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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Not much going on..

Easter Sunday enchiladas were delicious if I do say so myself.  Just enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. 

Yesterday we were home all day and Ken worked on moving the tractor to where he wanted it.  Then of course, he found other things to keep him busy.  

I worked in the blue guest room most of the day.  Seems it's one of those rooms that I just put things in when I don't know where to put things..hahah..I cleaned the closet and it's storage closet.  I had a bunch of stuff from Christmas in there so now i don't.  Took sleeping bags and stuff to the Comfort and some blankets to the bunkhouse chest.  All in all it looks so much better..not that you could tell it was messy till you opened the closet.  

I've kind of made the decision it's time to do something different with the boys room. Basically I (we, Ken) will be putting up some new (undecided) wall covering on the lower third or so of the walls.  I want to trade out the sleeping chairs in there for a single bed w a trundle or mattress underneath.  At this point only 2 of the boys stay in the room anyway and we do have sleeping quarters in the Comfort and bunkhouse so we really don't need 3 areas in that little room.  Because they're getting so tall they need something bigger anyway. I called the antique store we like in Fallon to see if they had any metal framed beds but the one they have is too expensive and painted white..don't think that'll work for my boys.  So it'll be a work in process, but I'm excited  to get Ken going on it...

Eric worked hard on their kitchen and it's turning out beautifully.  

This is what it looked like 2 years ago..
The new kitchen sink getting ready to be put in


It looks so awesome!

I know he's not quite done with grouting, so Christina said he's taking today off too to finish.  

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