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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wow how quickly time flies!

Good Morning!  Can't believe it's Sunday the 30th of April already!  Time is just moving way too fast! Figured I'd better update, or i'll forget what we've done..not much but I like to remember.

We returned the beadboard the other day at Lowe's in Carson City.  First off was a trip to Walmart and some groceries.  Then on to Best Buy and Ken got his ASUS fixed.  Thank goodness for the two year warranty we bought because I hate to think what we would have paid to have the (piece of crap) fixed.  The guy at Geek Squad had quite a time but it's fixed (for now) anyway.  Guess you can tell I really love that thing.  Been nothing but frustrating ever since we purchased it.  That's why I have my Mac now.  Ken got tired of me yelling and screaming at the ASUS every time I turned it on.  

While at Best Buy we looked at cameras and settled on one.  I haven't had time to play with it, but seems like a good one..it's a Nikon Cool Pix B500.  So we'll see.  Hoping it'll be good for the graduation and parties coming up shortly.  

I've worked on putting the spare room back together slowly.  It's looking good.  

While we were out we looked at an antique store for a dresser, but nothing.  I'm not going to be in a hurry so we put the other one back in temporarily. 

We had a late lunch in Carson City at a place our neighbor recommended. Their hot and sour soup was excellent!  Then home! Another day bites the dust! 

Yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen.  Decided to make zucchini bread (as of this morning i'm wondering why?)..texture good, flavor bland.  I used applesauce instead of sugar and that's probably why not much flavor..but oh well.  Had some stuffed bell peppers for dinner last night, haven't made them in years.  

A little too much back porch sittin last night.  Sure was pretty though.  

This morning we're going out to breakfast with our neighbor Joe and family.  Hopefully I can be good and stay away from the biscuits and gravy! 

Got out our old sewing machine we've been storing for four years
glad we hung onto it!  

Needed some TLC but it looks so good now

Now it's got a home!

Yerington now has it's own gun shop..we went to the Grand Opening yesterday.  It's small but has some good things.  Wish them the best in this little town. 
This pic popped up on FB..three years ago since Steve and Russell jumped out
of a perfectly good airplane!

Russell and Lori enjoying a few beers in Oakland
this weekend.  They are there with their boys for
what else?  BASKETBALL!

Adam and Catlin at the prom last weekend

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