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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Another letter from Seth! One day turnaround to Winnemucca..

Happy Halloween!!

Well, the best part of the week was in our mailbox when we got home today!  3 weeks from today is Family Day and 3 weeks from tomorrow graduation!                       *click on the  pic to enlarge*

He made expert! 230 out of 250 shots made their target area!
Love the part where he says "I think the other guys are jealous
because y'all write me so much :)  Well, sweetie it's because
we're so darn PROUD of you!! 💗

Well, it's Thursday and again where has the week gone!?  It's been a good week but really cold.  We woke up yesterday to 7 degrees here.  This morning a balmy 12 degrees.  
We had a Little Red Campfire the other night on the front
porch when the wind was up :)

I love the smoke coming out of the chimney :)
I know simple things for simple minds :)


We were going to be meeting Tom and Deb in Winnemucca yesterday but with the cold temps it was decided that they needed to find warmer temps so the plumbing doesn't freeze.  We've dealt with that before in Winnemucca and it's no fun!  Winnemucca was 2 degrees with a feels like -11. No thank you. We're planning to meet up in Death Valley this coming week :) Should be much warmer :) 

I was thinking we wouldn't have time to do Death Valley, along with being in Sacramento next week and then San Diego not long after that.  Ken looked at me and said, "You know what Dr. Halow said, Go live your life, so let's go"  OK, He/you are right!  So we're going! 

We got the truck serviced this week and they found the front brakes needed replacing so more $$  were spent than originally thought. We don't have a truck payment anymore, and this was less than that. We did some running around and then headed home.  One stop was Verizon where I finally bit the bullet and got  a new phone.  Mine has been dying for a while, but I hate learning new things haha.  We went back Tuesday to pick up the truck, and  I was able to get a little Christmas shopping done.  I made a list last week and decided I better get shopping, at least for the young ones. 

Wednesday was a baking day.  Ken bar b qued some delicious boneless pork ribs and mashed potatoes were made to go with them. Yum.  We took some over to Karen as she was home alone.  She had started a fire outside, so we enjoyed Happy Hour over there. 

This morning (Thursday) we sat the alarm for 0400.  Left the house at 0600 and had a beautiful drive to Winnemucca.  We got there just a few minutes after 0900 and stopped in quickly at Walmart.  Then to Dr. Robbie Grant's office.  
Lovelock NV..

In 1985 coming back from Arkansas vacation with our family
and my mom and dad..this was our last night.  We were
basically out of $$ so mom and dad paid for our room :)
Ken had a bad headache, so the kids and I were at the pool.
Oh the memories..The Lovelock Inn :) 

Fields and fields of onions..Each bag is covered to prevent them
from getting ruined in this cold front...

Pretty much got in on time and the dreaded weigh in.  Few pounds less (YAY, I'm sure it would be better if I didn't like my wine! But ya gotta live, right?!) 28 pounds less than in 2010 when I started seeing her. All the lab tests were good!  Glucose # a year ago was at 106, then 100, 93 and today 92. She was happy, Ken was happy and so was I!  A lot different than when I'd leave her office tearing up because it seemed nothing was working for me.  She said to keep up the lifestyle! I'm going to miss her in a year and two months when I turn 65 as she doesn't take medicare. :( 

We left there happy and at Fernley, NV a little after 1300 we pulled into Pioneer Crossing and had a celebration lunch! Yummy! 

The house was cool when we got home so Ken started a fire.  Now on to Happy Hour! 

Have a great evening! 



  1. Yay! A letter from Seth must be the bright spot in your day. It will be nice for you to get together at D.V. with Tom and Deb. Have fun!
    The news from the doctor is awesome!! Congrats girl! I'm very happy too!

    1. Thanks Patsy! We're looking forward to seeing them and warmer temps!

  2. Congratulations on a great doctor's report.
    You know what is really nice, besides all the letters you have written to Seth, the fact that you have gotten so many letters back!
    Looking forward to sitting out in the warmth in a circle of four!!!

    1. Thank you! I told Seth not to worry about writing us, but am thrilled that he has! You should see me every time I see that envelope :) We are too looking forward to seeing you!!

  3. nice to get those letters from Seth and I am are her enjoy your as well.
    The get together in Death Valley will be fun for sure, much warmer than at your place.

    1. Oh I treasure those letters for sure! Definitely much warmer, don't think i'll want to come home!

  4. Nice to have good news on all fronts.
    Enjoy Death Valley. We hope to get there sometime in March.....if it's not too hot!

  5. Thanks Dave, I used to hate those dr appointments, not so much now! I think you'll be ok in March...maybe..LOL