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Monday, April 24, 2017

To California and home again!

Woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) early about 0415..blog reading and coffees then we got ready to head to CA.  We left here about 0630 but when we got just across Highway 95 I remembered I forgot the birthday cards for Adam and Bryan so we turned around.  Luckily we were less than a mile from home.

Got them and headed back out.  I had made Ken an egg sandwich for the road and I had some grilled veggies with egg beaters.  We had a beautiful ride along I80 and then met up with Bryan, Cheryl and Adam at Brookfields for lunch at 1130.  Adam said he had a wonderful time at the prom. After lunch we headed for a visit with Grandma in Carmichael.  After that we headed up the hill to spend the night at Bryan's house. 

Adam had to work at 1500 so we didn't see him until 2130 or so.  We had a really good visit, and Cheryl's sister Kim came and spent the night too.  

This morning we got up and visited a bit, Cheryl had to go to work, Kim went home and i made pancakes for Adam :))  We got ready and headed out around 0900 or so.  Drove to Gardnerville and some shopping at Walmart and then of course we couldn't leave without our fix at Carson Valley Inn..yummy!  On the way home saw the remnants of a horrific crash between a car and a big rig..guess who won?  Apparently the car was headed northbound, decided to pass a car and ran into a southbound semi truck.  Of course if the car would not have passed on a double yellow line he probably still would be alive.  Don't get why people are in such a big hurry we see it all the time.  That stretch of road is only a 55 mile per hour road, but nobody goes anywhere that speed..too bad..1 person dead and a really messed up semi in the front end.  

So now we're home, too beat to do anything.  Tomorrow we'll start on the spare room again!  

The room we're redoing..

Adam ready for the prom..in Elk Grove
Dinner and Limo still to come..

Adam and his date Caitlin..cute couple
Lucy on the left who's depressed because Cheryl went to work..
Raider on the right who's depressed because Adam went to school..

Aaron, top row second from the right! Champions once again!
Russell's family was in San Rafael this weekend for YBA Championship Basketball..
Love this picture of Aaron..so deep in thought..

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