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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Nice hotel..2nd day pain..Surprise visitor..Shawn!

First off everyone Thanks for the good wishes and prayers!  

I headed over to the hospital around 0800 this am.  I stopped at the lobby to see what their breakfast was like and for a continental it was awesome!  They had waffles, hard boiled eggs, toast, oatmeal, cereal, coffee and juices.  Will I stay here again if needed you betcha! 

Got to the hospital and up to Ken's room, he was in pain but had just had a pain pill about 0800, so it hadn't been too long. They always say the 2nd day pain is worse as all the anesthetic and pain meds are out of the system from the surgery. Guess it wasn't the best night either. His nurse, Stephanie was on duty this morning and what a sweetie.  She took care all day to make sure his pain was manageable.  He's got these tubes in his chest and they're attached to these machines that are draining all the gunk out of his lung, so he's basically bedridden other than moving to a chair next to the bed. He was already sitting in the chair when I got there.  

A couple of hours later off to the bathroom I went.  The ones on the 2nd story were marked "out of order" what the heck?  So I went downstairs. On the way back up going by the volunteers desk I hear, "Shirl, Shirley"  I look over and there's my brother in law Shawn!  What?!  He came to visit and again perfect timing I was able to take him upstairs.  Ken was so surprised!! :)   

He and I went downstairs to the cafe and had lunch a little after 1300.  When we returned Ken's pain meds had kicked in so he dozed on and off.  Shawn left about 1500 to check in to the hotel for the night.  He's at the Days Inn also. We made plans to meet at 0730 and go to breakfast.  I think he needs to be introduced to Betsy's Big Kitchen!  

Ken had his dinner, but it wasn't very good (the chicken breast anyway) so I convinced him to let me go downstairs and get something from the little cafe to help tide him over, otherwise I knew he'd be hungry overnight.  A nice turkey melt that he could only eat half of..but I felt better :)  I left about 1815 to pay my bill and get a new key for the room. 

I have to say they have been really great about me going day to day with my staying again and again. You just never know for sure with doctor's when they are going to release people. 

Tomorrow, (Friday)..I'll spend half the day with Ken (Dr said Saturday release date)..and then head on home.  We've had a chicken from Karen's in ICU at our house in the garage.  We left plenty of food and water for her, but we still will feel better if I check on her.  I'll spend the night tomorrow at home and then leave early Saturday morning and wait for Ken's release.  That's the plan tonight anyway! We all know how that goes! 

Have a great evening and thanks for all the good wishes! We are blessed! 


  1. Nice that Ken is recovering and will be soon released. Also wonderful that Shawn came to visit.

  2. Yeah Ken is doing well, sure i'll hear from him in a bit. It was very sweet of Shawn to drive up here to see his buddy. :)

  3. 2nd day recovery is never fun, the days will improve for him. Nice that he has some appetite (for good food!) too. What a surprise that Shawn visited, so nice for Ken.
    The motels close to hospitals would lose customers if they didn't allow you to extend stays. a lot of their business might be from patient's families.
    I had to read the chicken sentence a couple of times.....thinking wha??? haha I got a chuckle out of it.
    Your sweetheart in a hospital bed and a chicken in your garage ICU.

  4. Hahah..didn't think about that when I wrote it..Luckily his appetite has never been affected! It was a nice surprise for Ken to have Shawn visit and probably good for Shawn too as he just retired and needed something to do :) Hoping he had a good night, well as good as you can have when you're being woken every couple of hours!