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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fishing..... and the grandkids are back home

Friday morning after breakfast we headed over to Topaz Lake for a bar b q and fishing.  Had a lovely drive and then the boys got their poles and went fishing..for a bit.  Jacob was the one who fished the most, the other boys seemed to enjoy the rock climbing.  Before we knew it lunchtime.  Ken cooked some awesome hot dogs and hot links..easy but delicious.  Pretty much after a bit of rock throwing we loaded up and came home.  Guess when fish aren't biting, not much patience for fishing.  
Hard to see but Aaron and Mason are on top of the hill..



We were making home made pizza for dinner.  The boys wanted meat lovers, Ken had oyster, mushrooms and olives..I had veggie on my part.  I was going to buy the ready made crust, but at Scolari's it was $8.00 for 2...really?  The same ones are $3.48 at Walmart.  I bought pizza dough in a can ...warning..don't do it!!  It was rubber and ridiculous..threw them both out after some cussing and yelling haha..Ken did some of that too, as he was trying to get it to fit the pan.  Then I  just made the dough from scratch, should have done that in the first place.  Kitchen was a disaster as flour went flying everywhere.  Apparently my hand mixer is wearing out too (like my blender from the other day)..mixer seems to only have one speed, extra fast!  

We made up the pizzas and then out to the garage for some ping pong playing! Jacob's still the champ!  No one could beat him!  

After that we went to the bunkhouse where the door is from Rockwell Rd where we lived in North Highlands.  Did some measuring of the grandkids ::))

Time for pizza!  I have to say it was a hit! 

Ice cream and cookies for dessert (I wanted them gone, so I don't eat them..haha).  They did a good job finishing them off! 

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I got them up about 0700 and we got out of here around 0830 or so.  Headed to Russell's place in Antelope, CA and caught them cleaning out the garden area.  Had a nice chat for about half an hour or so. Both Russell and Lori start new jobs Monday.  Lori is headed to Asset Management downtown, still part of the Sheriff's Department but will definitely have more room for promotion.  Russell is taking a temporary position at Fulton Ave Department of Human Assistance.  They have had rent a cops for 6 years or so and now they contracted with the Sheriff's Department as there are constant problems there.  They asked Russell and a couple of others to go over there and clean the place up.  Russell loves his job and team at 28th St. so he doesn't want permanent there.  He said if they ever get the contract back at the Watt Ave DHS he would take that, mainly for the commute, but hasn't happened yet.  

Mason and I headed up the hill to his house and caught Eric and Christina with the kitchen torn apart.  They are putting in tile and a new sink.  They had redone the cabinets and flooring not quite 2 years ago.  Eric said they better get this done before they end up having to do the whole thing again.  It's going to look awesome!  Eric really has the talent like his Dad to get in there and make it happen. Eric turns 42 on the 19th so I took him his card yesterday.  He's working on the 61 Impala so he's easy. $$  
The kitchen before...
That's the tile for the backsplash

Kitchen tile..can't wait to see it grouted!

After chit chatting a while, I headed home and think I got here around 1730 or so.  Ken and I caught up on the day and then we saw our neighbor Joe and family were outside so we headed over there for a bit.  He had made a quick fire pit and had a nice fire going.  

Sure is quiet without the boys..:(  Before we know it Summer vacation will be here so hoping to have them then. 

Here it is Easter Sunday so hard to believe.  I remember way back when, today we'd be coming home from Dillon's Beach.  We'd take showers and head for my mom's house for Easter Dinner, whether it'd be a roast, bar b q or ham.  All we'd have to do is show up and eat!  Those were the good ol days..sure miss them!  

I'm making enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner, not traditional but again...nothing traditional about today...

Seth gets in this evening from his trip to DC and New York. They have packed in a ton of things. Really glad he got to go.  


Seth at Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

New York City at night from the Empire State Building

Seth touched a bulls nutsack for good luck
Wall Street


Christina (left) and friends went to the  Giants game..

No matter how you celebrate...Have a wonderful day...

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