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Saturday, October 12, 2019

A quick catch up finally. Letter number 5 from Seth!

Tuesday we headed for Carson City and Ken's Cardiologist appointment.  We didn't expect too much new from that appointment as they were the ones who cleared him for the surgery.  Dr. C wants to see him in a year to check the aneurysm he has.  Off we went and did some running around and an early dinner at Carson Valley Inn and then home. 
Tuesday night's sunset...exactly as we saw it! :) 

The rest of the week has been spent at home just getting some things done, nothing too exciting.  

We've got some appointments in Carson City next week so we're thinking of taking off with the Jayco and parking it at Washoe Lake State Park for a few days! Sounds good to me, ready for a little camping!  We were supposed to be on our way to Tennessee originally, but circumstances changed that.  

The weather is certainly changing.  We're at the point we have really cold mornings, yesterday was 17 degrees but warmed to mid 60's. This morning was 23 and warming to 71.  

Ken brought up having an outside fire late yesterday afternoon.  Got to admit it was a really nice place to have Happy Hour. Karen came over around 1730 and visited for a bit.  

She's having a bar b q tonight so we're going over.  I made some brownies with frosting, deviled eggs, baked beans and a zucchini crust pizza to take over. 

Now why would I take a zucchini crust pizza over?  When she was here she saw the one I made yesterday that hadn't gone in the oven yet. It was so good! I'm thinking it's my favorite of all the alternative pizza crusts yet!! I'll cut it in appetizer form and I'm thinking her daughter Isabel for sure will like it.  Leftovers, we'll eat in the next few days. Ken is actually back on "real" pizza for awhile. Through this ordeal he's lost near 10 lbs and needs to fatten up a bit! If only that happened for me!! 
My zucchini crust pizza. Delicious! Pepperoni, mushroom, onion

Ken's real pizza...Pepperoni, olive and mushroom..

Today's zucchini crust pizza..same as yesterday! 

Thursday the mail came and brightened both our day! Letter #5 from Grandson, Seth!  In each letter you can see the transformation happening from recruit to Marine :)  Today (Saturday) the platoons are heading for Camp Pendleton until after The Crucible (November 5 to 7 for him).   After completing that they will have earned their Eagle, Globe and Anchor and will have rightly earned the title "Marine".  
Love these letters! :)💕

I tried to post a link to an explanation but I need help! I'm just not computer smart :( If you're interested just google..Marine Corps The Crucible..tons of articles.  

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our over the border friends!! 

Hope everyone has a nice evening! 

George, you're in our prayers! 


  1. Nice you git another letter and the pizzas. look awesome.

  2. It's good that Ken is slowly recovering from his surgery.
    That Pizza looks delicious.
    Glad Seth is advancing in his chosen career.
    Thanks for the Canadian shout out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Love your sunset pictures. Glad to hear Ken's visit with the cardiologist went well. I like zucchini but I know Tom would not put it in his mouth...lol looks delicious.
    Nice to get letters from your grandson I am sure.
    Take care.