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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Working at home.. Happy 44th Birthday Bryan!

We've been working on the spare (kids) room for the last few days.  Ken decided to move the treadmill to the garage for the time being.  The room is just too cute to have the thing in the middle of it. I'm glad he was the one who decided it needed to be moved! (Yay!)  We do use it here so hopefully we'll come up with a better solution before winter.  That garage would be really cold in the mornings.  So we'll look into another building of some sort, but not as cute as the bunkhouse...hhaha.   

So we got it painted, beadboard up and painted, trim on top and bottom.  Ken put together the bed yesterday and we got it moved in.  I had ordered a new bedspread set that I really like.  Only problem, I ordered a full size because I like them to hang to the floor and twin is usually short.  Well, this is oversized to say the least, so send it back?  Nah, I think i'll order another one and put this out in the KOMFORT fifth wheel.   I've been wanting to get out there and make it prettier for people to stay in. 

Now with the new bed, I ordered this one because it said you could have a trundle underneath, but after getting it together unless you put the middle supports in, you could probably sleep a five year old on it without them. My boys it's not gonna work.  So i'll have to work on the problem.  I love the way the room has turned out! Such a different look then before.  Kinda has grandma look to it, but I have to remember there will be boys in there..for a least the next few years, so can't girly it up too much.  Hoping to get a small antique dresser in there sometime soon.  It's funny, but in this small little room there are 3 different ways we can move the bed.  Most of our other rooms even though larger (well, that's an understatement) furniture can only really be placed one way to be functional.  That's ok though..I just change bedspreads for a new look...:)

Today (Thursday) we're going to get our old singer sewing machine and cabinet cleaned up and in there to hold the tv. 

Yesterday, the 26th was our oldest son's Birthday.  Happy 44th Birthday Bryan!  Love you and the man you have become!  Cheryl made him a from scratch carrot cake.  Yum.. Hard to believe that's it been 44 years since he was born. That memory always reminds me of being out at our Pershing Ave house looking at it for the first time.  Not feeling real good and going back to mom's house waiting for Ken to pick me up after work.  Then it's decided to go see if I'm in labor (after all what do I know)?   Sure enough just a couple of hours later at 1850 all 7lbs 1/2 oz baby Bryan makes an appearance!  First grandchild, needless to say he was everyones  pride and joy!  Love you Bryan!! 
Ken, Bryan and me..44years ago..Montara CA
visiting Ken's dad..Bryan was 2 months old..:)
Bryan's made from scratch carrot cake! 

These are 2 years old..but he still looks the same! 

Today we're home and tomorrow we'll head for Carson City to return one piece of beadboard we didn't use.  We'd hang on to it but don't think we'd use it again.  While we're out we'll look for a new camera for me.  My cheap old one (well not that old) bit the dust while we were on vacation and I've been using my phone for pictures, which is fine except i haven't figured out to download directly from the phone to my Mac.  So we're going to look for one that will work that way.  We'll see.  Probably Best Buy, even though they're the ones that sold us the ASUS computer they do seem pretty knowledgeable..at least more so than Walmart.  

And how could I forget this!  Ken moved a couple pieces of wood yesterday and this is what he found!  

Over 21/2  inch scorpion! 

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