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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wow how quickly time flies!

Good Morning!  Can't believe it's Sunday the 30th of April already!  Time is just moving way too fast! Figured I'd better update, or i'll forget what we've done..not much but I like to remember.

We returned the beadboard the other day at Lowe's in Carson City.  First off was a trip to Walmart and some groceries.  Then on to Best Buy and Ken got his ASUS fixed.  Thank goodness for the two year warranty we bought because I hate to think what we would have paid to have the (piece of crap) fixed.  The guy at Geek Squad had quite a time but it's fixed (for now) anyway.  Guess you can tell I really love that thing.  Been nothing but frustrating ever since we purchased it.  That's why I have my Mac now.  Ken got tired of me yelling and screaming at the ASUS every time I turned it on.  

While at Best Buy we looked at cameras and settled on one.  I haven't had time to play with it, but seems like a good one..it's a Nikon Cool Pix B500.  So we'll see.  Hoping it'll be good for the graduation and parties coming up shortly.  

I've worked on putting the spare room back together slowly.  It's looking good.  

While we were out we looked at an antique store for a dresser, but nothing.  I'm not going to be in a hurry so we put the other one back in temporarily. 

We had a late lunch in Carson City at a place our neighbor recommended. Their hot and sour soup was excellent!  Then home! Another day bites the dust! 

Yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen.  Decided to make zucchini bread (as of this morning i'm wondering why?)..texture good, flavor bland.  I used applesauce instead of sugar and that's probably why not much flavor..but oh well.  Had some stuffed bell peppers for dinner last night, haven't made them in years.  

A little too much back porch sittin last night.  Sure was pretty though.  

This morning we're going out to breakfast with our neighbor Joe and family.  Hopefully I can be good and stay away from the biscuits and gravy! 

Got out our old sewing machine we've been storing for four years
glad we hung onto it!  

Needed some TLC but it looks so good now

Now it's got a home!

Yerington now has it's own gun shop..we went to the Grand Opening yesterday.  It's small but has some good things.  Wish them the best in this little town. 
This pic popped up on FB..three years ago since Steve and Russell jumped out
of a perfectly good airplane!

Russell and Lori enjoying a few beers in Oakland
this weekend.  They are there with their boys for
what else?  BASKETBALL!

Adam and Catlin at the prom last weekend

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Working at home.. Happy 44th Birthday Bryan!

We've been working on the spare (kids) room for the last few days.  Ken decided to move the treadmill to the garage for the time being.  The room is just too cute to have the thing in the middle of it. I'm glad he was the one who decided it needed to be moved! (Yay!)  We do use it here so hopefully we'll come up with a better solution before winter.  That garage would be really cold in the mornings.  So we'll look into another building of some sort, but not as cute as the bunkhouse...hhaha.   

So we got it painted, beadboard up and painted, trim on top and bottom.  Ken put together the bed yesterday and we got it moved in.  I had ordered a new bedspread set that I really like.  Only problem, I ordered a full size because I like them to hang to the floor and twin is usually short.  Well, this is oversized to say the least, so send it back?  Nah, I think i'll order another one and put this out in the KOMFORT fifth wheel.   I've been wanting to get out there and make it prettier for people to stay in. 

Now with the new bed, I ordered this one because it said you could have a trundle underneath, but after getting it together unless you put the middle supports in, you could probably sleep a five year old on it without them. My boys it's not gonna work.  So i'll have to work on the problem.  I love the way the room has turned out! Such a different look then before.  Kinda has grandma look to it, but I have to remember there will be boys in there..for a least the next few years, so can't girly it up too much.  Hoping to get a small antique dresser in there sometime soon.  It's funny, but in this small little room there are 3 different ways we can move the bed.  Most of our other rooms even though larger (well, that's an understatement) furniture can only really be placed one way to be functional.  That's ok though..I just change bedspreads for a new look...:)

Today (Thursday) we're going to get our old singer sewing machine and cabinet cleaned up and in there to hold the tv. 

Yesterday, the 26th was our oldest son's Birthday.  Happy 44th Birthday Bryan!  Love you and the man you have become!  Cheryl made him a from scratch carrot cake.  Yum.. Hard to believe that's it been 44 years since he was born. That memory always reminds me of being out at our Pershing Ave house looking at it for the first time.  Not feeling real good and going back to mom's house waiting for Ken to pick me up after work.  Then it's decided to go see if I'm in labor (after all what do I know)?   Sure enough just a couple of hours later at 1850 all 7lbs 1/2 oz baby Bryan makes an appearance!  First grandchild, needless to say he was everyones  pride and joy!  Love you Bryan!! 
Ken, Bryan and me..44years ago..Montara CA
visiting Ken's dad..Bryan was 2 months old..:)
Bryan's made from scratch carrot cake! 

These are 2 years old..but he still looks the same! 

Today we're home and tomorrow we'll head for Carson City to return one piece of beadboard we didn't use.  We'd hang on to it but don't think we'd use it again.  While we're out we'll look for a new camera for me.  My cheap old one (well not that old) bit the dust while we were on vacation and I've been using my phone for pictures, which is fine except i haven't figured out to download directly from the phone to my Mac.  So we're going to look for one that will work that way.  We'll see.  Probably Best Buy, even though they're the ones that sold us the ASUS computer they do seem pretty knowledgeable..at least more so than Walmart.  

And how could I forget this!  Ken moved a couple pieces of wood yesterday and this is what he found!  

Over 21/2  inch scorpion! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

To California and home again!

Woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) early about 0415..blog reading and coffees then we got ready to head to CA.  We left here about 0630 but when we got just across Highway 95 I remembered I forgot the birthday cards for Adam and Bryan so we turned around.  Luckily we were less than a mile from home.

Got them and headed back out.  I had made Ken an egg sandwich for the road and I had some grilled veggies with egg beaters.  We had a beautiful ride along I80 and then met up with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam at Brookfields for lunch at 1130.  Adam said he had a wonderful time at the prom. After lunch we headed for a visit with Grandma in Carmichael.  After that we headed up the hill to spend the night at Bryan's house. 

Adam had to work at 1500 so we didn't see him until 2130 or so.  We had a really good visit, and Cheryl's sister Kim came and spent the night too.  

This morning we got up and visited a bit, Cheryl had to go to work, Kim went home and i made pancakes for Adam :))  We got ready and headed out around 0900 or so.  Drove to Gardnerville and some shopping at Walmart and then of course we couldn't leave without our fix at Carson Valley Inn..yummy!  On the way home saw the remnants of a horrific crash between a car and a big rig..guess who won?  Apparently the car was headed northbound, decided to pass a car and ran into a southbound semi truck.  Of course if the car would not have passed on a double yellow line he probably still would be alive.  Don't get why people are in such a big hurry we see it all the time.  That stretch of road is only a 55 mile per hour road, but nobody goes anywhere that speed..too bad..1 person dead and a really messed up semi in the front end.  

So now we're home, too beat to do anything.  Tomorrow we'll start on the spare room again!  

The room we're redoing..

Adam ready for the prom..in Elk Grove
Dinner and Limo still to come..

Adam and his date Caitlin..cute couple
Lucy on the left who's depressed because Cheryl went to work..
Raider on the right who's depressed because Adam went to school..

Aaron, top row second from the right! Champions once again!
Russell's family was in San Rafael this weekend for YBA Championship Basketball..
Love this picture of Aaron..so deep in thought..

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Work on the kids room and Happy 18th Birthday Adam!

Friday April 21st...Happy Birthday to our oldest Grandson, Adam!  I still can't believe you are 18 and about to graduate from High School!  How did that happen?  Seems like it was just a few years ago you were born and then we were heading to Mule Days every year in Bishop!  Well, life moves on and quite the young man you are!  New adventures daily it seems in your life.  His mom said he checked himself out of school early yesterday, and then bought his first lottery tickets..because he's 18.  Then he went to work yesterday evening..welcome to adulthood Adam! Love you bunches!  

Yesterday, we got started on the spare (kids) room.  We cleaned out all the stuff, except the treadmill and got started.  Unfortunately we have to work around the treadmill as that room is the only one it will fit through the door.  If you remember when we first bought the bunkhouse we thought we'd fix that up to put the treadmill in, but it was too cute to mess it up with a treadmill. I spackled the walls and Ken cut the beadboard and got it tacked up on the walls.  I thought i'd have time to paint the green, but that didn't happen.  I worked on the rocking chair and got it finished.  Looks pretty good, but I told Ken it seems the older I get the more I don't just do things the way I used to.  Guess that means I'm getting smarter in my old age ha.  The last time I covered it, I just went with it and it turned out really well.  This time, I worried that I might cut the material wrong, or too much or not enough.  Either way it turned out just fine.  So for less than $3.00 we have a new, old chair.  Good for another 15 years or so!  

So this morning after Pioneer Woman we'll get started and hopefully get some of the painting done.  Tomorrow we'll head for CA and celebrate Adam's birthday with his mom and dad.  We'll be back on Monday.  

The bed frame I ordered came yesterday, thinking I'm really going to like it.  I ordered a new comforter set which I'm sure I'm gonna love.  So glad I have a hubby who can do the work, when I come up with the jobs for him to do..haha..

Looks like a beautiful day here in Yerington about 70 degrees. So i'm going to get on with it! 

Eric sent this picture last night of their kitchen.  The trim looks beautiful! That kid is so talented! 

Eric did the trim yesterday..He used 1x3 and rounded the edges
with a router!  Love, Love it!!

Our Niece Tara posted this yesterday on FB..Sweet Pea and Heidi..
Heidi will be 14 next month and here she looks like a puppy!
So cute!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Eric!

Ken, Aaron, Mason and Jacob
taken the day I took them home..

Tuesday we ended up heading for Fallon and a trip to Walmart to get a few things..Well, you know how that goes!  Ken ran to US Bank to put some money in his account. 

After that we headed over to Fernley and Lowe's.  Didn't come out of there with anything but we know what we want for the kids bedroom and brought home samples for paint for the porch. So now we've got projects to keep us busy haha..

It was just about 1300 hrs so we headed over to Pioneer Crossing and their 1 trip salad bar. Yum! 

Headed home and did a few things.  Enchiladas for dinner and a good night.  
Lake Lahontan ready to come over the top of the road
Never seen it this close!

Looking at the lake coming into Silver Springs from Fernley...

Yesterday I got to stay home all day which was nice.  The weather was good so Ken worked on getting a trailer ready to go pick up lumber and paint this morning.  

I started a project of a rocking chair yesterday..we bought material to reupholster it several months ago and I decided to get started yesterday.  We bought the chair in San Diego when Russell was stationed there so we're talking about 20 years ago now.  Sentimental so we can't get rid of it haha..
I took the top layer off before I thought to take a pic..it's been recovered

Here's w the original layer I covered

Just showing what a difference a coat of oil makes..

Done oiling, ready to get a new look..
The boys room, ready for a new look...

Yesterday our middle son Eric turned 42 years old!  So hard to believe as I remember having him like it was yesterday.  We had friends over and I was a week late with him..we'd been to the hospital a few times with false labor so I didn't say anything..about midnight I told Ken and we called my mom and dad so we could drop off Bryan.  At 3:48 I gave birth to this handsome (of course) 9lb 4 1/2 ounce baby boy!   Now he's 42.  :)  Love you Eric!  

The top pic is 3 years ago..bottom last night..
You can sure see how the boys have changed..Eric not at all
When we talked to him last night..he was sealing
the tile..

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Not much going on..

Easter Sunday enchiladas were delicious if I do say so myself.  Just enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. 

Yesterday we were home all day and Ken worked on moving the tractor to where he wanted it.  Then of course, he found other things to keep him busy.  

I worked in the blue guest room most of the day.  Seems it's one of those rooms that I just put things in when I don't know where to put things..hahah..I cleaned the closet and it's storage closet.  I had a bunch of stuff from Christmas in there so now i don't.  Took sleeping bags and stuff to the Comfort and some blankets to the bunkhouse chest.  All in all it looks so much better..not that you could tell it was messy till you opened the closet.  

I've kind of made the decision it's time to do something different with the boys room. Basically I (we, Ken) will be putting up some new (undecided) wall covering on the lower third or so of the walls.  I want to trade out the sleeping chairs in there for a single bed w a trundle or mattress underneath.  At this point only 2 of the boys stay in the room anyway and we do have sleeping quarters in the Comfort and bunkhouse so we really don't need 3 areas in that little room.  Because they're getting so tall they need something bigger anyway. I called the antique store we like in Fallon to see if they had any metal framed beds but the one they have is too expensive and painted white..don't think that'll work for my boys.  So it'll be a work in process, but I'm excited  to get Ken going on it...

Eric worked hard on their kitchen and it's turning out beautifully.  

This is what it looked like 2 years ago..
The new kitchen sink getting ready to be put in


It looks so awesome!

I know he's not quite done with grouting, so Christina said he's taking today off too to finish.  

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fishing..... and the grandkids are back home

Friday morning after breakfast we headed over to Topaz Lake for a bar b q and fishing.  Had a lovely drive and then the boys got their poles and went fishing..for a bit.  Jacob was the one who fished the most, the other boys seemed to enjoy the rock climbing.  Before we knew it lunchtime.  Ken cooked some awesome hot dogs and hot links..easy but delicious.  Pretty much after a bit of rock throwing we loaded up and came home.  Guess when fish aren't biting, not much patience for fishing.  
Hard to see but Aaron and Mason are on top of the hill..



We were making home made pizza for dinner.  The boys wanted meat lovers, Ken had oyster, mushrooms and olives..I had veggie on my part.  I was going to buy the ready made crust, but at Scolari's it was $8.00 for 2...really?  The same ones are $3.48 at Walmart.  I bought pizza dough in a can ...warning..don't do it!!  It was rubber and ridiculous..threw them both out after some cussing and yelling haha..Ken did some of that too, as he was trying to get it to fit the pan.  Then I  just made the dough from scratch, should have done that in the first place.  Kitchen was a disaster as flour went flying everywhere.  Apparently my hand mixer is wearing out too (like my blender from the other day)..mixer seems to only have one speed, extra fast!  

We made up the pizzas and then out to the garage for some ping pong playing! Jacob's still the champ!  No one could beat him!  

After that we went to the bunkhouse where the door is from Rockwell Rd where we lived in North Highlands.  Did some measuring of the grandkids ::))

Time for pizza!  I have to say it was a hit! 

Ice cream and cookies for dessert (I wanted them gone, so I don't eat them..haha).  They did a good job finishing them off! 

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I got them up about 0700 and we got out of here around 0830 or so.  Headed to Russell's place in Antelope, CA and caught them cleaning out the garden area.  Had a nice chat for about half an hour or so. Both Russell and Lori start new jobs Monday.  Lori is headed to Asset Management downtown, still part of the Sheriff's Department but will definitely have more room for promotion.  Russell is taking a temporary position at Fulton Ave Department of Human Assistance.  They have had rent a cops for 6 years or so and now they contracted with the Sheriff's Department as there are constant problems there.  They asked Russell and a couple of others to go over there and clean the place up.  Russell loves his job and team at 28th St. so he doesn't want permanent there.  He said if they ever get the contract back at the Watt Ave DHS he would take that, mainly for the commute, but hasn't happened yet.  

Mason and I headed up the hill to his house and caught Eric and Christina with the kitchen torn apart.  They are putting in tile and a new sink.  They had redone the cabinets and flooring not quite 2 years ago.  Eric said they better get this done before they end up having to do the whole thing again.  It's going to look awesome!  Eric really has the talent like his Dad to get in there and make it happen. Eric turns 42 on the 19th so I took him his card yesterday.  He's working on the 61 Impala so he's easy. $$  
The kitchen before...
That's the tile for the backsplash

Kitchen tile..can't wait to see it grouted!

After chit chatting a while, I headed home and think I got here around 1730 or so.  Ken and I caught up on the day and then we saw our neighbor Joe and family were outside so we headed over there for a bit.  He had made a quick fire pit and had a nice fire going.  

Sure is quiet without the boys..:(  Before we know it Summer vacation will be here so hoping to have them then. 

Here it is Easter Sunday so hard to believe.  I remember way back when, today we'd be coming home from Dillon's Beach.  We'd take showers and head for my mom's house for Easter Dinner, whether it'd be a roast, bar b q or ham.  All we'd have to do is show up and eat!  Those were the good ol days..sure miss them!  

I'm making enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner, not traditional but again...nothing traditional about today...

Seth gets in this evening from his trip to DC and New York. They have packed in a ton of things. Really glad he got to go.  


Seth at Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

New York City at night from the Empire State Building

Seth touched a bulls nutsack for good luck
Wall Street


Christina (left) and friends went to the  Giants game..

No matter how you celebrate...Have a wonderful day...