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Monday, April 29, 2019

A few good days of cleaning..spraying for weeds...memories..:)

Good morning from beautiful, cold Yerington, Nevada!  It's 31 degrees this am going for 72 so not bad! It's been all over the place this week from one day a high of 88 and yesterday was cooler and windy.  It's that time of year I guess. 
Just before sunrise this am...

Saturday morning we got ourselves out of bed early, visited with our blogging friends had coffee and a muffin, Ken had a shower and out the door we went. I prefer my shower after the spraying is done. We worked as a team and in the end got 36 gallons of weed killer sprayed on our property. Where we sprayed a couple of weeks ago has really died off so it's looking much better!  Love the green of our desert right now, but other than the natural sagebrush everything else is weeds!  It's crazy how they take over.  
This is our path going to our neighbor Joe's..We sprayed 2 weeks ago and it looks
much better..

This is the other end of the path..without spray..

After a couple of hours we were done! I got my shower and then we decided to have "Brunch".  Ken wanted a grilled ham and cheese panini and so did I.  I'm not eating traditional bread, so I made an almond flour 90 second bread, added a little cheese and turkey, threw it in the panini maker and oh my was it good! Not huge but very filling. I would definitely do this again!  I actually had a few pieces of regular bread in the house for Ken as we don't buy bread very often, but since the boys were here I had some in the frig.   He enjoyed his too! 
My grilled cheese, waldorf salad and berries..

Ken's grilled ham and cheese and some Fritos..

Since my drawers and closet were neat and clean, why not go all the way.  I have a wardrobe that we bought way back when.  A good place to open the door and throw things in (haha) so I dumped everything on the bed and there  you go! Things for good will and surprising some new clothes I've never worn (because I bought them with the intention to lose some weight) now they fit! YAY!

Ok, by the time I finished..Happy Hour and the day was done! Here at home our Happy Hour is 1700 rather than 1500 when we're in Arizona. Not that I wouldn't love to be visiting with our friends at 1500!! 
Sunset from the back porch..:) 

Sunday morning Adam called to tell us about the new job and of course he loves it!  He's working the Confluence which is very busy this time of year throughout the summer with people from all over coming to play in the American River.  He said he enjoyed talking with people, giving recommendations on trails etc.  They've already told him he will be the first of the new aids to be on his own starting May 12th. Way to go Adam! 

After breakfast and a few other things I decided to continue on with the cleaning of closets! So into our blue guest room. Sorting, throwing away and getting more stuff for goodwill out it went.  Everything looks nice and neat, we'll see for how long haha. 

This is what happens when you clean things out! All kinds of pics to slow me down..I'll be showcasing a few the next few days.  Bryan and Russell, found envelopes with your "tails" ..haha. 

23 years ago Russell got notice he was leaving for Marine Corps
boot camp the next day! We threw together a quick good bye
party at Woody's and they gave him this hat and pin..Should this
have gone in the dump pile..uh no Mom couldn't do it! hah.
Russell's grad pic 23 years ago..
Like Ken said "He had more hair
in the Marines than when he graduated!"

The whole family went to Pismo Beach  after
graduation.  Russell and Lori :)
Now their oldest son graduates high school
at the end of May..

Got ourselves up about 0600 this beautiful Monday morning. Ken wants to do brunch again so I decided it was time to catch up. I think i'll finish my cleaning and purging with the little green room this am. After that, not sure what's on the agenda! 

We've decided to head for Reno tomorrow to do some stocking up at Winco. As long as we're there might as well stop by Total Wine (not that I need it yet) but since Reno is 90 miles away figure Total Wine is a definite stop.  (Sorry Dave but Cheryl would love it..I'm sure it would save you money haha)! We'll stop by Safari RV and check on a thermostat for the Jayco so we can get it installed. Time is coming for air conditioning. We figure at the end of May we'll be in California living in it for a week or more because of high school graduations and parties so we need it fixed before that! 
This one popped up on FB..Bryan about 4 months old :) 
Is that not the cutest little face! 

Daisy Duke is so happy to be going for a ride!

Have a great day everyone!  

Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy 46th Birthday Bryan! Congrats Adam! Nice days in Yerington!

First things first...Happy 46th Birthday to our first born son Bryan!! Hard to believe our kids are in their 40's now. haha.  I know he had to work today but hopefully he had a good one! Love ya Bryan!! 
That's the Birthday boy  next to me! 
Grandson Adam started his new job as a
California State Parks Aid..great foot  the door
job.  Someone told him in order to be a Park
Ranger you start as an aid.  He's going to college
to be a Park Ranger as he loves the outdoors and
travel!  30 hours a week to start and 40 during the
summer! Congrats Adam!

Wednesday was a stay at home day and get some things done! Not sure what but it was a good day! 
Ken's mom gave me this beautiful apple paperweight to put in
my new kitchen :) I put it in the window over the kitchen sink
that way I look at it and smile several times a day! :) 

Thanks Grandma! Love you! 

The beautiful LOVE picture came from Grandma too..
Fits perfectly on my shelf :) 

Thursday was time to some blood tests done so we headed out of here about 0700. For years I've gone out to Winnemucca and then back to the doctor the next week.  Well, when I called to schedule the lab appointment Susan said "you can get them done in Yerington I believe"..I called and I can so I did.  Got right in and got it done.  Kristy the check in girl checked what they would cost to process at their lab and it was over $700.00!  If I paid in full yesterday it would ONLY be $500.00. Uh no...I had it sent to Lab Corp and it's still expensive but not that expensive. 
Daughter in law, Cheryl got me this heart shaped tool holder for the
kitchen...Perfect! Thank you Cheryl :) 

After that we headed to Dini's to have breakfast and coffee!  As it was a fasting test, the coffee sure was good!  haha.  We headed to Gardnerville and paid a little visit to Walmart.  Then to Raley's to pick up my medication that apparently was there the last time. uhh..so 10 days or so with no cholesterol meds, so we'll see how that shows on the blood tests. 

We were home in time for lunch and the weather was  beautiful.  In the afternoon we sat outside for a bit and then Happy Hour.  Ken bar b qued a cheeseburger for him and i had a turkey burger.  So yummy! Some broccoli tots to go with!  
Sunset last night :) 

Friday morning we got up at 0530.  Our plan was to have breakfast and get outside to do some more spraying.  By the time we finished breakfast the wind was blowing..so we'll try again tomorrow. Ken was out in the garage for awhile and I puttered in the kitchen.  It was time to make him some banana bread which I've been meaning to do.  Made a waldorf chicken salad for lunch for me, as i was in the mood for something different.  
Ken's cheeseburger and broccoli tots! 

My bundles turkey burger with broccoli tots! YUM!

I got out to the fifth wheel finally to make up and change the beds from when the boys were here last week. Vacuumed and cleaned it up and now it's ready for visitors once again. Later I went out to the bunkhouse, time to change from the winter quilt to the summer one.  It's ready to go too for visitors if we ever get any. :(  :)  
This morning I wanted to splurge! One real egg, fried radishes
and  almond flour english muffin...OH YUM! Here you go Elva, 
your friend would like the almond flour muffin too for less carbs! 

Karen called and she had no water so Ken walked over to check it out.  In the end she has to have the well guy out to see what he finds. Hope it's quick, easy and cheap for her. Darn wells.  Luckily we're on city water now and don't have those problems. 

While he was gone I decided to clean out my drawers and my section of the closet. Now I'm done! Going to have an easy dinner tonight.  Happy Hour time! Have a great evening!  

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A great visit with 2 sons...Happy 20th Adam!!

Saturday morning we called Ken's mom and found she'd be home around 1100.  Got ourselves ready and headed that way.  We stopped at Total Wine in Roseville and picked up acase of my organic wine.  I love that it can be ordered online and then you just go to customer service and out the door!  Roseville is a zoo with traffic, so the less time spent there the better. 

Ken's mom had just gotten home a little bit before we got there, so we had a nice visit with her! We are so blessed to have her and for her to be in such good health.  Her sense of humor is something else too! After awhile we headed back to Eric's house. 

I had offered to make enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner so we stopped at Holiday Market to pick up the little things that were needed. Then a quick snack lunch and into the kitchen I went. :)   Christina and the boys had tickets for the River Cats (baseball) game in Sacramento so they left around 1700.  We visited with Eric and enjoyed the evening.  He made a fire outside so we sat outside and enjoyed (probably way too much). hahah.  Eventually dinner and bedtime. 

Sunday morning dawned clear and beautiful.  I made some egg sandwiches for those that wanted them and we got ourselves ready to head up the hill to Georgetown.  Today our oldest grandson, Adam turned 20 so we were going out to lunch with them.  Of course with it being Easter, we decided to try to find someplace early.  Adam wanted to try Awful Annie's but it was closed so we ended up at Black Bear Diner. Yum..I think everyone was happy with their choice.  
3 Generations of Kay men! Handsome aren't they?!
Ken, Bryan and Adam
Happy 20th Adam!
Adam and his mom, Cheryl

Poor Raider has a tough life! 

We headed back to Bryan and Cheryl's where there was a lot of conversation going on.  It was a beautiful afternoon, i was even able to put on shorts for a bit!  Cheryl made chili and cornbread for dinner which was delicious! 

Daisy Duke..she is the cutest thing. Cheryl got her from the El Dorado
County Pound.  Daisy spent over a month in the snow in Pollock
Pines before they were able to pick her up.  She has found an
awesome home with Bryan and Cheryl..has adjusted well to
being spoiled. 

Adam putting up his birthday present..his new backpacking tent

The yard is in full bloom!

Miss Lucy..spoiled rotten too! She's the queen!

Monday morning found us up and slowing getting going.  We said our good byes and headed up the mountain and a beautiful drive along Highway 50.  I had pills to pick up in Gardnerville and a stop at Walmart for some groceries.  Afterwards Linner at CVI and then we headed home.  Not much got done except unloading the groceries and a few things from the cabover.  
Everything is so green..but in a few weeks it'll all be brown. 

Lake Tahoe was a beautiful blue today

Lake Tahoe off in the distance..

Tuesday morning I made some morning glory muffins for Ken and some flourless peanut butter muffins for me.  We had been out of "treats" for a couple of days so it was time!  Ken requested some potato salad to go with a little left over ham so that was done too.  
Morning Glory muffins

The requested potato salad...

Peanut Butter flourless muffins..yum. 

After lunch I headed out to the cabover to get it clean for whenever it's used next. Looks so cute, I told Ken I think it wants to go out again haha.  He parked it at its home against the fence so that's done. He folded up the ping pong table and I moved the quad out so we could put the other stuff back where it belongs. The day just flew!  About 1700 we were enjoying Happy Hour when we got a text from Karen inviting us over.  We went for a "short" time. haha. Not so! Oh well we had to catch up!  

Good Wednesday morning!   Figured I'd better get caught up before I forget everything! 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Finishing the week with Jackson and Mason! Happy 44th Birthday Eric!!

Thursday morning after breakfast was another run to Raley's (I swear every day was something I needed) uhh..the boys went with me and I dropped them at the skate park so they could run their RC cars around.  Headed to Raley's and Family Dollar for a "few" things then back to pick up the boys.  

Once we got home i put a ham in the oven to take to Eric's for his bday dinner.  Got started on making potato salad and frosting the cake I baked the day before. Found a delicious recipe for carrot cake that starts with a yellow box mix and you add the goodies. 

About 1630 we headed over to Karen's for a bit to say Happy Easter and catch up on her week and she on ours.  We headed back home and then Ken came up with the idea to have a fire out back.  We texted Karen and she walked over and the boys joined us for awhile.  They enjoyed s'more pop tarts as I didn't have all the makings for smorf's  (our name for smores) ..

The boys and their Supervisor looking for the ends of the
solar lights...Damage done by racing RC Cars..haha. 

A nice warm day in Yerington. 

An hour or so of the fire and I asked the boys what they wanted for a late dinner.  Ham and potato salad for Mason and  cheeseburgers for Jackson. Then off to bed for everyone. 

Jackson and Mason hiding from a pic! 

Friday morning was get ready to go home time.  I made sandwiches for lunch knowing we'd be stopping somewhere at about 1300 to eat.  Luckily that ended up being at Hope Valley one of the prettiest spots on the drive. 

Boys heading for the water! 

Hope Valley, CA

Of course, boys being boys! 

We pulled into Eric's house about 1600.  A little later than we planned but oh well.  Eric had been fishing and pulled in just after we parked. Seth and a few of his friends a little later too.  We just enjoyed sitting outside for quite awhile chatting and catching up.  Mason and Jackson left to go stay the night at Jackson's house and Saturday they'll be out on a boat for the day..tough life..haha.  
The Birthday Boy and his dad..

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting..

Eventually it was time for dinner and then cake.  According to everyone it was delicious.   Finally we called it a night, by this time Ken needed to lay down and take some pressure off his neck.  This was the longest day so far without lying down for a bit and he was feeling it.  
Candles being lit..Christina, Eric and Ken

Blowing out the candles...Seth in the background..

Saturday morning found us both awake at 0515 so we started the coffee and then spent some time reading what our friends are up to!  we've talked about what to do today which included seeing Ken's mom down the hill but then I remembered she usually gets her hair done on Saturday so we'll call and see what's she's up to.  On a Saturday we don't want to be down the hill for too long as the traffic is crazy.  We'll see. Tomorrow we'll move up the hill about 9 miles and spend Adam's Birthday with him and his mom and dad! 

Have a great day everyone..I know we will!