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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Work on the kids room and Happy 18th Birthday Adam!

Friday April 21st...Happy Birthday to our oldest Grandson, Adam!  I still can't believe you are 18 and about to graduate from High School!  How did that happen?  Seems like it was just a few years ago you were born and then we were heading to Mule Days every year in Bishop!  Well, life moves on and quite the young man you are!  New adventures daily it seems in your life.  His mom said he checked himself out of school early yesterday, and then bought his first lottery tickets..because he's 18.  Then he went to work yesterday evening..welcome to adulthood Adam! Love you bunches!  

Yesterday, we got started on the spare (kids) room.  We cleaned out all the stuff, except the treadmill and got started.  Unfortunately we have to work around the treadmill as that room is the only one it will fit through the door.  If you remember when we first bought the bunkhouse we thought we'd fix that up to put the treadmill in, but it was too cute to mess it up with a treadmill. I spackled the walls and Ken cut the beadboard and got it tacked up on the walls.  I thought i'd have time to paint the green, but that didn't happen.  I worked on the rocking chair and got it finished.  Looks pretty good, but I told Ken it seems the older I get the more I don't just do things the way I used to.  Guess that means I'm getting smarter in my old age ha.  The last time I covered it, I just went with it and it turned out really well.  This time, I worried that I might cut the material wrong, or too much or not enough.  Either way it turned out just fine.  So for less than $3.00 we have a new, old chair.  Good for another 15 years or so!  

So this morning after Pioneer Woman we'll get started and hopefully get some of the painting done.  Tomorrow we'll head for CA and celebrate Adam's birthday with his mom and dad.  We'll be back on Monday.  

The bed frame I ordered came yesterday, thinking I'm really going to like it.  I ordered a new comforter set which I'm sure I'm gonna love.  So glad I have a hubby who can do the work, when I come up with the jobs for him to do..haha..

Looks like a beautiful day here in Yerington about 70 degrees. So i'm going to get on with it! 

Eric sent this picture last night of their kitchen.  The trim looks beautiful! That kid is so talented! 

Eric did the trim yesterday..He used 1x3 and rounded the edges
with a router!  Love, Love it!!

Our Niece Tara posted this yesterday on FB..Sweet Pea and Heidi..
Heidi will be 14 next month and here she looks like a puppy!
So cute!

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