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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sand Mountain and a drive to Topaz Lake...

Wednesday morning we got up early got our computing and coffees done..about 0700 I woke the kids for breakfast.  Ken left about 0730 or so and I fed the kids.  We were leaving about a half hour later than Ken.  Kids wanted their daddy's breakfast burritos so I tried to copy.  I had frozen strawberries and other fruit so made up fruit smoothies for them.  I burned up my blender in the process..but it's probably over 25 years old..so not surprising.  

After breakfast we loaded up and headed for the mountain.  Jacob and Aaron haven't ridden quads for quite a few years, but you'd never know it!  No fear Kays the 3 boys.  Ken had originally said he wasn't going to let the 3 ride by themselves which would have always left one boy back at camp.  He then realized they are 15 1/2 ..and 12..as long as they followed his rules then why not let them ride?!  And ride they did..

They had a couple of oopsies ..getting stuck in the sand.  We had sand tires for the 400 and probably should have put them on.  We watched them figure out how to get unstuck a couple of times.  They are so grown up!  Mason started out on the 400 and did really well with the clutch.  After the second time of getting stuck he was pretty much done and came back on Ken's quad.  

Mason and Jacob..off they go!!



Relaxing waiting for lunch



They came in a few times so we knew where they were and they always stuck together.  About 1230 or so we headed over to where the cabover was parked and he started to bar b que some hot dogs and hot links.  Kids enjoyed and so did we.  After lunch Jacob and Aaron headed back out for a bit.  Mason was done so he stayed with us.  A while later Ken decided to head out and meet up with Jacob and Aaron, by the time he did his hernia was hurting bad enough he told them to head back and he'd meet back at camp. Darn thing..life is so busy, but he's got to take time to get this fixed.  


I headed back home with the kids and he came about 1/2 later after getting quads tied down and secured.  I  think everyone was pretty whipped after this day.  A beautiful day at Sand Mountain about 75 degrees! Perfect weather!  We enjoyed watching all the rigs coming in before we were leaving..really took us back to the days when we all would do this Easter week.  

This morning (Thursday) it was pancakes all the way around.  We just kind of hung out at home as the weather was windy and cold.  After lunch, Ken, Jacob and I headed out to take a look at Topaz Lake for fishing tomorrow.  It's only about 50 min away and it was a nice drive.  Aaron and Mason didn't want to go so we left them with instructions and watching tv when we left.  Found where we want to go and then turned around and came home. 
On the way to Topaz Lake

The Lake..

Jacob wasn't here last time the other boys were, so he had never been up to the BLM land to ride. Ken and him took off for about an hour and half ride after we got home.  

I got stuff ready for dinner and then we headed to the garage for more championship Ping Pong..well guess who's still the champ?! Jacob, that kid is good.. about 2000 we came in for some chicken, mac and cheese, (for the kids)..grilled veggies and potato salad.  Then the kids had ice cream..truly Phillips genes in all these boys!  They love their ice cream!! :)

Tomorrow we hope to get out of here between 0900 and 0930 and head for the lake.  Ken's planning on bar b q ing some hot dogs and hot links again and then homemade pizza for dinner..then the next morning time for the kids to head home :(
We saw Eric and Chris are in Reno for the night so good for them! 

Bryan had a dead bug tree cut down in Georgetown last week and sent these pics.. 

Our moon last week..

Christina sent these pics of Seth's trip so far to Washington DC and New York City..looks like so much fun!

Seth on the right

Hard to see..but the Washington Monument all lit up..

Don sent this one from TN reminding us what we're missing...so beautiful!

The back deck! Perfect Happy Hour place!

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