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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Surgery went well! Two visitors surprise me at the hospital :0

*Warning:  At the end of the blog after my goodnight I am posting the least graphic picture the doctor gave me, if you don't want to see it, stop after the goodnite*  I personally found it very interesting* 

Set the alarm for 0400, but didn't really need it as Had been awake since 0230..figures doesn't it?! 

Anyway we got ourselves going and got to the hospital at about 0520 and headed to admitting. Got signed in and then headed upstairs to the surgery floor.  About 10 minutes later we headed for pre op, which right now is in post op as the hospital is doing some remodeling in the pre op area.  After awhile Ken was finished being worked on and ready for surgery.  During this time Dr. Halow came in and greeted him loudly..he is very boisterous!!  Kiss goodbye and off he went. 

I decided to head for the little cafe in the hospital and get a water or something.  As I was leaving to go back upstairs, near the front door I see two figures coming in, took me a few seconds to realize it was our son Eric and grandson, Mason! :) They had come to stay with me while dad was in surgery :) Made me so happy I may have teared up a bit :) 

💙💗Mason and Eric!

We went up to the waiting area and about an hour and half later, here comes the Dr.  He proceeds to tell us, that what everyone thought Ken had and the surgery that was going to be done, wasn't what he had at all!  He had a membrane (a cocoon he called it) surrounding the right lung. It was there and all over inside the chest cavity going over to Ken's heart.  He said he and the other doctor with him had never seen anything like that before.  Basically, they cut the membrane open and pulled it away and out!  Figures this will fix the problem, he reinflated the lung and put a little of the adhesive on the lung and thinks it will be just fine.  No reason to think it will come back he says.

We waited about an hour and a half to see Ken in his room nearing 1100.  We visited and around 1300 or so, he was falling asleep so we went down to the cafe and had ourselves a good lunch.  Back to his room and a little more visiting. Eric and Mason left around 1400 to head home. 

After a bit I left to go reserve the room for 1 more night, probably 2 as the plan right now is to send him home Friday.  Stopped and bought a case of water on the way back to the hospital just because we need it.lol. 

Visited with Ken and eventually they got him up in a chair, which was difficult because of all the tubes.  The ones from his chest can't be unhooked as they are on machines to get all the fluid, blood etc out of his lung area. Very interesting, gotta say!  

I left about 1900 and he was getting sleepy, from the meds I'm thinking so hopefully they got him back into bed! 

Now i'm in my room, relaxing with a glass (or 2) of wine and writing this blog.  I'm so glad to say other than follow up appointments (there's lots of them) we should be done with this episode in our lives. :) Very impressed with Nevada Healthcare and how they kept on top of this! 

So goodnight all our friends who have prayed so hard for this outcome! On to new adventures! Thank you all!  

Warning! Pic below...

Ken's lung is inside that membrane..Looks
like what you'd get off a chicken. No
wonder he was short of breath right?


  1. Oh my interesting that what the docs found and hope that does the trick for Ken. So Nice that Mason and Eric cam to be with you too.
    Wishing Ken a quick recovery.

    1. Thank you George! Yes, and because the lung was encased in it, didn't show on any of the tests..so weird, but now for the healing to begin, we've got trips to make!

  2. Phew! I'm so relieved! Even though we pray and send good wishes and thoughts, there is always a deep-rooted worry. You know that first hand. Thank God it went well. Crazy, that membrane. It is very interesting to see the picture, I'm surprised they took one. How did that happen, did they have any clue? I knew you had a one of a kind fellow! Cheers Ken! xo
    How lovely that the boys came up to be with you both. Keepers.

    1. Awww...thanks Patsy. They went down with a camera looking for something..anything that was off..well there you go! I actually have 4 but that was the only one I could share without scaring you all away from my blog forever!! I know we are both relieved! Let the healing begin. :) Yes, those boys are keepers. My brother in law showed up today and we didn't know he was coming...very blessed we are!

  3. Most doctors figure everyone was made the same but Ken just proved them wrong. Hopefully now Ken will feel much better but it will take time to fully recover.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being normal.

    It's about time.

  4. Yes he did..so glad they were able to find something, even something so weird. I'm sure he'll feel better but he knows it'll take time. Thank you Rick and Kathy!