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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Gardnerville NV and getting the tractor off the trailer..

We left here about 1030 or so yesterday to head for Walmart and some grocery shopping for the grandkids.  It was cold and rainy but what the heck?

On the way we were really surprised at how fast and high the Walker River was running through Wilson Canyon.  Usually it's just small and nice running.  We turned off the highway right near there as there's a dirt road and some atv hills there.  We thought we'd check them out in case we wanted to bring the kids here next week to ride the atvs.  It's a dirt road with some gravel on it so we figured we be fine in the two wheel drive Patriot.  Of course we have four 4 wheel drive vehicles at home but we brought the only two wheel drive vehicle we have. Hahah..Ken was driving slow but it was so slippery we didn't get too far before we thought we'd get stuck.  So he was able to get it turned around and off we went.  Honestly the hills are too much..maybe the kids would disagree but there's some good razorbacks up there and we don't want to end up at a hospital with them.  We do have the BLM riding by the house so that'll have to work for this trip. 
Wilson Canyon and Walker River

This is where we almost got stuck..

The road to atv hills

The beautiful Walker River ..across the way is the hills

Headed to Walmart, Raleys and then before you know it it's 1300..hmmm where should we go?  Carson Valley Inn won out (shocking I know).  After a delicious lunch we headed home.  We did stop near Walker River Resort where we used to go riding years ago and look at some of the fishing area there. No we didn't like it  so we'll figure something out.  
From the Walmart Parkinglot..

Downtown Minden..

Got groceries put away and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Had tacos for dinner and then called it a night. 

This morning (Saturday) had our coffees and computing, watched Pioneer Woman and got the day started.  I made some black eyed peas and ham. I had a ham bone that was frozen from the last ham we had so stuck it all in the crockpot and it should be a good dinner.  

Ken worked outside on firewood and then on getting the tractor off the trailer near the spot that we want it.  I baked a lot of the day (Grandkids will be here Monday) and I wanted to take a little over to my big boys.  I actually baked a banana bread and remembered to add the egg..so we'll see in the morning how it tastes..haha

The tractor coming off near where we want it..come along used
it's a slow process..

Rolled off the trailer..

The truck and come along did it..tomorrow finishing touches!
We did talk last night about taking the kids to Topaz Lake one day next week for fishing.  So hopefully the weather cooperates..

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