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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Another letter from Seth! One day turnaround to Winnemucca..

Happy Halloween!!

Well, the best part of the week was in our mailbox when we got home today!  3 weeks from today is Family Day and 3 weeks from tomorrow graduation!                       *click on the  pic to enlarge*

He made expert! 230 out of 250 shots made their target area!
Love the part where he says "I think the other guys are jealous
because y'all write me so much :)  Well, sweetie it's because
we're so darn PROUD of you!! 💗

Well, it's Thursday and again where has the week gone!?  It's been a good week but really cold.  We woke up yesterday to 7 degrees here.  This morning a balmy 12 degrees.  
We had a Little Red Campfire the other night on the front
porch when the wind was up :)

I love the smoke coming out of the chimney :)
I know simple things for simple minds :)


We were going to be meeting Tom and Deb in Winnemucca yesterday but with the cold temps it was decided that they needed to find warmer temps so the plumbing doesn't freeze.  We've dealt with that before in Winnemucca and it's no fun!  Winnemucca was 2 degrees with a feels like -11. No thank you. We're planning to meet up in Death Valley this coming week :) Should be much warmer :) 

I was thinking we wouldn't have time to do Death Valley, along with being in Sacramento next week and then San Diego not long after that.  Ken looked at me and said, "You know what Dr. Halow said, Go live your life, so let's go"  OK, He/you are right!  So we're going! 

We got the truck serviced this week and they found the front brakes needed replacing so more $$  were spent than originally thought. We don't have a truck payment anymore, and this was less than that. We did some running around and then headed home.  One stop was Verizon where I finally bit the bullet and got  a new phone.  Mine has been dying for a while, but I hate learning new things haha.  We went back Tuesday to pick up the truck, and  I was able to get a little Christmas shopping done.  I made a list last week and decided I better get shopping, at least for the young ones. 

Wednesday was a baking day.  Ken bar b qued some delicious boneless pork ribs and mashed potatoes were made to go with them. Yum.  We took some over to Karen as she was home alone.  She had started a fire outside, so we enjoyed Happy Hour over there. 

This morning (Thursday) we sat the alarm for 0400.  Left the house at 0600 and had a beautiful drive to Winnemucca.  We got there just a few minutes after 0900 and stopped in quickly at Walmart.  Then to Dr. Robbie Grant's office.  
Lovelock NV..

In 1985 coming back from Arkansas vacation with our family
and my mom and dad..this was our last night.  We were
basically out of $$ so mom and dad paid for our room :)
Ken had a bad headache, so the kids and I were at the pool.
Oh the memories..The Lovelock Inn :) 

Fields and fields of onions..Each bag is covered to prevent them
from getting ruined in this cold front...

Pretty much got in on time and the dreaded weigh in.  Few pounds less (YAY, I'm sure it would be better if I didn't like my wine! But ya gotta live, right?!) 28 pounds less than in 2010 when I started seeing her. All the lab tests were good!  Glucose # a year ago was at 106, then 100, 93 and today 92. She was happy, Ken was happy and so was I!  A lot different than when I'd leave her office tearing up because it seemed nothing was working for me.  She said to keep up the lifestyle! I'm going to miss her in a year and two months when I turn 65 as she doesn't take medicare. :( 

We left there happy and at Fernley, NV a little after 1300 we pulled into Pioneer Crossing and had a celebration lunch! Yummy! 

The house was cool when we got home so Ken started a fire.  Now on to Happy Hour! 

Have a great evening! 


Sunday, October 27, 2019

A little of this, a little of that :)

Friday night we had a great evening and fire over at Karen's house. Lots of good food too, the kitchen over there was definitely busy! 
This pic popped up FB from 3 years ago! What a difference!
From left..Adam, Seth, Mason, Papa, Jacob and
Aaron kneeling :) 

Saturday was just about cleaning up and getting a few things done around the house.  We thought we would go camping at Rye Patch on Tuesday and then into Winnemucca on Wednesday.  Well, we rethought it after looking at the upcoming temperatures and decided against it.  Tuesday night they're looking at an overnight temp of 2!! Nope, we'll stay here and head out on Wednesday.  
Ordered Seth's cover bag to hold his dress blue cover (hat).
They did a really nice job on it.  Part of his grad present  :) 

Karen and the adults in her family were heading out to the Halloween Party Pioneer Crossing Casino holds every year.  Not our cup of tea (or beer).  We went over to their house and took a few pictures as they all looked pretty darn good! 
Blurry but this Bella..Karen's granddaughter holding

Alfredo and Lynzee..little Noah in the corner

Lynzee, Karen and Alfredo..

Baby Amelia 3 months old :) 
Karen took this pic of Ken and Amelia..
gotta love her hair!

Once they loaded up we came home to a nice fire out back by the bunkhouse.  Inside for some bar b q chicken that Ken had done earlier in the day. 
A nice fire...

A peek into the bunk house from where we are sitting

Sunday morning after checking in with our blogging friends and having some coffee we got the day started. It's windy and cold!  So far our temp reads 46 with a feels like 39.  Low of 13 expected tonight.  I sure get why people want to head south!! Wish we could! 

Ken's outside loading the fire pit, so I'm thinking we'll be enjoying a fire outside soon.  We've been enjoying a much needed one inside all day.  

I ordered our Patriot Wreaths through Wreaths Across America.  Since 2013 I've ordered one for us and for Russell.  You get a beautiful real balsam wreath, with whatever branch of the military flag you choose.  It's shipped to your address and then another is placed at one of the National Cemeteries on Wreaths Across America Day. This year, December 14th.  I get the Air Force in memory of my daddy.  Russell gets Marines in honor of his service and now I ordered one for Eric and Christina in honor of Seth, Marines also! :) I think i'll tell Russell to save his flag this year and next year we'll order Navy for Jacob! haha. 

Better get this posted! Needing to write Seth again. Soon we won't be writing anymore as the time is coming to an end :)  I've sent 40 regular letters and 13 via sandboxx. Not too bad. 

Have a great evening! 

Friday, October 25, 2019

The week has flown!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone and we've been home for most of it! Time is certainly flying, holidays will be here before you know it! 
I ordered this hoodie for Mason..Looks awesome
doesn't he?! In honor of his brother, Seth!

Monday we went over to Carson City for one of Ken's last Doctor appointments after the surgery.  We saw Dr. Foster, the pulmonary doctor.  He was glad everything was going well for Ken.  He listened to his chest and no fluid. Seems as though this has fixed the issue! He wants him to get another x ray in 2 months and then we'll see him again.  The pressure in Ken's upper chest has left him too and his annoying cough is virtually gone :)  Somehow all this was connected.  Yes, he has the Barrett's esophagus, but not too concerned over that :) 

He does want Ken to see a rheumatologist just because his rheumatoid arthritis number is a little high (there is such a thing as internal rheumatoid arthritis) so to be safe he has an appointment but not until May, as they are booked that far out! 

At this point looks like he's out of the woods!  Thank you God and all the wonderful doctors!  Thank you to our friends and family for all the prayers! 💕💙💜

We did our usual running around in Carson before heading home. 
Ken's coffee treats..applesauce muffins and
banana bread

My treats..peanut butter and jam (sugar free) flourless cookies..

We had a couple of nice days at home, ending in nice fires outside.  Tuesday evening was so nice we decided to spend the night in the bunkhouse and that was a really nice night! :)  

This morning Thursday was a fasting morning, as I have a Dr. appointment in Winnemucca next Thursday so I needed to get my blood work done.  Headed for South Lyon Medical Center with the lab order in hand.  Well, they don't deal with Lab Corp anymore and to get the blood work there, would cost $700.00 or if I paid today it would be a discounted $600.00..uh no!  Ken and I drove to Minden about 60 miles away and got it done quickly.  I know that bill will be about $225.00 still expensive but way cheaper!! 
Fire at our house..

Of course it's about 1030 and we're starving! So CVI and a great breakfast was had! No lunch needed.  I ran into Smith's grocery for a few things, while Ken got gas.  Then we headed home and here we are.  Got a couple of letters written to Seth :)  I've got his birthday card, I'll get in the mail tomorrow.  His 18th birthday is November 10th and also the Marine Corps Birthday (it was destiny he joined the Marines) LOL.  Little Owen turns 5 on that day too :) 
USMC hoodie for Owen's 5th Birthday..
Navy for his Christmas..Navy bear
for little Cassidy just because..Owen
loves his big cousins..now he can
look like them too! 

Headed to Karen's for a bit for a much needed Happy Hour for her! 
Fire at Karen's..

Hope we have one or two of these sunsets while
Tom and Deb are here!

Karen and Ken have the same phone..she's showing him how
to crop a picture..

Well, I thought I'd get this posted last night after we got home from Karen's...not! 
Too much wine, campfire and sunset...a bad combination haha. 

Seth sent a little artwork to his parents in his last letter :) 

This is a little dark but this was Russell's artwork he sent
23 years ago when he was in Boot Camp..I found it
interesting that they both made art of their last names :) 
Well, better get this day going!  Got some appetizers and cookies to make. We're headed back over to Karen's this evening to celebrate her mom's birthday! Izzie will turn 76 and most of Karen's kids are here for the weekend. 

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

A special gift :) Letter #6 from Seth! Dr. report was great! Home again!

Happy Saturday!  

Friday morning after getting ourselves ready we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen and a late breakfast/brunch.  We knew this meal was going to hold us until dinner so we got there around 1030.  Well, lo and behold who do we see?! Carmen! Our favorite waitress from Carson Valley Inn!! Oh my gosh there were hugs and both she and I teared up!  Turns out she fell at CVI 4 days after she had gone back to work in May. She was off work a total of 9 months other than 4 days! She decided not to go back to CVI as she lives right there in Dayton.  She can't work more than 2 days a week, but she had to get out of the house! The monotony was killing her! So she's hostessing there now on Friday and Saturdays! Another excuse to go to Betsy's! haha. 
A very special gift! Thank you Christina and Eric 💕💕

We left there and ran to Lowe's to get a new little Smokey Joe Weber, briquets and lighter fluid.  Then a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some hamburger, buns etc for dinner on the new bar b q.  A trip to Harbor Freight to pick up a hydraulic manual log splitter.  Ken's a happy camper.  We don't split any really big wood anymore, as what we buy is usually small, but this will definitely save his shoulder and he loves it! 
Ken's new log splitter! 

The box it came in! 

Ken's new bar b q!

We went back to the trailer for a while and Ken put together the bar b q. We left again at 1500 to head for Ken's  appointment with Dr. Salinger.  He's the one who did the endoscopy a few weeks ago.  He explained very well what is going on with the Barrett's Esophagus.  Also the fact that the pressure Ken was feeling in his upper chest, could definitely have been related to the problems with his lung. The pressure is gone now!  Ken still has the cough, but it doesn't seem as bad now as it did for months. Ken will wait for any meds, as he's thinking it will go away on its own.  Other than the diagnosis of Barrett's he really doesn't have many of the symptoms. They will do another endoscopy in a year and if no changes every 3 years. We left feeling very good! :) Monday morning we see the lung doctor and were done for awhile!

 Winds were horrible, so there would be no fire :(  But wait, we had our little propane Little Red Campfire! Got that going and were able to be outside while the hamburgers cooked! It was chilly, but nice!  
Sunset last night

Had a great dinner made by Ken!  We went inside to watch a little tv and fell asleep on the couch, party animals that we are! Haha. 

I woke up hearing things moving around 0400 this am.  Ken sat a few mouse traps as there was "evidence". Darn, I hate those things! He caught one yesterday in the cargo area and then this morning, under the bathroom cabinet! That was a chore for him to get out! Thank goodness none in the inside walking around part of the trailer! Hopefully that's all, but we're keeping traps set always! 

Had our breakfast and then he did his thing getting things put away and I took care of the inside.  We were on the road by 1120. Not bad! 
Our view this am

A windy day!

Ken checked the mail when we got home and a box for me! A letter from a special "Marine in the making" YAY!  Inside the box was a Crucible Candle from Christina and Eric.  Did I tear up...you bet ya!  What a special gift.  You turn it on for the 54 hours the recruits are doing The Crucible along with a lot of praying! This is where they go from Recruit to Marine! It includes, 54 hours, 48 miles, 45lbs of gear, M16 A4 Service Rifle, 36 Stations, 29 Problem Solving Exercises, 6 to 8 hours of sleep and Rationed MRE's..tough couple of days. Seth's will start November 5th and end at 0800 November 7th.  This candle is a wonderful keepsake! I will treasure it always! 💗💗
The other side of the candle
Complete the Transformation

The Title Earned

I read Seth's letter and responded right away!  I want him to get as much mail as he can before it'll be too late to write anymore! 

Christina let me know this am that Seth is a Fire Team Leader! He's got 3 recruits under him and he doesn't get yelled at as much as other recruits!  Way to go Seth! I know, PROUD GRANDPARENTS here!! 

Well, guess it was windy here too!  Now i'll hope the wind blows these leaves away before I can't stand it anymore!  HAHA...

Happy Hour time for the two of us!  Have a wonderful evening!