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Monday, April 3, 2017

Fillmore, UT to Cave Lake State Park NV to Winnemucca, NV

Just as I suspected there was no service last night at Cave Lake State Park NV so I'm going to catch up the last two days (I hope)..

We left Fillmore pretty early for us I think it was around 0830 or so.  Had a beautiful drive following Highway 50.  We soon hit the small town of Delta, UT which is really cute. Seems to be growing even though it sits in the middle of nowhere. 
Delta UT

After that town you're pretty much alone out there with just the beauty to mesmerize you for hours.  Hardly any traffic which is always nice.  

Eventually you come over the hill and there's the beauty of the Nevada mountains and Great Basin National Park.  
Still in UT but seeing NV in the distance

Wheeler Peak and Great Basin National Park.  

Highway 50 between Delta UT and Nevada

Such a beautiful area! Highway 50 between Delta UT and NV

The mountains in the distance

Once we hit there it's not too far to Cave Lake which is just this side of Ely, NV.  We got there just about 1200 Nevada time.  Our tummies were still on Utah time so Ken asked me if I wanted to go to town and get Mexican food.  Well, I love Mexican food but turned it down as I knew we were going out this morning for breakfast before we left.  I made us some of the hummus veggie wraps and they were awesome! Not only that, it was really nice at the lake.  

When we got there we saw they had the upper loop of the campground closed but we were the only ones there when we arrived.  A little later 2 young guys came in to do a little tent camping.  They're tougher than us!  

We took a couple of walks to the lake, so pretty!  They stock it with trout and German Brown are native to the lake and surrounding streams.  I'm hoping we can bring some of the grandsons back in the summer. Grandson Jacob is pretty well into fishing (or he was a few months back).  We'll see next week hoping to take the boys fisher near Walker River.  
Cave Lake, NV

The view from the campground

Our Little Red Campfire

Ken bar b q ed some pork for dinner and it was awesome.  We had the little red campfire going for quite awhile but then it got too cold even with that. So in we came.  So glad we got the new battery the heater came on several times last night and the battery still said good this morning!  

We set the alarm for 0530 this am, had our coffees, no computing :( and got ourselves ready to go to breakfast.  We headed to Margaritas in the Prospector Hotel.  We've eaten there before and it's so good.  Really wish I'd taken pictures of our breakfast, but by the time it came we just dug in.  They've got hash browns called Margarita Potatoes, hash browns, green pepper, red pepper, onion and cheese..oh yum!! Ken had chicken fried steak and he got two really good tasting steaks!  I had the senior (yes I know) omelette and it was so tasty too!

Got out of there about 0930 all fueled up..us and the truck.  A beautiful drive from Ely, NV to Austin, NV.  Right out of Ely it started snowing not bad but between that and the wind it was enough to slow us down quite a bit.  Again hardly any traffic and so that was nice.  

Right out of Austin we took a right and headed towards Battle Mountain, NV and I80.  We had 90 miles of a great drive again with no one hardly on the roads.  

Austin, NV..guess we know who they voted for
Heading towards our turn off

Got more fuel in Battle Mountain and then we had about 55 miles to Winnemucca.  Here we are in the New Frontier RV Park staying for 2 nights and we'll be home on Wednesday.  Still winter rates with Passport America so $21.00 for 2 nights and full hookups.  

Battle Mountain NV

Near Golconda Summit on I 80..
Tomorrow we'll pick up taxes and do some running around.  Our neighbor from Yerington is working in Winnemucca so we'll meet him tomorrow night for dinner and get caught up on all the gossip we've missed hahah...

Wine time!!

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