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Friday, October 25, 2019

The week has flown!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone and we've been home for most of it! Time is certainly flying, holidays will be here before you know it! 
I ordered this hoodie for Mason..Looks awesome
doesn't he?! In honor of his brother, Seth!

Monday we went over to Carson City for one of Ken's last Doctor appointments after the surgery.  We saw Dr. Foster, the pulmonary doctor.  He was glad everything was going well for Ken.  He listened to his chest and no fluid. Seems as though this has fixed the issue! He wants him to get another x ray in 2 months and then we'll see him again.  The pressure in Ken's upper chest has left him too and his annoying cough is virtually gone :)  Somehow all this was connected.  Yes, he has the Barrett's esophagus, but not too concerned over that :) 

He does want Ken to see a rheumatologist just because his rheumatoid arthritis number is a little high (there is such a thing as internal rheumatoid arthritis) so to be safe he has an appointment but not until May, as they are booked that far out! 

At this point looks like he's out of the woods!  Thank you God and all the wonderful doctors!  Thank you to our friends and family for all the prayers! 💕💙💜

We did our usual running around in Carson before heading home. 
Ken's coffee treats..applesauce muffins and
banana bread

My treats..peanut butter and jam (sugar free) flourless cookies..

We had a couple of nice days at home, ending in nice fires outside.  Tuesday evening was so nice we decided to spend the night in the bunkhouse and that was a really nice night! :)  

This morning Thursday was a fasting morning, as I have a Dr. appointment in Winnemucca next Thursday so I needed to get my blood work done.  Headed for South Lyon Medical Center with the lab order in hand.  Well, they don't deal with Lab Corp anymore and to get the blood work there, would cost $700.00 or if I paid today it would be a discounted $600.00..uh no!  Ken and I drove to Minden about 60 miles away and got it done quickly.  I know that bill will be about $225.00 still expensive but way cheaper!! 
Fire at our house..

Of course it's about 1030 and we're starving! So CVI and a great breakfast was had! No lunch needed.  I ran into Smith's grocery for a few things, while Ken got gas.  Then we headed home and here we are.  Got a couple of letters written to Seth :)  I've got his birthday card, I'll get in the mail tomorrow.  His 18th birthday is November 10th and also the Marine Corps Birthday (it was destiny he joined the Marines) LOL.  Little Owen turns 5 on that day too :) 
USMC hoodie for Owen's 5th Birthday..
Navy for his Christmas..Navy bear
for little Cassidy just because..Owen
loves his big cousins..now he can
look like them too! 

Headed to Karen's for a bit for a much needed Happy Hour for her! 
Fire at Karen's..

Hope we have one or two of these sunsets while
Tom and Deb are here!

Karen and Ken have the same phone..she's showing him how
to crop a picture..

Well, I thought I'd get this posted last night after we got home from Karen's...not! 
Too much wine, campfire and sunset...a bad combination haha. 

Seth sent a little artwork to his parents in his last letter :) 

This is a little dark but this was Russell's artwork he sent
23 years ago when he was in Boot Camp..I found it
interesting that they both made art of their last names :) 
Well, better get this day going!  Got some appetizers and cookies to make. We're headed back over to Karen's this evening to celebrate her mom's birthday! Izzie will turn 76 and most of Karen's kids are here for the weekend. 

Have a great day!


  1. Really glad to read that Ken received yet another good doctors report.
    Okay, that is a lot of money for blood work. I am now thinking I cannot complain about our insurance coverage over the years.
    Beautiful sunset and seeing one of those while we are there would be a wonderful bonus. Seeing you and Ken that will be the real gift. Hugs.

    1. Aww you are too sweet! Counting down the days! :)

  2. Amazing how one fix seems to have solved several ailments for Ken. Terrific news!
    Hope you find a better deal on your tests. Just don't go to Bubba in the back alley behind the bar!
    Your baking looks amazing as usual.

    1. Thanks Dave, we are so grateful that the pulmonary Dr kept plugging along and the referrals. Honestly until I turn sixty five, Lab Corp is the best I can do. Thanks for the compliment on the baking :)

  3. Nice that ken got a good fix, and you are working on yours. Sure glad of our health care system here in Canada so far no fees incurred other than the injection to straighten my finger, after many blood tests as well as hospital and doctors visit nothing.

  4. Glad to hear no out of pocket expense for you! Always a plus for sure. It's funny every time a President runs for office they always say they're going to make cheaper affordable health care! Doesn't EVER happen! None of them have any idea what we pay because none of them have to worry about $$$...Oh gosh don't get me started LOL :)