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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I stayed at camp and Ken headed up on a few trails!

Visitor Center

Cactus garden near the visitor center

love the cactus
My adorable hubby!

Ken's view from the top of the mountain!

Another view from the trail!

From our campsite!
Ken talking to his mom!

High and proud from our campsite!


We woke up at about 0700 or later (can't really tell)...took a campground walk..had a nice lunch here..and then Ken decided to hike up the mountain trail...too hot for me!  So I enjoyed my kindle and he went on a hike..great afternoon..nice breeze!  Just an awesome day!  When he came back we took another walk around the campsite checking out who checked in this afternoon!   The boats, jet skis, canoes etc were awesome to watch today in the river! Love this place!  Hate leaving tomorrow but we gotta head east!  We'll be back!!

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