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Monday, October 7, 2019

Ken's home! Letter 4 from Seth! Happy Birthday Lori! Looking good Christina!

It's been awhile since the last update.  Time just flies too quickly! Friday morning I met my brother in law Shawn at 0700 for breakfast at Betsy's Big Kitchen and then we headed over to the hospital so Shawn could visit a bit before heading back to Sacramento.  
My breakfast date! Brother in law,

Ken was sitting up just finishing his breakfast.  The doctor came in and pulled the first tube from his chest. He was now mobile with only 1 machine to carry with him.  Go home date still Saturday morning.  

Shawn left and I stayed until near 1400 and then I left to head home to check on Lucky.  She was fine and still had food and water left.  I made a fire in the house and then visited with Karen next door.  We had a couple drinks and then I came on home.  Gotta admit I was whipped.  Got some dinner and then crawled into bed with a glass of wine and wrote a letter to Seth. :)  Bedtime came pretty early. 

Saturday morning got up around 0500 and got myself ready to leave again. I was out the door about 0715.  Stopped to mail Seth's letter and a birthday card, that probably will be a little late. :( 

Got to the hospital and then it was just wait for the doctor to come pull the 2nd tube out out and set up the release papers.  Wasn't too long after I got there that this happened.  Garrett, the nurse on duty came with the papers and instructions and we were out of there by 1200.  We were both hungry but didn't feel like going out, so we went to the little cafe downstairs and had lunch. Much better than the regular hospital food! 

We got home somewhere around 1400.  Ken was tired so he laid down for a bit and when he got up he saw Karen outside bar b quing so we went next door for a while (actually longer than planned).   Had a nice visit! 

Sunday morning Ken was feeling really good! He hasn't had any pain pills since we got home (actually didn't even fill them at the pharmacy).  So, why not wash some of the cars? Really?!  The doctor only gave him a weight restriction (10 lbs) but nothing else.  I was in the kitchen baking when he came in and changed the Alexa to what he was listening to outside..Love Shack was playing so he came inside to dance, haha. It's what we do when we hear this song!  I was more winded than him when the song was over, so the surgery worked LOL!! 
There he is working away...
Never know he had lung surgery
on Wednesday!

Ken's applesauce oatmeal muffins..

Banana bread and Real Chocolate Chip Cookies (those are
for Amber next door)

My flourless chocolate chip cookies

We sat outside in the later afternoon for our Happy Hour and just enjoyed the beauty and celebrating life. :) 

Monday morning we woke about 0530 and had our usual morning of visiting with bloggers.  Several are getting ready to head South soon and some have already started their new adventure!  Breakfast etc.  Ken headed into town to pay the house taxes and then by DMV to pay for the Tundra and the Jayco.  We've learned the hard way ($$$) not to buy two new vehicles in the same month LOL.  He mailed Seth's letter that I wrote and one Ken wrote,  and one I wrote to his friend Dylan.  The Post Office is making some money off us lately LOL.  

Ken went ahead and washed our 3rd vehicle so now they're all spiffy until we drive down our dirt road :) 

In the mail today was a packet from Gastroenterology Consultants.  Basically it said Ken has a condition called Barrett's Esophagus.  He's got some abnormal cells in his esophagus. Some symptoms include heartburn, Ken has a feeling he describes as heartburn way up high, but it also feels like there's something there that won't go down.  An annoying cough, which he has too.  We see the doctor on November 11th. Really the only way to diagnose this condition is by the endoscopy and biopsy.  When we were there the doctor said he saw a little inflammation but by the biopsy they've discovered this.  It appears it's caused by acid reflux, but  Ken really doesn't have that. Luckily this has only been going on a few months.  From what we've read they'll monitor and repeat the endoscopy periodically. Possibly a medication too.  

Friday when I got home I had a letter #4 from Seth!  Made my day and then of course I had to write him a letter through Sandboxx because I was so excited! 
He wants me to bring Fruit Cocktail Cake to Family Day..come hell or high water if that what he wants I'll figure a way to bring it to him!! :) 
1st page

Today is our daughter in law Lori's Birthday! Happy Birthday Lori! Hope you have a great day. 
Happy Birthday Lori! 

Daughter in law Christina had bariatric surgery in June.  She's really looking good so I had to post the before and after (so far) pictures.  88 pounds gone! Way to go Christina! 

After, so far :)

There's many postings of new and old athlete pics on Facebook, as a challenge. My challenge is keeping up with them, so I can steal them and post here! haha. My grandsons! 

Seth's friend, Dylan, left and Seth right...both Marines in the making!!


Mason, back in the BMX years :) 

Jacob, not yesterday!

Aaron and Jacob in 2011

Jacob yesterday! Quite a catch!

Aaron, ready for some football!

Love this pic of Seth (our Marine in the making) 3rd grade
Mason, Kindergarten (now he's 14)..

Grandson Jacob, fishing yesterday

Nephew Dusty ran a marathon..
Owen was there to cheer his
daddy on! 

   I thought this was such a cute picture of
My sister, Wendy (like me hates her picture) and
her daughter Tasha. They spent the day  in Apple Hill..
Have a great evening everyone! 


  1. Yay! Wow! Ken just doesn't slow down, does he? We're so glad that everything went well for him!
    I doubt the endoscopies and biopsies are much fun but hopefully soon he'll be done with doctors poking him.
    Love the Seth stories and his request is too special.
    Happy Birthday, Lori!

    1. Now on to follow up appointments and hopefully ending most of them for the foreseeable future! Yeah that kid knows how to get to me!! :)

  2. Glad to hear Ken is doing well and has his energy back. Nice to have him hime again. Congratulations to Christana.

  3. Yes it is nice to have him home again for sure!

  4. I know for a fact if your grandson wants fruit cocktail cake he will be enjoying it in November. Grandma will find away...lol How great to see a picture of Ken up and moving.
    Loved all the pictures of the family. For sure way to go Christina!

    1. Thanks Deb!! Yep I'll figure it out for sure! Ken's doing well now!