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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A day in Winnemucca...

Today we woke up about 0630 here in Winnemucca.  Coffee, computing and then getting ready.  No breakfast this morning as we thought we'd go visit our favorite Chinese place here in town for a brunch time lunch.  

We left here around 0900 or so and headed over to our tax place Swenson and Company to get our taxes.  We had the truck with the camper on it and first thing the receptionist Debbie says "Oh it you guys..how dare you drive up with a camper!  We want to go camping!" hahahah.. Turns out she has a brother and his family in Lebanon TN and has never made it out there.  Of course we told her she needs to go! 

Kind of interesting that we didn't even have to tell her who we were, she got our tax package.  This place does tons of taxes and other things as they are a CPA company. Nice to be remembered when we only see them twice a year, once to drop off taxes and once to pick them up.  We owe money but we always do. Ken holds out his own taxes on Social Security and puts them in a savings account so that's why we know we owe taxes. :(

After that Ken dropped me off at Walmart so I could get a haircut and boy did I! Another one that actually listens to what I say (maybe a little too much) but one thing about hair it always grows.  By the time I was done, Ken was back so we did a little grocery shopping.

Our early lunch was not to be though..Ken went by the Chinese place and they're closed this week!! So we drove back to the campground and I made our hummus veggie wraps.  They were delicious and we are going out tonight to Wingers with our neighbor Joe from Yerington tonight.  

After lunch we headed out to where our old property was at Paradise Ranchos. We wanted to check in with one of our old neighbors Joe and Wanda.  Wanda is 83 and last we had talked to Joe she wanted to go into assisted living in town. Ken tried to call but the home number is disconnected and we don't have a cell number.  Drove by but didn't recognize any of the vehicles parked at their house. I looked on trulia and zillow and it doesn't appear the house has been sold so we aren't sure what's going on.  :(

Drove by our old place and looks like the new owner is very busy out there.  He's added another container out front not sure why.  Some trees are planted and of course he has a fence around it.  
Our friend Steve's place..just sitting empty..He passed away
Dec 2016..Over the winter pipes burst and flooded the house

Our old place..

We came back to town and stopped at a little park to take a few pics.  The Humboldt River is overflowing its' banks and it is something to see when you think that a lot of time the Humboldt is dry in Winnemucca!  
Going up Hwy 95..should be a trickle of water..

Water everywhere..

The Humboldt in town..notice the how close it is to overflowing..
See how close to the bridge?! Sometimes this is totally dry..

This is the overflow area...normally dry

And of course the dummies who let the kids play near
the edge.  The river is moving like crazy! I had a video
but can't get it to load of how fast the river is going...

Came back to the camper and here we are until we hear from Joe. 

We're enjoying watching the big rigs and such come into the campground. Lots of snowbirds heading home.

Tomorrow we'll be home in Yerington! 

Cute picture of my Nephew Dusty and his son Owen...that
kid is too adorable..

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