and will pick up a few bottles for u!

Our site at the rv park in Amarillo

Look at the trees and see the wind...

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