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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We're Home!

Last night we met our Yerington neighbor, Joe at Wingers around 1730.  A friend he works with, Rob also joined us.  We had a good time and great dinners.  I sent half of mine home with him as I couldn't finish it.  Joe stays in a 5th wheel at an RV park during the week while he works for NDF.  Then Friday night he heads home until Monday morning.  Much cheaper for him than staying in a motel during the week.  

This morning we were ready to go just before 0900.  We were all fueled up so other than a couple of potty stops on the way home we made it by 1230. The ride was nice, the desert green and very pretty.  I had a book on my kindle so I pretty much read all the way home.  I've been on the road to Winnemucca so many times I know what spots I like to look at. hahah..
Leaving Winnemucca..the water on the side of the freeway
is amazing!

 I saw as we were leaving that there were homeless camps under water. Tents in the river it looked like, the water up half way on their tents.  Bet that was a rude awakening in the middle of the night! You could see clothes lines they had put up but only about 2 feet above the water now..wow!
Looks like it could easily overflow onto the road

Pulled into the driveway and it felt good to be home.  Everything just like we left it safe and secure.  Warm temps about 76 degrees today.  
Our beautiful Mason Valley

Home :) 

Got the mail from the post office and went through it..nothing too disturbing or expensive..LOL..Cleared stuff from the camper and now just relaxing.  

Ken got the mileage from the truck..roundtrip was 5518 miles..2598 going to Don's and 2920 coming home (of course we went out of the way to Winnemucca which was at least 200 miles out of the way)..so both ways were close in mileage if we would have come straight home.  Highway 50 definitely much more scenic and enjoyable!  

We came home on the 31st day...

Fuel to Don's    $467
Coming home   $571..we were hauling a 2700 lb tractor
Total....            $1038

Grocery            $239
Coming home    $159
Total                 $398

Camp                $206
Coming home     $249
Total                  $455

Other                $121
Coming home    $200
(which includes alcohol, eating out, and anything else not covered)
Total                 $321

Grand Total:   $2212

We didn't skimp on anything we wanted to do or to buy so I'm thinking this isn't too bad for 31 days.   

We got to see beautiful America at our own pace, our home right on the truck so we never had to worry about finding a hotel. We could eat our meals in the camper so food was definitely cheaper than eating every meal out.  

The best part of trip of course was spending time (not enough) with Don and Dana getting to enjoy their company and the beauty of their home and property. They certainly have their piece of paradise right there in Cornersville, TN.  We so enjoy being at their place just enjoying everything.  The front porch, back deck, coffee time in the morning, the cows and baby cows, Dana's cooking, her   home made bread, waldorf salad, chicken dishes and Don's bar b q skills! I can't forget our little field trips to Tenn South Distillery, Old Delina Country Store, Dana and my trip to Lewisburg antique shopping and Ken and Don's trip to Top Gun Arms. Honestly I could go on and on.  Can't wait until it's time to head that way again. 
Love you guys! 

So now we're home for a bit and home was good to see. Next week some of the grandkids will be coming over and that makes this grandma happy! 

That's our grandson Seth getting to ready to catch the ball! There was a nice write up in the Mountain Democrat about the game.  


That's a link..hope it works..great article..

If the link doesn't work and you can't find it let me just brag a little from the article...hahah..because that's what grandmas do!

Sophomore Seth Kay smoked a double and scored a key run, as the Grizzlies added to their lead in the fifth inning.  Golden Sierra scored in five of the six innings it batted. 

Well, bare with us the blog won't be quite as interesting (until next week when the gkids are here)..but i'll keep it up because it's the only way I remember what we did the day before. hahah..It's great to be home!  

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  1. Dana and I are glad you both enjoyed your visit here. We enjoyed your company, sharing meals, grilling at the cabin and just spending time together.

    We look forward to seeing both of you again.