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Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 4 and 5...Parker for the 2nd night and now we're at Buckskin MTN State Park...

Sunday, took a little drive into Parker Az and got some propane, couple of groceries etc.  We drove to Buckskin Mtn. State Park about 4 miles from where we had been camped for the 2 days.  Buckskin MTN is a beautiful campground RIGHT on the river so we reserved for 2 days..We'll leave here on Wednesday and try to make a little time.  

Yesterday we found a little picnic area not far from the campground and had a nice lunch down by the river..watching the boats go up and down...it was probably 88 degrees or so...awesome! 

Went back to camp and headed to the Roadrunner mainly to people watch and boat watch!  Had a nice time then back to camp so Ken could cook up a veggie burger for me and some chicken thighs for him!  

Even though it's warm during the day, it cools off nicely at night!  

Today, we're here enjoying our campground, right on the river, a nice breeze blowing through the huge tree over our heads!  the river is just incredibly beautiful, and the rock mountain directly across from us has a beautiful American Flag blowing in the breeze the someone had quite a trip to get up there and plant!  But we are sure enjoying watching it blow in the breeze!  Incredible! 

Last night we talked to Al and Irene and made plans to visit them in on TX on April 19 (Eric's 39th Birthday)...so those are the only plans written in stone at this point...that will b on the way home..as we have to get home to water.  

Cheryl had called an said that Adam has a 4.0 grade average on his progress report this quarter!  Awesome! Way to go Adam!!

I will post pics later today...so please check back.

Well I tried to post pics,,,but wayyyyyy tooooo slow..so as soon as I can i will post pics...I see alot of people at the covered patio so I may try that tomorrow..bummer!
Ken trying to text from our free lunch spot

Looking at CA from lunch
Ken at the Roadrunner 

I am such a princess..Ken set this up for me to keep me cool!

looking from our campsite at Buckskin Mt. State park AZ

Sunset from our campsite!

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