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Friday, October 18, 2019

A drive up Monitor Pass to see the Aspens..Plans coming together for a meet up with some Special Friends!

Thursday morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise here at Washoe Lake State Park.  Making it even prettier was the clouds in the sky!  We were treated to this rainbow that was so big even when I backed up across the street my camera wouldn't get it all in! Love it!

After breakfast and showers we got ourselves going heading out of the campground and over to highway 88 over by Minden, NV.  Then we turned on the road to Markleeville.  After passing through the little town, we made a left on Monitor Pass.  According to leaf peepers the pass was in 75 to 100 percent of colors on the aspens (my favorite tree!).  It was a beautiful drive as always, but at the summit the colors were already gone. Either we missed them by a day or two or the wind from the night before took care of that!  Oh well, there's always next year.  We were still able to capture a little color in the lower elevation.  
Just so pretty yesterday morning!

I admit I'm a little Aspen Crazy!

Heading down Monitor Pass

We stopped at Topaz Lake (1/2 in Nevada 1/2 in CA)  to check out their camping facilities, thinking we could put the kayaks in next spring or summer.  Might be a day use day rather than camping, but the lake is beautiful! 
Topaz Lake

From there it was shopping at Walmart for some much needed groceries and a few bday cards. CVI for Linner and then to Raley's to pick up Ken's prescriptions. Once we finished that it was back to the campground.  

It was very windy, so not working for sitting outside and a fire :( Well, we've got one more night, so we'll hope for Friday night! 

After a not so great night sleeping we got out of bed about 0545 to have our coffees and do some visiting with our blogging friends! Frozen water pipes greeted us this am, but using the pump still worked. I asked Ken what he wants for breakfast, guess?!  Betsy's Big Kitchen...haha.  Then we're looking for a new bar b q to keep in the trailer, a manual hydraulic wood splitter for home and a few other things. 1545 Ken's gastro checkup.  It'll be a busy day, ending with some delicious bar b q burgers! Can it get any better?! Oh and I see we're getting another letter from our Marine in the making when we get home!! 

Had a great conversation with Deb (Celebrating the Dance)! We're planning on meeting up in Winnemucca at the end of the month and then they'll follow us home for a few days!! Do you know how excited we are! YAYYYYYYY! 


  1. Love the colourful scenery and rainbow pictures, Sound like you are enjoying it there, Gotta have a BBQ in the trailer! As you know I love my weber Q had for 10 years now and never failed once.
    That will be so much fun with Deb and Tom.

    1. We have one that's supposed to stay in the trailer, but someone (Ken) took it out since he didn't plan on bar b q ing while we were here, but changed his mind :) Got a nice little smokey joe (weber) he likes bar b q ing with charcoal. Yep looking forward to a little time with Deb and Tom :)

  2. Wow, you caught the Aspens at their peak! It froze to hard too soon around here for much color. The leaves all turned brown and then fell with the first big wind. We did find a few areas around Moab that were nice.
    Hoping all continues well for Ken.

    1. Thanks Dave, we tried lol. Love Moab, but boy was that packed with people. Seems any of the national parks anymore are that way all the time. thanks for the good wishes!

  3. The aspens are beautiful we have been treated to some of their golden color here and there.
    Great rainbow pictures. The pictures of you ride were wonderful. Did I see a peek of you in the mirror?...lol
    Hope the wind died down and you got to have that last fire.
    We can hardly wait to see you guys. Like Tigger says, I'm (we are) so happy I (we) could bounce...LOL

    1. Haha.. yeah I forgot to remove that picture LOL. Love Monitor Pass been one of my favorites forever! NO the wind was worse the last two nights. Last night we brought out the Little Red Campfire while Ken was bar b quing so we pretended..just means more wood for when you're at our house! :)