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Sunday, October 27, 2019

A little of this, a little of that :)

Friday night we had a great evening and fire over at Karen's house. Lots of good food too, the kitchen over there was definitely busy! 
This pic popped up FB from 3 years ago! What a difference!
From left..Adam, Seth, Mason, Papa, Jacob and
Aaron kneeling :) 

Saturday was just about cleaning up and getting a few things done around the house.  We thought we would go camping at Rye Patch on Tuesday and then into Winnemucca on Wednesday.  Well, we rethought it after looking at the upcoming temperatures and decided against it.  Tuesday night they're looking at an overnight temp of 2!! Nope, we'll stay here and head out on Wednesday.  
Ordered Seth's cover bag to hold his dress blue cover (hat).
They did a really nice job on it.  Part of his grad present  :) 

Karen and the adults in her family were heading out to the Halloween Party Pioneer Crossing Casino holds every year.  Not our cup of tea (or beer).  We went over to their house and took a few pictures as they all looked pretty darn good! 
Blurry but this Bella..Karen's granddaughter holding

Alfredo and Lynzee..little Noah in the corner

Lynzee, Karen and Alfredo..

Baby Amelia 3 months old :) 
Karen took this pic of Ken and Amelia..
gotta love her hair!

Once they loaded up we came home to a nice fire out back by the bunkhouse.  Inside for some bar b q chicken that Ken had done earlier in the day. 
A nice fire...

A peek into the bunk house from where we are sitting

Sunday morning after checking in with our blogging friends and having some coffee we got the day started. It's windy and cold!  So far our temp reads 46 with a feels like 39.  Low of 13 expected tonight.  I sure get why people want to head south!! Wish we could! 

Ken's outside loading the fire pit, so I'm thinking we'll be enjoying a fire outside soon.  We've been enjoying a much needed one inside all day.  

I ordered our Patriot Wreaths through Wreaths Across America.  Since 2013 I've ordered one for us and for Russell.  You get a beautiful real balsam wreath, with whatever branch of the military flag you choose.  It's shipped to your address and then another is placed at one of the National Cemeteries on Wreaths Across America Day. This year, December 14th.  I get the Air Force in memory of my daddy.  Russell gets Marines in honor of his service and now I ordered one for Eric and Christina in honor of Seth, Marines also! :) I think i'll tell Russell to save his flag this year and next year we'll order Navy for Jacob! haha. 

Better get this posted! Needing to write Seth again. Soon we won't be writing anymore as the time is coming to an end :)  I've sent 40 regular letters and 13 via sandboxx. Not too bad. 

Have a great evening! 


  1. It seems like lots of places feeling like Winter instead of Fall.
    That's a great idea about the Wreathes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy those warm cozy fires.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes we certainly didn't get a Fall this year! Love doing the wreaths every year..Starts my Christmas off right :)

  2. Someone had bought a Patriot Wreath for Barb's dad's marker, to this day we have no idea who did it but sure appreciate it!

    1. That's wonderful! It's amazing when the National Cemetaries are all decorated with them :) Just warms my heart :)

  3. That kind of coolness and you are still having outdoor fires? You are brave souls!! So supportive of you to buy the wreaths and Seth must be thrilled to receive so many letters! You're a great Grandma.....well, you know what i mean! :)

    1. We're not as tough as Karen, we've seen them out having a fire when it's snowing! haha. My mom wrote to Russell daily when he was in boot camp..figure I've got to follow her lead now with my grandsons..I actually enjoy it in the am even though it seems I ramble..Soon it will be over for him! The wreaths are one of the best parts of my Christmas :)

  4. How nice for your grandson to get all that mail from his Grandma. 1st picture is a great memory, all that seriousness except for the one big smile on the right. That Amelia is a little cutie. Ken looks pretty good, also...lol

    1. Aww..sweet! Nice to have a little one so close. I think he likes getting my ramblings :)