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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Lumber Rack..Endoscopy goes well! On to surgery in the AM!

Monday morning we got ourselves going about 0700 to head for the Power Inn area of Sacramento.  We got there nearing 1100 and talked with Campways about our pipe/lumber rack.  We finished paying for it and then added some nice clamps to the price.  Ken said he'd put them in, rather than paying the labor, but when the owner/manager heard we'd come from Nevada he told his guy to put them on. Nice...He said, "if you're willing to come from Nevada to buy from us..then we'll make it right!"
Highway 50!

The new pipe/lumber rack and our new kayak...#2!

We left there a little after 1200.  We originally thought maybe we could visit with some family while we were there but getting off the freeway, scheduling called for Ken's lung surgery.  We better get home.  We have his endoscopy on Tuesday and then his surgery is on Wednesday.  

We were hungry and it was nearing 1300 so we found a place in El Dorado Hills..Dos Amigos Mexcian.  It's been there forever so we had a nice lunch. 

Ken started a nice fire in the wood stove once we got home as it was certainly chilly! We saw Karen was home, so we didn't have to worry about any of the animals there.  Leftovers for dinner and an early night was called as we had to be at the surgeons office to do some blood work, ekg etc early in the am. 

We set the alarm for 0400 and got ourselves going.  No coffee was allowed though :(   We left home and got to the Surgeon's office around 0730.  They didn't open until 0800 so Ken gave his brother Don a call.. 0800 we saw Eileen for some paperwork and then headed to the surgery center for Ken's pre op work he needs.  

0930 we checked in at the Gastroenterology Consultants of Carson City.  At nearing 1030 they called him in and about an hour and twenty minutes later I was called back to an out of it...Ken.  About 10 minutes later the doctor came in and told us his scoping looked good!  There was some inflammation, but nothing serious . He expected the end results in a few days but doesn't expect anything bad.  Great News!! 
Grandson Mason is playing first base, like his
brother Seth! (the Marine in the Making"

Mason is wearing his brother's number 9 :)

Russell and his mustache..day one of his tribute
to his friend who died of the effects of agent orange

10 day tribute to athletes ..Aaron


I picked up the hubby and we headed to Winco in Reno to grab a few things for the evening. We really didn't know for sure if we'd be going home or staying as we didn't know when they'd want us for his surgery on Wed. turns out it's 0530.  

We like going out for lunch, but neither of care for going out to dinner.  We picked up some baked chicken, potato salad for him, salad for me..When we left there we headed for Betsy's Big Kitchen for a late lunch.  Funny, our waitress, Lisa said "you're regulars?" Ok..brought us my wine and Ken's Laguintas...then in the middle of a great meal she said, "I will get your next drinks in a bit"..We Have found our new "Carmen"!  Both of said that!! 
Our goodies we found at the Candy Dance...

We can put pics with a magnet on NV...

 Been looking for something to put in the bunkhouse
for garbage..perfect..

We left there and headed here..Days Inn Carson City..actually very nice and cheaper than Hardman House.  We'll see how the night goes, but thinking this is where I'll be the next two nights or so. 

Thanks for all your love and prayers! 


  1. Hope all goes well for Ken and soon you can settled down a bit.

    1. Thanks George...we will be glad when all these appointments are done!

  2. Soon, it will be over. Thinking good thoughts and praying for Ken's quick recovery. xo