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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Milstate State Park to Fillmore, UT

Well, we thought we were doing good this morning..1100 when we left..Really?!..Yep..We drove on and just enjoyed the drive! So beautiful!!
Leaving Milstate State Park, Ferron, UT

We left Ferron, UT and drove the 26 miles back to I 70 W towards Salina, UT where we got fuel.  Then got back on I 70 towards Richfield, UT where we found a Walmart (well the little gal on the phone found it for us). The Money Pit needed a little oil and we needed a few things from the grocery section. He stood in line to pay and I headed to the camper to get a salad going for us for lunch.  Interesting, we both noticed that there were a lot of families going into Walmart and it seemed each family had 3 or 4 or more children. We are in Utah though, but it was kind of nice to see actually.  We also had 4 or 5 people stop to ask about the tractor. It certainly is a conversation piece that's for sure!  

So, we left Walmart and are driving on I 70 and I look at the map and see we're not going where we wanted to go..oh oh..we should have followed Highway 50 out of Salina but instead we were set on Richfield for some reason..oh well, it was a little further but we stayed on I 70 until it met I 15 and then we headed North.  Gotta say though that was one beautiful drive!  

I found a Passport America campground that we had stayed before in Fillmore, UT so we pulled in here at about 1600 or so.  $18.00 for a full hookup spot..not bad.  

I usually like to put the pics in some sort of order, but this morning they are all coming up any which way so I'm just going to let them do their thing..
I 15 north

I 70

I 70..out of Richfield..Look like little hoodoos in Bryce
or Cathedral Gorge

Near Salina, UT

I 15

I love watching the scenery change.  On one freeway you've got these incredible mountains going from gigantic and snow covered to farm fields and animals..it's all something special in itself.  I love Utah!! 

Well, our trip is almost over.  We plan on spending tonight at Cave Lake State Park near Ely, NV.  We've stayed a few times and love it there.  I don't think there's service so there won't be a post until we hit Winnemucca.  We plan on being home on Wednesday.  

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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